Dreamcatcher Tattoo - Meaning and Sketches Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The art of tattooing becomes more and more popular every year. For some it is a way of self-expression, while others simply like the drawings on the body. Among all the variety of sketches, it is worth highlighting the image of the dream catcher. Not many people know that it is a symbol of Native American culture in North America.

Such a Native American symbol as a dream catcher is a real protective amulet for its owner. It is believed that at night, a sleeping man is defenseless. It is at this time that the symbol protects him. In addition, it is filled with deep meaning, which requires special respect and awareness in the choice. However, often men and women determine for themselves the most suitable option based on its original appearance, colorfulness and a kind of mystery.

Meaning of the Dreamcatcher tattoo

The Dreamcatcher is a traditional talisman of the Native Americans. According to legend, bad dreams must get entangled in the web, and good ones pass through the hole in the middle. Dreamcatchers were made by Native Americans from willow branches, threads, deer veins and feathers.

Tattoo Dreamcatcher - Dreamcatcher Meaning and Sketches

According to one legend, the deity in the guise of a spider taught women to make dream catchers to protect children. A special symbolism is that the talisman would eventually wither and break, signifying the fleetingness of childhood and youth.

Dreamcatcher tattoo - Dreamcatcher Meaning and Sketches

Over time, dream catcher talismans began to spread everywhere, as their magical purpose is close to many people to this day.

Dreamcatcher tattoo - Dreamcatcher Meaning and Sketches

Tattoo Dreamcatcher - Popular Tattoo Places

Tattoo dream catcher on your arm

The dream catcher design is oblong in shape, so one of the most popular places for a dream catcher tattoo (especially a small size) is the arm. The drawing can be placed on the shoulder, forearm, and wrist.

Tattoo of a dream catcher on the back

For those who have chosen a large drawing, the ideal location will be the back. A small sketch can also be placed on the back, for example, on the scapula or at the base of the neck. The main thing that the picture looked harmonious.

Tattoo dream catcher - Tattoo dream catcher on back - Tattoo of a dream catcher on my back

Tattoo dream catcher on the neck

Laconic sketch will expressively emphasize the line of the neck, so most often such tattoos choose girls. The drawing can be placed on the side or the back of the neck. It depends on whether it should always be in full view or be sometimes hidden by hair.

Tattoo of a dream catcher - Tattoo of a dream catcher on my neck

The dream catcher tattoo on the thigh

Another predominantly female location for a dream catcher tattoo is the thigh. As in all previous cases, the dynamic airy pattern of the amulet helps girls accentuate a beautiful silhouette or vice versa to hide the flaws of the figure.

How to clear and activate

To clear the trap of negative energy, it is placed in direct sunlight. It is enough to spend half an hour in the bright rays of the daylight. For greater reliability, hang the amulet so that it was blown by a fresh wind.

You can activate the trap by sunlight or a lighted candle, just holding it near the object. Some mystics advise to do this mentally to turn to the catcher and ask to open the world of dreams, to protect from evil and ill-wishers. Activating the amulet, imagine how it is filled with good energy. It is important to concentrate on good thoughts.

Tattoo dream catcher - Popular Tattoo Plots

Tattoo of a dream catcher with an owl

In Native American tradition, the symbolism of the owl is very similar to that of the dream catcher. The owls were endowed with prophetic powers, they protected people from evil spirits. Owls are known to be nocturnal birds, so you can sleep well if you will be protected by a wise owl and a magical dream catcher.

Tattoo of a dream catcher with a wolf

The wolf is a strong and noble animal, which in every culture has its legends and is endowed with different qualities. Most people associate the wolf with aggression, anger at the same time he is considered a faithful pack, a noble hunter. Tattoo with a wolf can have many interpretations, and in tandem with a dream catcher, will protect the owner from trouble.

Tattoo of a Dreamcatcher for Girls

The dream catcher tattoo is beloved by many girls because of its exquisite lace pattern. Thin threads with feathers, with a competently placed sketch can emphasize the advantages of the female figure.

How to choose

For the trap to help, take into account the peculiarities of its appearance. Avoid buying cheap, formulaic products. The charm made of plastic and unnatural feathers is useless. Other even attracts insomnia, bad dreams. Amulet, made of natural materials, with positive thoughts, will bring a person good.

Rules of choice:

  • For a female trap with owl feathers;
  • for a man's trap with eagle feathers;
  • for a past epiphany with parrot feathers.

The feathers of a living bird are taken to make it.

It is possible to use those taken from:

  • polar owl;
  • falcon;
  • hawk;
  • buzzard;
  • owl.

When choosing a trap, look closely at the stones woven into it. Plastic, glass fakes make the product useless. Only natural ones are appropriate.

The most useful ones are:

  • Rauchtopaz (protects, increases sensitivity, improves memory);
  • amethyst (clarifies thoughts, drives away bad dreams, helps get to the heart of events);
  • rock crystal (promotes conscious dreams);
  • Obsidian (protects, protects from attacks of ill-wishers).

You can decorate the snares with stones

When choosing, no attention is paid to the size - any size is suitable. They are guided by their taste.

Another factor in the choice is the design of the center. If it is open, the amulet attracts good visions. It is universal and suits everyone. An article whose center is closed by a bead must be regularly cleansed of negative energy. Such is suitable for a person experienced in working with amulets.

Dreamcatcher tattoo for Men

Men most often choose a dream catcher tattoo, connecting the drawing with images of animals and birds. For example with an eagle, wolf, bear or lion. Mostly men give preference to large drawings, which are printed on the arms and back.

Secrets of authentic craftsmanship

The Indian dream catcher has not lost its relevance now, but on the contrary, has gained worldwide fame. Many people in different countries use dream catchers. Hang it directly above the headboard of your bed. To get such a talisman is not difficult, traps for dreams are popular enough and are even considered a fashionable accessory for interior decor. Therefore, you can buy them in specialized stores, and in souvenir shops, and in furniture showrooms.

But, unfortunately, such popularity did not benefit this mascot. The original mystical meaning, which the Indians put into it, was gradually lost. And mass production has contributed to the neglect of the rules of weaving real, authentic dream traps.

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