How to draw a fox - reviews of the best ways to create a drawing. Out-of-the-box ideas and step-by-step drawing instructions for beginners

Drawing a fox is easy and simple - the goal of these step-by-step tutorials. The page contains several examples of drawing a fox in pencil in the form of simple sketches, sketches, and realistic drawings. Drawing a fox may seem complicated at first glance, but there is a technique that will make drawing a fox easy and quick. Step by step with our step-by-step lessons, you'll learn how to draw this red-haired beastie bouzepreviously. The lessons are built from the easiest to the hardest. If you try all of them - don't even doubt, you will draw the last one in one breath! The main thing is not to be afraid to make mistakes, you are creating, not scanning!

The fox in the wild

A member of the canine family, foxes are dangerous mammals. They are capable of inflicting deep bites, even on humans. The animals mainly feed on mice, small rodents, and rabbits. Do not bite forest berries, insects and fish.

The fox moves quickly enough, so it will be difficult for an inexperienced person to notice it. They live in burrows that they dig on slopes, in gorges and lowlands. The mother fox raises her cubs, while the father gets food.

Nowadays, foxes are bred as pets. Some consider it inhumane to our little brothers, because in captivity, the animal rarely breeds, becomes aggressive.

Foxes in art

Images of foxes can already be found in the rock paintings of ancient people. Then the animal was similar to a wolf, only with a big tail. Later this image was transformed. Clay and wooden figurines of foxes are found all over the world. In the nineteenth century, people again turned to these amazing animals. In Europe, foxes were depicted on jewelry and home furnishings. There was even a fashion for dresses resembling a fox coat.

By the end of the last century, the image of the animal has lost its former popularity. Today, however, modern artists have once again turned to the sacred animal, looking at him from a new angle.

The fox is a frequent guest in fables, children's tales, songs and poems. Many literary scholars assign to it the symbolism of Russia.

Foxes in painting

Most animalistic paintings with foxes by right belong to the brush of Russian artists. Canvases with wild animals have always been in demand in the country, they were in demand both from wealthy young ladies, and from the best gallerists of the planet. The outstanding creator who laid the foundation for the depiction of foxes is M. V. Nesterov.

It is also worth mentioning the Dutch illustrator Rien Purtveliet, who became popular for his realistic paintings of scenes of animals in the forest. Again and again the artist paid tribute to the mysterious image of the fox.

What does the fox tattoo mean?

Different peoples have special beliefs about the fox - a dangerous nocturnal predator. In Slavs, the fox has always been the embodiment of cunning and wisdom, and in Eastern countries it is revered as a symbol of longevity, good luck and a good amulet.

Tattoo fox symbolizes the desire to develop and improve.

Also, the fox tattoo symbolizes certain qualities of the person:

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  • Observation;
  • Entrepreneurial ability;
  • Sharp mind;
  • Selectivity;
  • Cunning;
  • Luckiness;
  • Playfulness;
  • Independence;
  • Calculating;
  • Capriciousness.

In addition, the fox tattoo can serve as a good amulet, protecting against danger, theft and fire element. In any case, those who choose the sketch with a fox for a tattoo - a bright and extraordinary personality, capable of stepping outside the box and loving to take risks.

How to independently depict the animal

To easily draw a fox, you do not need to have special talents. It is enough to carefully study the step-by-step instructions below. Even small children can cope with this task. In the process of drawing, everyone will learn not only how to depict the animal quickly and beautifully, but also develop fine motor skills and memory. Get real pleasure from the result of the work done.

There are several methods of drawing the animal: in profile, in full-face, and while jumping. They differ in the level of difficulty and the effort involved. Below are ways to draw a fox for a child, which are also suitable for adults.

Funny little fox.

