Korean heart with fingers. Meaning, name, other interesting Korean gestures

You can express your goodwill toward another person not only with words, but also with appropriate facial expressions, looks, or gestures. In Korea, there is the "heart" gesture, better known as the Korean finger gesture.

A heart shown with the fingers is an indication of sympathy towards the person you are talking to, perhaps even love. Koreans are very fond of expressing their emotions through gestures, it has been so for thousands of years, it is part of tradition, part of Korean culture.

Reasons for not proposing

You have been dating for many years, people take you for the most real spouses, but your beloved has not made you a long-awaited marriage proposal. But why has it happened? Maybe he just fell out of love with you? What if he found another woman? There may be many reasons. In our article, we will give you the five main reasons for such incomprehensible male behavior.

  1. His parents were constantly fighting. It is possible that they divorced, and he fears a repeat of this situation. Try to talk frankly with him and tell him that your marriage will be the happiest and longest.
  2. He is in no hurry to get married because he wants to move up in his career. He has an opinion that he has to provide for you completely. Disperse his thoughts. You, too, are able to make a living.
  3. For some people it just sounds terrible that you can live with a man for half a century. But it is possible to diversify a relationship even when you are married.
  4. He is not ready to have a child. Many people think you should start a family when you want a child. But marriage does not mean having children right away.
  5. He is very much afraid that his dreams will not come true. But if he has no plans to live a happy family life next to you, think hard, do you need such an unreliable man who only thinks about himself and not the woman he loves?

And, of course, your husband, as the same living person understands you quite well, and long enough to continue to love you in a bathrobe and with unshaven legs. But here's the problem - at work or on the street, he meets girls in tight dresses, with manicures and arranged hair. He unwittingly compares you and remembers that once you were like ...

Of course, this does not mean that you have to look like a glamorous diva every day, turning into a virtuoso chef in the evening and a passionate guria at night. But homemade clothes can be not only comfortable, but also beautiful, simple dishes are delicious, and even on a modest budget you can look like a million. And, of course, your attitude to your husband should be friendly and show love. How long ago did you confess your love to him? Have you let him know that you still desire him, put on beautiful lingerie?

Yes, in real life is not the same as in the movies, but still bring tenderness and romance you are quite able, and only in this way (besides the purely human relationship of trust) you can save love. After all, marriage - this is not the last stage of your romance, but another ladder that you have to climb together. And it depends on both of you whether it will lead you to the top of happiness or you will fall from the height of your expectations.

But the main thing to remember is that no matter how attentive and loving a man is, he still does not have such delicate feelings as a woman, so the role of the organizer of family life in all its spheres will have to play you. But this is a huge plus, because you are free to act. True, do not be too active and intrusive, let her husband also make decisions, he feels necessary and important - the head of the family. Keep a balance between love for him and self-respect.

Choosing a place on the body for a heart tattoo

The meaning of the tattoo will not change depending on the place of application. It all depends on the sketch, size, style of execution and personal desire. The heart tattoo in combination with many other elements is better placed on the chest, side, back, hip, shoulder. A small neat sketch of a heart tattoo for a girl can be placed on the wrist, ankle or neck. There are also paired heart tattoos and are performed on the fingers instead of wedding rings and symbolize marriage. The smaller the size of the tattoo, the simpler the sketch should be. For example, the outline of a heart is depicted on the finger. When choosing a heart tattoo, it is worth remembering that love is not always eternal, but the tattoo will remain for life.

When should a man propose marriage and heart?

  1. A proposal on the first day of acquaintance. This speaks of a man's diseased soul, or, that he is an alphonse, a criminal. Anything is possible, but it's definitely not for love.
  2. Proposing in the first three months of dating. This is most likely the act of an incorrigible romantic or a man madly in love or, again, mentally unstable. An incorrigible romantic falls in love quickly and his feelings fade just as quickly. Thus, his proposal to marry can very quickly turn into a divorce proposal. And a man who truly loves will not rush his beloved.
  3. Half of men in love propose marriage six months after they have met. This period, of course, is not enough to get to know each other at a sufficient level. After all, you first need to explore the character of your future spouse and find out if you are a good match.
  4. The most considered and correct decision is to propose after a year of relationship. This means that your chosen one is stable, promising and reliable person. And he really loves you.
  5. Relationships last more than a year begin to lose their passion, love, turning into habits. If a man has not proposed to you before, the chance to hear it is decreasing by the day.
  6. If you have been dating for more than three years and he is in no hurry to marry you, the wedding will probably never happen. At least not unless you bring it up yourself.

