Tattoo tribal: meaning, choice of color, location, sketches and photos of finished work

Tattoo - a modern form of art, which has become an integral part of modern society. It is believed that this is the best and most original way to express yourself to others, as well as a great option to make your body more beautiful and sexy. The tattooing fashion came to us from the ancient Indian tribes, where for thousands of years people depicted drawings on themselves to protect its owner from evil spirits, diseases and demons. Intricate and mysterious patterns of one of the Indian tribes have become so popular that thanks to this appeared a separate trend in the art of tattooing, which name - tribal.

Treble Tattoo: History and Meaning

In most cases, people do not understand the special meaning of drawings and patterns in the style of tribal, considering that it is a beautiful image that does not have any meaning. However, as the antiquity shows, in fact, everything is quite different. The founders of this style of tattooing were the Samoan tribes, who considered tattoos to be a way to connect the soul and body, an opportunity to reveal hidden abilities. Also, tribal tattoos were meant to be a way for a person to define their lifestyle and life principles. At the moment, tribal is a modern interpretation of the ancient Polynesian style.

As statistics show, the style of tribal occupies almost a third of all tattoos. In translation, "tribal" means tribal, name or clan. Externally, the tattoos resemble pointed patterns done in black. However, tribal, like any other style, is constantly evolving, so modern tribal tattoos can have completely new patterns and colors.

For the tribes, where the style originated, the process of padding the image was a sacred ritual, before which it was necessary to pray. Ancient peoples believed that the tattoo would bind a person's soul and body, their thoughts, desires and spiritual energy. Tattoo tribbles were considered magical, because they protected their owner from trouble, adding to his courage and strength.

In Europe, tattoo trayble brought sailors, thanks to which the style began to grow rapidly, both in Europe and Asia. The complete meaning of tattoos in style it is impossible to describe as a wide variety of figures, forms and a pattern allows similar outwardly drawings to have thousand absolutely different meanings.

The distinctive feature of the style is smooth and clear lines, dark outlines. The accent at creation of a tattoo is put not on the image, and emotions and feelings of the person, pushing it on this act. Tattoo tribal is not simply a magical and intricate image, but also a drawing depicting the biography of the bearer of the tattoo. Very often in the tattoo you can find the year and place of birth of the person, his social status and main priorities in life.

In general, the style is equally well suited for both girls and men, and serves as a great way to express yourself. Also, tribal tattoos serve as protection and amulet for their owner, helping him to look more attractive and mysterious.

The philosophy

To get a taste of the idea of tribal, you need to turn to the tradition of applying Polynesian tattoos. Note that for the local peoples, the process of tattooing represents a special ritual. Before tattooing the priests make long prayers and ask for blessings. A tattoo, on the other hand, is seen as a spiritual part of a person, resonating with his energy, desires and thoughts.

The Polynesian tradition is to treat a tattoo as a magical drawing that is supposed to govern the life of its bearer. The patterns depicted on the body were meant to relieve people of their fears and help them on their way in life.

Smooth impetuous contours of the traditional tribal tattoo is a visual natal reflection of your inner worldview. The essence of the tattoo made in this genre is not so much in the image inherent in the pattern, as in the emotions that one experiences when observing this pattern. Let's not deny the fact that in tribal as a direction of tattoo culture, the aesthetic component of the tattoo has priority.

Tattoo tribal on the shoulder, on the back and other parts of the body

Tattoos made in the style of trayble are universal, so they can be used on any part of the body. Men prefer large drawings, so place the tattoo on the forearm or shoulder, with a partial or complete transition to the chest. No less popular body area for a tribal tattoo is the back or ribs. All of these areas of the body are considered classic for the style, because the Aborigines tattooed on the same places. In case the sketch is huge, but it can involve not only the upper part of the body, but also the shin and thigh.

As for girls, they are more sophisticated in their choice of sketches, depicting a tribal style tattoo on the back (lumbar or between the shoulder blades), as well as on the thighs. No less beautiful will look a small tattoo on the shoulder or wrist. Individuals who do not perceive the opinion of others, apply the tribal tattoo on the face or neck. It is worth noting that these tattoos are beautiful and spectacular, however, before committing such an act it is necessary to consult with family and friends, because it is for life.

Harmony in Geometry

The tribal will look harmonious on any part of the body, because the area of the tattoo does not have to be large. Small geometric patterns can decorate your arms, legs, bends of the elbows and knees, as well as the neck area.

Some people prefer large-scale designs that also look harmonious on the back and chest. Depending on the degree of your imagination and boldness, you can apply a Tribal tattoo wherever you want.

This style is suitable for brave and determined people, because it allows you to experiment with shape and color, with the size and location of the pattern. Tribal continues to improve every day, because this style has become the basis for many other genres of tattoos, among which is its modern version - neo-trabble.

The style is not subject to any limits, it is only important to consider the main specifics, as a rule, these are geometric patterns and shapes with straight or curved lines, intersecting contours and interlacing

Peculiarities of design and color solutions of tattoos in the style of tribal

Originally, tattoos in the style of trayble had an appearance close to the original, which was used by the ancient tribes of Polynesian culture. The tattoo represented abstract patterns of black color, which were stacked in interesting figures and forms. In addition to lines in the tattoo it was possible to see semicircles and concentric circles. With the development of the art of tattooing masters began to play with original forms, rethinking ancient patterns, so there were new and original patterns that attracted even more attention.

Since 1982 the neo-trabble style appeared, having more elegant and elegant designs. Girls prefer more delicate and smooth lines, which are specially stylized for the reverent fairer sex. As for men, they give preference to the classic performance and patterns close to the original. With sharp lines and semicircles men demonstrate their brutality and masculinity.

As for the color, the classic style of tribal suggests only one color - black. However, modern trends influence the style, thanks to which in the modern variation of the tattoo you can use not only black, but also a combination of red and black, blue and black. Additional shades allow the tattoo to look more expressive and attractive. Particularly popular are tribal patterns that are stylized for textures and materials, such as metal or scars.

What style is suitable for a tattoo with a bear

The stylistics of the image depends on the nature of the bearer. Men, as more aggressive, make appropriate drawings, so they prefer these styles:

  • realistic;
  • Celtic;
  • Polynesian.

Men prefer weaves, abstract broken and rounded lines. In recent years, a mixture of styles is used, forming interesting plots, where the animal is depicted against the background of the taiga, plants and flowers or defends itself with a dagger, sword, shield.

Good to know! Exclusively black and white tones are not used particularly often. Colored colors will give a picture of realism.

Sketches of tattoos in the style of tribal

Tattoos made in the style of tribal have hundreds of variations, thanks to which everyone can choose the best option. The tattoo can be performed as in the classic variation, and in a more modern form - neo-trabble, because it allows not only black, but also other colors. Among the popular sketches in the style of the tribal is worth noting:

  • Eagle.
  • The bear is a symbol of goodness, strength and good luck.
  • The butterfly is the embodiment of the immortal spirit.
  • Feather - symbol of creative individuals.
  • Dragon - symbol of cunning and wisdom.
  • Flowers, bows or hearts woven into tribbles - a female version of the tattoo.


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