If you do not know how to beautifully draw a small funny fox, then these instructions are for you:

  1. The muzzle is drawn in the form of an oval, only you need to narrow the edges a little, so that they turn out elongated;
  2. On the muzzle you need to draw eyes with two small dashes, mouth with a smile and a mustache that stick out on both sides of the muzzle.
  3. The nose should be drawn rather large;
  4. On the head you need to draw the ears, and to the head draw the body, adding a spot on the chest;
  5. Now draw the paws. You can draw them just with plain dashes, and then add on the end of each paw and feet.
  6. You can draw one paw raised up, as if the fox were waving hello;
  7. The only thing left to add to the body is a tail with a tassel on the end. A funny little fox is ready.

Now you know how easy it is to draw a fox, which even a child can cope with.

Fox with a simple pencil

This is the fastest option. The finished image can be used as a sketch for a full-fledged picture, adding a background, coloring the animal, working out the details. Draw a fox in pencil is not difficult. You will only need a simple or black pencil (gel pen, pastel, felt-tip pens are also used) and a little diligence.

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Parents should help the child, then the result will exceed any expectations. You need to prepare a large sheet of white paper, an eraser, a compass or protractor, a ruler. Wet napkins will be useful so as not to leave slate marks on the sheet.

It is recommended that the drawing should be done in the first half of the day, in good light, and if the child is tired, a break should be taken. At the same time, you can acquaint children with interesting facts about foxes in the wild.

Drawings of a sleeping fox

Sleeping foxes are one of the favorite subjects for drawing. Cute creatures, the very innocence and tenderness. Let's draw sleeping foxes in several poses.

A fox asleep in a ball

Curled up in a ball, the sleeping fox is the easiest and simplest fox to draw. Draw a muzzle and a curly-cootch. One line turns out both back and hind legs

The tail, which covers the vixen's legs and tummy - they do not need to be drawn. Drawing in three steps, isn't it a miracle?

Color the beauty in bright colors and that's what a wonderful picture of a sleeping fox!

Drawing of a sleeping fox with outstretched legs

It's a little more complicated, but I'm sure you can do it. We start as usual, the shape of the muzzle, ears, eyes and nose.

How to draw a fox

Simple form draw the torso. The bottom part we will close the tail, so, pay more attention to the curve of the back

How to Draw a Fox

Let's draw the front paws. Imagine how sweetly the chanterelle stretches in her sleep, display it in the drawing.

How to Draw a Fox

It remains to draw the tail. Do not cover part of the tummy with it, this little detail will give us the volume of the chanterelle's body

How to draw a fox

Erase unnecessary sketch lines, trace the main lines with a soft pencil and you can paint this beautiful drawing of a fox. Pay attention to the belly line, it became a little convex, let our vixen sleep well with a round tummy

The head .

The first thing to do, using the compass to draw a flat circle and finish drawing in the bottom of his inverted triangle. This is the muzzle of the fox. Now add antennae on both sides of the triangle. At the tip of the depicted circle - the nose of the animal.

More attention should be paid to the ears. They have foxes special, slightly curved shape. Now it remains to add sly eyes and mouth with small fangs. You can draw a fox fantastic. Then the muzzle will be less realistic. There is a variant in which the head is depicted as a simple triangle, turned to the bottom. It can be drawn with a ruler or by hand. This method is suitable for younger children.

Step-by-step drawings of a fox for children

Do you want to teach your child to draw a fox, or do you want to surprise your baby with the ability to draw a fox? Check out these step-by-step examples, I'm sure you'll find your own version

Drawing a sitting fox

Draw a simple head shape, by the way, you can round the corners. Draw the ears, eyes, nose. Another sleeping fox, but we have a task to learn the basic shapes in drawing a fox, so the details and little things can change at its discretion

The body of the fox is drawn with two curved lines, like a barrel. Draw the tail and slightly detail the drawing.

How to draw a fox

Give your child bright colors and let him paint his fox however he wants. This decorative option provides plenty of room for imagination!

Drawing and appliquéing a fox from simple shapes

This drawing of a fox does not contain flowing lines - it is all built from elementary figures, which children draw back in kindergarten. By the way, this fox can also be made in the form of applique for an autumn card, finishing all the fine details on the finished craft. Details for printing the applique at the very end of the lesson

So, two elipses. Strangely enough, the head is larger than the body.