Interesting Korean gestures

Koreans are hospitable people who treat their guests with respect, trying to please them and show all kinds of respect. But they are reverent about their cultural traditions, so you should not offend them by using gestures that will be interpreted by them in their own way.

You should know the basic rules of behavior and gestures beforehand, so you do not get into an uncomfortable situation from not knowing them. In Korea, it is not customary to touch strangers, especially older people or women of the opposite sex. Blowing your nose in public is considered offensive.

Korean Finger Heart. Meaning, name, other interesting Korean gestures

When you are a guest, it is rude to pour yourself a drink, and any host will be offended. But the glass must be able to hold it with the right hand and the left hand should hold the right one. It is required to drink correctly, if there is an older person at the table, it is required to cover the shot glass with your hand and, turning away, to drink it.

It is considered to be a way of showing the host that everything is delicious. Under no circumstances should you poke chopsticks into food, such a gesture refers to death.

Koreans are good-natured and cheerful people, they love to laugh, although in ancient times laughter was forbidden, it was considered a manifestation of threat, as the teeth were visible. Now, of course, it is not so, but the tradition, to cover the mouth while laughing, remained. This gesture is mandatory when one yawns or uses a toothpick.

Korean heart with fingers. Meaning, name, other interesting Korean gestures

When talking to another person, it is necessary to keep your hands in sight, not in any case, behind your back or in your pocket. This can cause great offence to the person you are talking to.

It is impossible to memorize all gestures used by Koreans in everyday life, but it is worth knowing the main ones clearly.

Gesture "Heart".

There are several ways to express feelings of love through a gesture. As a rule, one tries to gesture with a heart. It is done with the palms of your hands or simply with your hands bent at the elbows and raised above your head or with your fingers.

Korean heart with fingers. Meaning, name, other interesting Korean gestures
The Korean heart with the fingers is a sign of sympathy for the person you're talking to, perhaps even love

The Korean finger-heart originated in the late 19th century.Nowadays, it is widely used. It is most often used by pop stars to show their love for their fans. Image gesture is made with crossed index and thumbs and pressed to the palm of the other fingers.

All kinds of images of the heart are so called "heart gesture". The finger gesture, despite its recent emergence in Korean culture, has become widespread in the world under the name "Korean heart shape".

Korean heart with fingers. Meaning, name, other interesting Korean gestures

The heart gesture, beloved by pop stars, continues its transformation. For example, one of the members of the South Korean girl group LOONA made a gesture called "Bitten Heart".

First, she formed a circle with her palms by joining her thumbs, index fingers and middle fingers, then brought the circle to her mouth and pretended to bite the circle. The index and middle fingers flexed downward, and a picture of a heart was formed.

Korean heart with fingers. Meaning, name, other interesting Korean gestures

Another innovation in the use of the "heart gesture" was introduced by a member of the similar group WJSN, who placed two halves of a heart created with her hands on her cheeks. This use of the gesture got its name from the member's name, "Luda's Heart."

The Korean finger heart continues to be perfected by the efforts of pop stars. "The Insider Heart," an invention of singer Yeabin from the group DIA, is created by connecting the index fingers and thumbs, with the remaining fingers representing wings.

With two hands.

Koreans try to do many things with both hands, doing something with one hand is considered a violation of a tradition that goes back centuries. It is a kind of demonstration that there are no weapons in their hands and no desire to do harm. You can observe it everywhere, the seller in a store takes money and gives change with both hands, any thing is taken and accepted similarly, the same applies to gestures.

