Tattoos on the leg for men: fashionable and original

The leg for a tattoo is one of the most practical areas, as absolutely any sketches are possible here without restrictions in scale, style and color scheme. The coolest tattoo ideas on the leg for men concern the style of biomechanics, Polynesian patterns, oriental hieroglyphs, predatory animals and sacred symbols.

When choosing a sketch, you need to consider the location of the tattoo - on the hip, shin, foot, ankle or knees can be placed different in scale and degree of complexity of the composition. Considering the top ideas tattoo with photo examples, style and color scheme is selected by the overall image, semantic and emotional load of the composition.

Tattoos on the leg in men. The most fashionable options

A tattoo on the leg is an elongated concept, as the master can execute the client's order on the hip, ankle or even on the feet. Therefore, before picking up cool ideas, the man must decide on the exact location. After that, you can already designate what ideas and styles are trending in 2021.

The main emphasis of the masters is on the following variations:

Polynesian ornaments - Clear lines in the patterns, rather rough ornaments, connecting them together. You can choose variations such as:

  • turtle - Good health, longevity, protection;
  • sun - life, warmth, prosperity;
  • mask - protection from evil forces;
  • lizard - regeneration, life and death, good luck;
  • spirals - closed comparable to infinity or unfolded, meaning restoration, renewal;
  • shark - protection;
  • stingray - calmness and wisdom, amulet;
  • whale - family, greatness, upbringing.

Biker images denote rebellion, defiance of imposed stereotypes, brotherhood, freedom and independence. This format draws wings, skulls, skeletons, inscriptions, tongues of flame, Maltese cross, swastika, etc.

Oriental hieroglyphs. Such inscriptions attract mysticism and originality, while implying a powerful energy, because the meaning is only available to the owner. Any symbol does not carry a grammatical meaning, but means what it literally translates.

Predators -. Tattoo with any animal from this category says that its owner has all the same qualities, namely, cunning, strength, courage, intelligence, agility, etc. These can be members of the cat family, bears, wolves, etc.

Sacred symbols - Small signs with mystical influence on a person's destiny and worldview. This includes amulets that protect you from mistakes and dark forces, talismans that help you achieve success, and motivational tattoos. For example, dream catcher, mandala, infinity sign, Yin-Yang, zodiac signs and many others.

Opinion of the expert

Viola Madison

Master Tattooist, 8 years experience

Almost all newfangled tattoos on the leg suggest a more aggressive and brutal look. Guys like all kinds of ideas in the format of convex abstraction, "tribal" style or impressive biomechanics.

Benefits of hip tattoos

  • There is a lot of room to develop your and the host's imagination and creating unique unusual pictures of stylish design and great power and meaning.

Tattoo on the thighs of a girl - red poppies and ravens

  • This type of tattoo can hide some of the flaws of your figure, as well as emphasize its strengths.

Tattoo on the hips of a girl - flowers

  • They are also a practical and convenient way that you can easily hide them under everyday clothes and show it only when you want to.

Tattoo on a girl's thighs - a wolf and a red rose

  • Thigh tattoos make you keep yourself toned and try to keep the elegance of your body as long as possible.

Tattoo on a girl's thighs - tears

  • Thigh tattoos will give you the opportunity to design your own sketch such as ankle, abdomen or lower back.

Tattoo on a girl's thighs - a peacock

Features of tattoos on the leg in men (pros, cons, care)

Before considering images with the best sketches for the leg, a man should weigh all the pros and cons of such a decision. The advantages should include several points:

  • emphasize the masculinity and the relief of a strong man's legs;
  • Create an original individual style;
  • can be of any size and style;
  • well camouflaged under clothing;
  • no problems and heal quickly;
  • Unpretentious in maintenance;
  • Harmoniously lie on a flat surface of the skin.

There are also disadvantages, namely:

  • hairiness can distort the image;
  • On the feet, the pattern fades quickly;
  • some drawings are incompatible with the long oblong area of the lower limbs.

For reference! If a man has pronounced skin defects in the area of his legs: scars or stretch marks, with the help of quality work of the master, they can easily be disguised.

Care is supposed to follow the standard rules - wearing a protective film, the use of healing agents, reduction of contacts with tissues and direct sunlight.

Post-care features

If you take care of your thigh, protect it from dust, dirt, high temperatures, as in a sauna or tanning bed and close contact with wool and synthetics rehabilitation will be successful.

Tattoo on a girl's thighs - peonies

To get hip tattoos in the fall or spring is better. You can wear light clothing made of natural materials and not feel uncomfortable.