The ears and tail are in the form of elongated elipses. So far it hardly resembles a fox, more like an ant with ears, but a little patience.

Still not a fox, but we are trying, drawing a snout with eyes and a spout.

How to draw a fox

Cockroach! - said my little daughter. It's a shame, but we are not going to stop; we are going to draw a fox's whiskers and work with a tail. Complement the four legs. Simple figures - elongated ovals.

My page is all orange from foxes, so this vixen I made more red. The black outline lines are not really appropriate here, you can do them in red or orange tones, it will look better. Not even a cockroach. )

Fox applique template.

The fox will be 12*14 cm in size.

Open the picture in a new tab, save to your device and print. The size of the template is adjusted to A4 size.

Template (click)

Little fox

Another simple fox drawing for children and again from simple shapes. Despite its unpretentiousness, it turns out quite nice. Draw a muzzle with two ellipses, double ears, draw the back

Time for the tail and its white tip. Gentle movements, give the tail dynamism and outline the tip. Remove unnecessary lines with an eraser. Perfect!

That's the cute little guy we have here. Again about the dark outlines, it would be better if they were the same color as the picture - dark orange, for example. But all this you understand when you see the finished drawing.

The torso .

Represents an increasing towards the bottom of the oval. The head should be like "sit on the body," so the extra lines are erased. It is desirable to make the contours smooth, add a little wool on the sides. For this purpose, small zigzags or a black pencil with a thick rod are drawn. Large strokes will give the image credibility. At the bottom you need to leave room for paws. If the animal is standing - the body is drawn horizontally, the oval flattened in the middle.

Fashionable fox tattoo sketches

On a choice of the sketch must influence, first of all, the location of the future tattoo. Already in the second place size, color and technique are chosen. If a girl decides to get a fox tattoo on her arm, she should pay attention to the sketches for the wrist or shoulder.

Beautiful look foxes on the shoulder blades, ribs and sides. If the choice falls on the leg, it is best to perform the fox entirely on the thigh. Small tattoos in the form of a fox outline or made in one line can be embodied even on the rib of the finger or foot.

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A sitting animal is much easier to represent. Then the paws represent two circles. Each is divided into three parts - these are the pads. From them protrude claws. Walking or standing fox need long paws. Four lines are drawn coming out of the body in front and behind. A curve is made in the center of the sticks - a knee. It remains to add the pads and the drawing is almost done.

Tail .

It is represented by a small long oval. To give realism, you need to shag the tail contours, it is also possible with small frequent strokes to depict the fur. In a sitting fox tail is located on the side. It is slightly curved.

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The animal in motion is characterized by the placement at the end of the torso. The tail should be a continuation of the back, looking natural.

Black and white fox tattoos and watercolor tattoos

The watercolor technique of tattoos is in many ways similar to the style of realism. However, its main difference in a variety of forms and lines of execution. Watercolor tattoo not always realistic, sometimes such tattoos do together with other fashionable technics: geometry, linework, old-school and new-school.

In this style it is accepted to add various elements, in particular vegetal. For example, the outlines of foxes and roses are beautifully combined. No less sensual and impressive will look fox tattoo in the fire. It is the watercolor technique that allows you to most accurately convey the tongues of flame.

Unlike bright and colored options, black and white tattoos are not performed in the watercolor technique. However, they are actively used for contouring, especially if in addition to the watercolor technique there is another technique, for example, geometry or linework.

Deciding to make a tattoo with a fox, you should pay attention to the rules of such combinations. In total there are two of them:

  • A color tattoo goes well with realism and watercolor and should be medium to large in size;
  • A black and white tattoo is predominantly in a minimalist style of small to medium size.


A pencil-drawn fox would make a great decor in any setting. With the right frame, you can create a real miniature masterpiece. Those who want to continue the drawn picture, it is recommended to stock up on orange, red, white, black paints. Color the image should be gouache or watercolor.