Many gestures are shown with both hands:

  • The "quote" gesture. - The palms of both hands are clenched into fists, and the two bent fingers, the index and middle fingers are placed at head level, often bending the phalanges of the fingers, representing a quotation mark. Such a gesture emphasizes and highlights a certain phrase expressed. In a business setting it is not used.
  • Gesture - "anger". - The hands are clenched into fists and the bent index fingers are brought up to the temporal part of the head, you get a kind of "goat-horned", accompanied by a corresponding look. Indicates that the person is angry with someone. Used in normal conversation with people of the same circle.
  • The "admiration" gesture - Shakes hands at head, bending elbows. Applied in office or work environment, in the form of a joke.
  • Clapping hands" gesture - Clapping the hands close to the chest and from a distance into a fist with a picture of joy on the face. It is a gesture of readiness to perform an action or to agree and approve of something. It is used in any kind of communication.
  • Gesture "wrap your arms around your head - Two hands around his head, palms at the temple, head drooping. Used in difficult situations, telling the person he/she does not know the way out of the circumstances.


If communicating people who are in friendly relations, making a promise, it is customary to fix it with an appropriate gesture. It is a guarantee, like a signed contract.

Korean heart with fingers. Meaning, name, other interesting Korean gestures

It is carried out as follows: the thumb and little finger are pulled out, then the contracting parties interlock with their little fingers, with the thumbs pointing toward the opponent, so that the seal is placed. It is used frequently, but in close friendships. Breaking agreements of this kind is considered a great shame and loss of reputation.

Calling people up

In Russian tradition, there is a gesture used when beckoning another person. It is done with an open palm facing upward. In Korea, using such a gesture can cause offense and negative attitudes toward the person they are talking to, and it is the way dogs are summoned. For people, a different gesture is used.

The gesture is called "call hand", for this hand is stretched forward, the palm is turned toward the ground, fingers are rapidly bent and unbent. It is used to call a person closer.


Korean greeting gestures are different from European ones. A greeting in Korean is a bow. According to cultural tradition, it is a peculiar ritual that emphasizes politeness and respect for others. Bowing is a Korean cultural value that still exists and is still observed today.

There are many forms of bowing, but in any bowing it is obligatory to use another gesture, called konsu. It is carried out by covering the right hand with the left hand, the fingers on the right hand are pressed against the palm, and the thumb is embraced with the same finger of the left hand. The hands are slightly extended forward, positioned in front of the abdomen without touching the torso.

Korean heart with fingers. Meaning, name, other interesting Korean finger gestures

If the concha is done by a woman, she covers her left hand with her right hand. This shows a connection with the teachings of the energies of the masculine Yang and feminine Yin.

The lap bow, often used by Koreans, is called kenne. This bow was not previously part of the cultural tradition, appeared in the early twentieth century, as a result of lifestyle changes due to increased international contacts. It is performed in two ways.

If the bower is dressed in modern costume, he places his hands at the seams, slightly bent palms in the form of a small bump, then bends his head slightly forward, body makes a half bow, freezing for a while in this position, then straightens and stands, respectfully looking at the interlocutor.

If the person being greeted is dressed in the national costume, he puts his hands on his belly with the gesture konsu. It is used to greet and shake hands, but it is mainly used at business meetings, acquaintances shake hands with opponent's hands with two hands, slightly shaking them for quite a long time. If they shake one hand, the second hand supports the shaken hand.

The tradition of Korean bowing is governed by the rules of etiquette, which stipulate how and to whom to bow, how deep the bow should be. As a rule, bows are set in 3 types at 30, 45, and 90 degrees, but there are bows with full flexion of the torso, when the head almost touches the knees.

Korean heart with fingers. Meaning, name, other interesting Korean gestures

Modern rules of etiquette define 5 basic types of greeting.

Name of bowBow usageFeatures of usage
Ceremonial bow
[yisik kenne].
An official form of bow instead of the deep chol bow for ritual ceremonies.The gesturer's torso bends 90 degrees so that the face is parallel to the floor.
A big bow.
[kheung kenne].
It is used to emphasize one's respect and dignity when receiving a guest of honor and during official ceremonies.The body of the person making the gesture leans 45 degrees.
A common bow
[pheng kenne].
Used when meeting a senior personTorso is tilted 30 degrees
Half bow
[pan kenne].
It is used by the eldest person in response to a greeting from the youngest.The torso is tilted on no more than 15 degrees.
Greeting with a glance
The gesture of greeting in everyday communication with friends or colleagues at work.A rapid tilt of the head forward at an angle of 15 degrees. Gaze is directed to the recipient

The Korean heart with the fingers of the hand can be considered a greeting, lovers, when they see each other from a distance, perform this gesture, as they cannot hug when meeting each other. Such a display of affection is condemned by society, but they also do not need to bow when they meet, the heart gesture has already done everything.