Tattoo on the thighs of a girl - deer

Thighs should always be washed and treated with a specific cream.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on my leg?

To determine how unpleasant and painful will be the process of making paints under the skin, a man should first decide on the exact location of the future work on the lower extremities. For example:

  • on the feet. - there are many lymph nodes, so it is important to find an experienced and knowledgeable master to reduce risks and discomfort;
  • on the ankle - The skin here is thin, there is no fatty tissue as such, so the work will be painful;
  • on the lower leg - Here the skin is denser, there is both fatty and muscular tissue, which means the procedure will be tolerable;
  • On the thigh (on the thighs) - the most painless area due to the presence of many muscles, thick skin and the presence of fatty tissue;
  • on the knees the most painful area because of the thin skin, many nerve endings, lack of fat and muscle, and the close location of the joints and bones.

Does your pain threshold matter to you when choosing a tattoo site?


How painful are hip tattoos?

Hip tattoos can be relatively painless, if not completely painless.

This is a fleshy part of the body, which contains a lot of subcutaneous fat. But given the fact that the bearers of tattoos are thighs girls and women in most cases, it is obvious that their skin is thinner and more sensitive to pain.

Tattoo on a girl's thighs - Indian Girl

So there may be a little bit of blood when tattooing your thighs, as well as discomfort. It is worth noting that hip tattoos are mostly large in size and the tattooing process is robust.

Chicano style tattoos on a girl's thighs

This also puts an emphasis on the painful sensations that accompany tattoos.

Styles and colors that are popular for leg tattoos

A beautiful tattoo in the understanding of men is the one that is executed masculine, austere and even somewhat aggressive. The following styles correspond to such characteristics:

tribal - Major and Polynesian motifs, characterized by contours, sharp lines, geometry;

biomechanics - an impressive spectacle as gears and metal mechanisms seem to tear the flesh;

new skool - youth trend, which is dominated by cartoon characters, graffiti, rich colors and storylines;

3d - image with an optical illusion through the literate use of colors and shades;

chicano - gangster style with female characters, religious themes, weapons, money;

blackwork - brutal styles using only black paint and rough pictures;

Dotwork - dotty paint technique, where multiple dots form a pattern.

For adult and brutal men, a monochrome version in black and white will do. For young and creative people are typical motley multicolored pictures with the use of basic colors - green, yellow, red, blue and black, as well as close halftones.

Inscriptions with meaning

The most common idea for tattoo - inscriptions, such motifs are often found on the feet. Masters use different creative fonts and ways of depicting symbols, men, in turn, must decide on the language and theme of the inscription.

The most popular languages for inscriptions:

  • Hebrew;
  • Arabic script;
  • Latin;
  • Chinese and Japanese characters;
  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • Spanish.

As for themes, inscriptions can be about love and family, religious views, life principles, goals for the future, friendship and professional activities. Quotes and phrases of philosophers, motivational words look original.


The most extraordinary language in terms of aesthetics and understanding are considered hieroglyphs from Chinese and Japanese dialects. The trend for 2018-2019 is inscriptions on the ankle and over the foot. Hieroglyphics can also decorate shins and thighs on their own. For example:

  • 生的唯一的爱 - The only love that lasts a lifetime;
  • 记住你是谁 - Remember who you are;
  • 爱是我的宗教 - love is my religion;
  • 现在还是永远 - It's now or never;
  • 在这里和现在 - The here and now.

Images from

Wearable images with different animals, birds and plants are no less in demand. Each character has its own special meaning, some "work" even as strong amulets. Which categories are worth considering:

Birds - they are often juxtaposed with the desire for freedom, independence and ease. A proud eagle, a gloomy raven, a mystical owl, a flaming phoenix can be placed on the leg. With each character man identifies itself or seeks to imitate him.

Animals - Another category that is customary to compare the characteristics and behavior of guys. Some like proud and authoritative lion, the other powerful and reasonable bear, the third lonely, but loyal wolf. The elephant was considered the embodiment of majesty, the tortoise - longevity and wisdom, the horse - the diligence and endurance.

Plants - The flowers, plant patterns and ornaments are preferred by sensual, creative and romantic persons who are inclined to philosophy and unconventional perception of the world. The peony is the embodiment of male energy, the rose speaks of passion and beauty, the thistle serves as a talisman, like the dandelion, the lotus is comparable to the secret knowledge and spirituality.

Insects - Some use intimidating pictures to attract attention, others use bugs and spiders as amulets. Ladybugs, scarabs, grasshoppers can attract good luck and prosperity, and lizards, scorpions, spiders can protect from evil.