It is also a good idea to use your imagination and create an original coloring instead of the classic one. For example, purple, green or blue. Children will be much more interesting to choose paint on their own, so that parents will only have to monitor the accuracy of the drawing. If the sketch is really successful, do not stop there. Should finish drawing the forest, its inhabitants, the sky, flowers, berries.

Popular techniques for performing fox tattoos

Speaking about suitable techniques for performing tattoos with a fox, it is impossible not to note that it largely depends on the desired size of the figure. A small fox tattoo is usually performed in minimalist techniques:

  • Linework;
  • Dotwork;
  • Graphics.

The listed styles are beautifully combined with the addition of shadows.

Large sketches will look best in realism and watercolor techniques. Attention should also be paid to the color scheme. Small tattoos in the minimalist style are best done in b / w, and large - in color. And it is not uncommon to combine several techniques to perform large and complex sketches.

Popular questions on the article

✅ Who is suitable for a fox tattoo?

The fox tattoo is best suited to bright and eccentric personalities who love experimentation and are not lacking in wit and cunning.

✅ Can I get a fox tattoo for a man?

Men also do tattoos with a fox or fox, but their designs are distinguished by severity and realism.

✅ Does the location of the fox tattoo affect its meaning?

The part of the body on which the fox tattoo is depicted has no effect on the meaning of the design.

✅ What are the best colors to use for a tattoo?

The best shades for a fox tattoo are orange, white, black, blue and green.

✅ How to combine shades and techniques for a fox tattoo?

A color tattoo goes well with realism and watercolor and should be medium to large in size. A black and white tattoo is predominantly in a minimalist style of small to medium size.

Fox in a minute.

This method is suitable for competitions in speed, if you need to depict a large number of foxes, for example, the whole family. Such a fox consists of seven triangles. The first and largest is the body, to which is added a smaller - the head. It has two ears on top (inside can also depict a triangle).

A similar sized tail to the head is drawn on the side. He can be given a more streamlined shape, make it look like a candle flame. Paws - two small figures. If desired, claws are added to them. At the end of the picture eyes, nose and antennae. That's all - triangular rascal ready!

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Step-by-step drawing of a cute little fox

This fox can be drawn by children, or you can draw it as a sticker. A cartoon, cute fox will decorate your sketchbook or personal journal

Let's get started. The steps are built very often, I think you will have a wonderful drawing. Let's start with the eyes, the nose and the mouth. Let's outline the shape of the muzzle, where there will be a border of color

We continue to draw the muzzle and the bottom part of it and draw the head line.

  • How to draw a fox

On the head double ears. Note that the lines of the ears should go beyond the head line. It is important.

Draw front paws. Turned out like a kitten named Gav. Cute, let them be like that.

How to draw a fox

Back and hind legs. The fox has a very graceful shape, try to make lines in one-touch and as smoothly as possible

Tail. Not as chic as fellow selection, but still fluffy, it gives in a drawing of a fox.

Let's proceed to detailing the ears. Now you see why we left the line of ears outside of the head line. This form of drawing gives us volume. A little fur inside the ears

Now mark the pole and on the muzzle. Do not do too many corners, it will weigh down the drawing.

How to Draw a Fox

Chest and tail also fluffy, give them this look.

Paws chanterelles always another color, draw a border socks, add toes on the paws.

Slightly detail the eyes, make them more lively and natural. Glitter on the nose and pupils will give a glimpse of interest.

In general, both sides, the vixen ready. Erase unnecessary lines, trace the cone with a soft sharp pencil or use a mechanical. You can paint.

Here is such a cute fox in color I got. However, based on the experience of previous drawings, I made the outline in the same color scheme of the drawing. But, if you will draw with pencils, just trace the outline in brown.

How to Draw a Fox

Alternative methods

Active web users and owners of graphic tablets can practice their fox drawing skills in special drawing applications. In this way, novice artists will have many more attempts. There is a variant of drawing foxes on colored paper. For example, using red, orange sheets, black felt-tip pen, helium pen will get an unusual image of the animal. When the drawing is ready, you can use origami to give the head or other parts of the body volume.