Manly displays of friendship and friendliness

The friendship between Korean men has its own peculiarities that differ from Western notions of male friendship. In Korea, no one is surprised to see young men walking down the street holding hands or hugging each other's shoulders.

These are merely gestures that emphasize a strong friendship and have nothing to do with same-sex love, as a European might see it.

Korean heart with fingers. Meaning, name, other interesting Korean gestures

Foreigners are forbidden to behave in this way. Simply people who know each other can stand close to each other or walk side by side, but trying to walk ahead or forcing another to walk behind is considered rude.

Also, stroking on the back is considered a sign of friendship among Korean men; you should not throw his hand away at this moment, it will cause great offence.

Reluctance to listen

During a conversation, there are sometimes cases when a person does not want to hear and listen to his opponent. In the Russian tradition, this can be manifested by an absent look or by averting one's eyes to the side without gesturing. In Korea, the appropriate gesture is used in such cases. It is common to cover your ears with your index fingers, or even just to cover your ears with the palms of your hands.

Every people's culture has its own peculiarities and traditions, which may or may not cause rejection. A Korean heart made with the fingers of the hands involuntarily evokes sympathy for both the people and their unusual but beautiful culture of relationships.

Should a girl propose on her own?

Time goes on, you and your beloved have been dating for more than a year. But for some reason he does not talk about marriage? Then it is time to take the situation into your own hands! Make him a proposal yourself!

Of course, this also has its own disadvantages. For example, your lover, hearing an unexpected "Let's get married" may be frightened and run away. Well, if he really loves you and cares about you, this should not happen, I mean run away. As for fear, all men have it, especially before the wedding. No, they are not afraid to get lost in this beautiful room, they just don't want to say goodbye to their freedom forever. So, in order not to find yourself in a state of embarrassment, I advise you to prepare your loved one for such an important event first, that is, start hinting to him that you want to be with him all the time or tell him that you want to wear a white dress.

Well, if you are sure that your proposal will not cause your lover to go into shock, then feel free to proceed to prepare a romantic setting. But in no case should not behave like a man in such situations: give an engagement ring and fall on his knees - not your job. You only need to organize some kind of surprise, but it is necessary that it be very pleasant. For example, give a small ring to your lover with words of love engraved on it. Make an engraving in Ivanovo is very simple! Bring the product and come up with an original inscription. But, be careful, in a fit of bad mood, your lover may slip away. Here you can make an accent on the man's preferences: if your future groom likes sweets, bake a cake with a picture of the bride and groom, and if he likes extreme sports, organize a balloon flight where he will find a long-awaited note with your proposal. The main thing - be original, then your beloved will definitely say yes to you!

How to encourage him to make a proposal

So, what is a woman who wants to marry? The important criteria of a Woman of Dreams:

  1. Is a source of inspiration. It is known that 90% of a man's success comes from his life partner. To achieve maximum inspiration requires very little: to leave your man alone when he urgently needs it, not to throw tantrums, to take part in solving his problems. The result: the man is happy and grateful. The completion of the case for success is now in his strong hands;
  2. Gives sound advice that works in practice. It is vital for any man to be able to have a "heart-to-heart talk" and get sound advice. After all, you will understand him like no one else can;
  3. Wants to have a baby. Here everything is clear. It only remains to add that men get married not in order to remain without offspring;
  4. Knows when it is necessary to keep silent and not to spoil the moment. A girl has to feel the situation and understand who she can tell secret things to, where she can make a joke, and where she better keep silent;
  5. Not calling every 5 minutes. Excessive care is annoying;
  6. Does not make you communicate with your mother-in-law in excess of the norm. Compulsion does not lead to anything good;
  7. Does not coddle;
  8. Does not introduce all kinds of unnecessary crap into the body. Men like to sleep in bed with a real girl, not a rubber humanoid with flip-flops instead of lips. The naturalness always takes precedence;
  9. Works around the house;
  10. Does not drink too much alcohol. Ability to drink and know how to measure is a talent that is not given to everyone;
  11. Has a sense of humor. Humor is incredibly important in building relationships between people.

How to do it all you will be prompted by your feminine intuition, your own family experience and knowledge of the nature of your spouse.


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