Sea inhabitants - Sketches from this category look epic and bright. The most popular are sharks, rays, whales and dolphins, carps, etc. Some function as amulets and amulets, while others emphasize the masculinity and courage of the owner.

Commemorative tattoos

The category of commemorative tattoos involves different designs and ideas, thanks to which you can immortalize important events from life, drama, happy moments and turning points. Most of them are expressed by inscriptions, such as:

  • The name of the person who passed away;
  • blood type and Rh factor of the possessor;
  • names of children and siblings;
  • date of birth of child, marriage, service, or education;
  • scarring, not to camouflage trauma marks, but to emphasize them;
  • marks of professional activities and hobbies.

Do you immortalize anything in your tattoos?



Small signs and objects can "work" in several directions - to protect from the influence of dark forces, to protect from mistakes, ill-wishers and dangers, to promote mental and spiritual growth, to change the worldview, to attract good luck, prosperity, health and longevity.

The following symbols are most often depicted on men's lower limbs:

  • wings - Wings - patronage of higher forces;
  • trout Slavic symbol attracting prosperity and success;
  • rose of the winds - fearlessness, assistance in finding the way of life;
  • dream catcher powerful amulet against evil spirits, a source of positivity and harmony;
  • mandala - a diagram signifying the whole universe, peace and harmony;
  • labyrinth. search for self, mysticism, preference for the spiritual life;
  • YinYang - Life management, attaining harmony and balance of the soul;
  • spiral - rebirth, time, cyclic phases of day and night, seasons of the year, birth and death;
  • eye of Horus - amulet, sign of divine world order, protection from evil and misfortune;
  • anchor - Striving for stability and the right choice of life.


With the help of a body painting, a man can emphasize his core, brutality and toughness in character. To do this, you need to open the category of brutal tattoo and find the best option for the lower extremities. For example:

  • crocodile - The irrepressibility of the guy along with his vigilance, a manifestation of strength and danger;
  • chain - on the legs is depicted with a bracelet, emphasizing unity, infinity, integrity and hardness;
  • doberman - Anger and danger in tandem with loyalty and honesty;
  • lion - a wise and strong leader, able to be responsible both for himself and his loved ones;
  • Cerberus - a mythological creature identified with aggression, strength and demonic forces;
  • armor - aspiration to safety, readiness to defend oneself against evil and ill-wishers;
  • kolovrat - defender of the human soul from evil and negativity;
  • dragon - passionate and powerful nature, invincible strength and power;
  • predator's grin - a kind of warning that it is better to be friends with a man;
  • ornament - Masculinity, spirituality, protection from dark forces.

Mini tattoo

Miniature and small nail most often acts as a first experience for guys. It is she who allows you to taste all the delights of body art. Various small tattoos can be applied to the leg, for example:

  • Anchor - A life attitude, a stable choice, certainty and loyalty;
  • The footprint of an infant - in this way a man perpetuates his offspring, emphasizes his love for him;
  • moth - enthusiasm and lightness, looseness and freedom;
  • crown - leadership and power, dominance over others;
  • compass - steadfastness of life principles, equilibrium, passion for adventure and adventure;
  • zodiac sign - a talisman that enhances good traits and talents in a man;
  • cross - a sign of religiosity, love for God;
  • eye in a triangle - protective symbol that protects against evil and failure, a source of knowledge and intuition.

Beautiful and cool tattoos

Body art also has many beautiful and creative ideas that can be depicted on the lower extremities. For example:

  • wolf - Beautiful realistic performance will emphasize the loyalty, devotion, fairness of the owner;
  • abstraction - a decorative element that emphasizes the special creative look of a guy;
  • dragon - invincible power, wisdom, secret knowledge, strong personality;
  • Jesus Christ - The realistic face of the saint as a shield against evil and temptation;
  • wings - attracts a guardian angel, serves as a talisman;
  • dream catcher - amulet, warding off dark forces and temptations from the soul.

Colored .

If bored with monochrome pictures on the body, you can show your originality, giving preference to bright colored designs. On the legs colorful and motley will look the following ideas:

  • portrait - it can be a beloved girl, a famous person, a historical character, as the embodiment of devotion and interests of the guy;
  • icon - different angels, saints, Jesus or the Virgin Mary, as an aspiration to be under the protection of God and higher powers;
  • a plot from a movie or cartoon - a colorful sketch that carries no deep meaning other than a decorative function;
  • mythical character - Identification of oneself with him, one's character, strengths and qualities, or imitation of him;
  • space - The absence of restrictions and limits, the desire for complete freedom and independence, cyclicality and infinity.