What will be needed

Depending on the drawing and its purpose, the selection of tools will be carried out individually.

But there is a certain list of tools and materials from which the selection will be made:

  • The paper itself, where the drawing will be placed. You can take any density, you can also be guided by what the animal will be drawn with.
  • If watercolors, it is better to take thicker paper or a special watercolor paper;
  • If the animal will be drawn step by step with a pencil, you will need a simple pencil itself;
  • An eraser to erase unnecessary or failed elements;
  • Watercolor, oil, acrylic paint or gouache;
  • Brushes, if paints will be used;
  • Water to rinse out the brush;
  • Colored pencils or felt-tip pens;
  • You can also take a sample to sketch the animal, if that would be more convenient.

Helpful hints

Pictures with foxes are better placed in hallways, living rooms or bedrooms. According to beliefs, these are the places where all the negative energy of the house accumulates.

If tenants suffer from nightmares, hear strange noises at night or suspect that there is a ghost in the house, it is necessary to paint more than one more picture of the animal in order to protect the entire space.

Drawing wild animals such as foxes, boars, deer, and many others with your child every day can instill a love of nature, explain the importance of caring for the environment, enrich knowledge about the world around them, and interest them in further study of biology.

It is possible to hold a workshop for beginners and children. This activity will appeal to everyone, as it will help to get closer to such an amazing animal. After reading the article, everyone will be able to tell and show how to draw a fox step by step for children.


The sketch of the fox tattoo is a popular image, mostly girls than men, because her positive qualities, many people who do not want to put up with difficult situations would like to have. Cunning, wit, predatory habits, sharp claws and teeth, all this can come in handy for those who want to defend their interests, rather than sag under the influence of others' opinions and total dependence on people (mostly employers).

On most sketches for the tattoo fox is depicted in color. In this case, the rascal, transferred to the body can be recognized from afar. Her fiery red color leaves no one in doubt, even if the fox is depicted in a peculiar abstract or executed in the technique of sketch. She is depicted as a full-length and use only the muzzle for complex tattoo compositions.

The purpose of drawing up a sketch of the Fox tattoo is the choice of the position of the animal body in relation to the location of the tattoo on the man. All details that may affect the drawing are stipulated. The fox is sneaking around, attacking, basking in the sun or just sleeping. Knowing the ratio of the image to the area on the skin, you can easily calculate the size of the sketch, to work on each stroke of the image afterwards.

If you liked the particular sketch with the drawing of a fox from the Internet, then be prepared for the fact that you can run into a person who will have exactly the same tattoo. And it is even possible that on the same place that you have. It's not the most pleasant encounter, but alas, it happens in life. The best way out is the individuality of the image, which means that you will have to work hard to personalize your future tattoo.

Usually the way out is easy: the sketch with a fox that you like is decorated with patterns and add additional elements such as flowers (and your favorite). But be sure to read the meaning of these elements, as their essence may not intertwine with your views on the world.

Very fresh will look the decision to enter the fox in some geometric figure, such as a circle, rhombus, triangle and even a square. The fashion for geometry in tattoos today is on the peak in men and girls, and that is why they try to apply them to all characters and on any occasion.

Such ideas perfectly harmonize on the forearms of the hands, which are constantly in sight of others. But the sketch of the Fox tattoo is in demand and on other parts of the body. Of the more common in girls is considered the back, namely in the area of the spine between the shoulder blades and directly on the shoulder blade itself; on the hip and shoulder. In men can be found on the shoulder and inscribed in a rhombus shape on the calves of the legs. The most daring apply the fox from the sketch to the hands.

In any case, the tattoo today is an art form, not a rock painting. Only a person with original and beautiful tattoos will be interesting to the society, which has already stopped reacting to everything negatively and perceives tattoos as an opportunity of self-expression (if of course images on the body do not bear negativity and vulgarity).

Picture tips how to draw a fox


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