3d tattoos

The real hit in the field of body art - this 3d tattoo, which is not just expressed by the realism of pictures, but also their optical illusion, visual volume. They look amazing, especially the following sketches for the lower extremities:

  • biomechanics - Creepy pictures, imitations of metal mechanisms digging into the skin;
  • a portrait of a girl. - love of the beautiful sex, heterosexuality;
  • animals - identification with the beast, imitation of its strength, courage;
  • wood carving - intricate patterns as if on a piece of wood, but in fact, on the body due to the competent play of colors and three-dimensionality of the picture;
  • abstract and geometric patterns - complicated patterns, creating an optical illusion of perception of space.

Stylistic decisions

It does not matter what the sketch will be - black and white or color. The most important thing for men is to emphasize brutality, physical strength and masculinity. Based on this, we can distinguish the following priority directions.

Thresh-polka is one of the most expressive and aggressive styles in contemporary art of body painting. Tattoo on the male thigh is performed in a gray-black color scheme with red broad strokes or contours resembling bloody wounds. Any image in this technique looks gloomy and depressing, sometimes horrifying. Particular attention is paid to hidden symbolism.

Treble - men's tattoos consisting of authentic patterns and ornaments. The compositions are almost always black and white, dominated by fine neat lines, intertwined with each other. These can be sketches with abstract decorations or stylized images of animals and birds.

Biomechanics is the undisputed leader among men's tattoo preferences, but such tattoos are often not limited to one thigh, but are applied to the entire leg. The illusion of a mechanical limb with built-in metal parts: gears, nuts, tubes, screws is created.

geometric tattoos

Are there any recommendations for tattooing on the leg?

To make sure that the decision was considered and weighted, and that after a while the tattoo did not have to be removed, it is important to think through several points in advance:

  • Sketch - Make a drawing that you would like to see on your lower limbs, as inspiration you can use ideas from the Internet or from the leading masters;
  • the value - each element in the picture must be clear, what sacred and semantic message it provides;
  • location - determine exactly where on the leg the picture will be applied;
  • scale - you should have an approximate idea of what part of your skin will be filled in by the nude composition;
  • The style and color scheme - each method of depiction has its own characteristics, emotional message and aesthetics, you choose.

Important! Find in advance an experienced master, qualified in such works, find out how much such a tattoo will cost, how long it will need to perform.

The color scheme of the tattoo

Making a multicolored tattoo on a small area is not rational, because its details and their contrast will not be clearly visible. In this case it is worth to give preference to a monochrome or black and white image, which has its advantages: the main thing in such tattoos is not the appearance, but the idea.

Colored drawings lose brightness faster, and they will have to be renewed more often.

Tattoos of some colors cannot be removed by laser.

A colored image on the leg.

Shades of white and gray are used to create a three-dimensional image. Gray also helps to give shadows, smooth transitions.

Black and White
Black and white image.

The color red is also often applied when creating a tattoo. In addition to contrast and brightness, its dark shades give the picture a gloomy look.

The red color
Tattoo in red colors.

Green and yellow colors are used to add optimism, liveliness and cheerfulness.

Multicolored tattoo on the leg.

Examples of tattoos on the leg, which are not recommended to apply

Despite the abundance of cool ideas that you can score on the lower extremities, it is worth talking separately about what options will be unsuccessful. In order not to regret the deed, it is better to reject several ideas:

  • signs of subcultures. - Many of them have a negative impact on the fate, and can also become obsolete over time, lose relevance;
  • names - people in our lives come and go, but the tattoo will be much harder to withdraw;
  • movie, fantasy, or cartoon stories - These are rather temporary impulses and interests that are not quite suitable for a lifelong tattoo;
  • prison tattoos - Unless a man is a criminal and a prisoner, he may be held responsible for these tattoo images;
  • love theme - feelings fade sooner or later, you should not perpetuate what is temporary.

In any case, the body image should be in demand and relevant throughout life. Removal is painful, traumatic for the skin and expensive.

Image options

Modern professionals know how to do quality tattoos of different sizes, so the client can choose images of any scale.

Entire leg.

If you are sure that a large tattoo will not bore you, this option is preferable for you. In the picture, which occupies the entire leg, you can display a whole story, any idea. It gives more freedom in the choice of colors and content.

Full leg
A full leg tattoo.

Small tattoos

Small images become fuzzy in a couple of years, but they have many advantages. They are easier to conceal or disguise, quicker to apply. They are suitable for those who do not want to stain a large part of the skin, but do not mind a small accessory.

Small tattoos.


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