Business idea of opening a tattoo salon: a step-by-step implementation plan and a sample business plan

Every year, the number of people who decorate their bodies with tattoos is increasing: images on the skin have become symbols of self-expression for young and middle-aged people. But the process of tattooing is not simple, it requires special skills and strict compliance with hygienic norms, so the padding on the skin tattoo is possible only in specialized salons. Lets see how to open a tattoo-salon and how much on this you can earn.

Relevance of business

The activities of tattoo salons includes different types of work, in addition to tattooing - body art, piercing, permanent makeup. A few decades ago, a person with a tattoo was almost certainly an informal, biker or prisoner, but that is not the case today. The tattoo has transformed from a symbol of belonging to certain circles into a means of self-expression. Today, tattoo parlor customers are men and women (about equally), the main target audience - people from 18 to 35 years.

But keep in mind that this business has its own specifics. First, it is most in demand in major cities with a million people. Secondly, even there for every 100,000 people there are only two or three points where you can make a tattoo (including not only the salons, as well as offices and private craftsmen). This is a "not for everyone" business.

It is best to open a tattoo parlor when you already have an established customer base - when you have your own clients, gained at home or in work for hire.

Features of the profession.

Since ancient times people have used tattoos to express their belonging to a certain subculture, to emphasize their social status, beliefs or worldview. Already in the XX century unique technologies of permanent markings on the skin were developed. And to this day the profession of a tattoo master enjoys great popularity.

Work tattooist assumes drawing a picture on any part of the body with special equipment with a needle and dye pigments.

There are temporary and permanent tattoo. In the first case, the pigment is introduced shallowly under the skin or use "disappearing" dyes. Permanent tattoo does not fade with time and lasts a lifetime. Still, you can get rid of it only with the help of a specialist.

A highly qualified tattoo master should be able to:

  • Develop a unique sketch from the client's words;
  • Transfer a finished drawing from a catalog or magazine to the skin;
  • draw a tattoo from a sketch created by the client.

A tattoo master must know effective methods of removing or applying a new tattoo on an old one. In some cases, a permanent drawing is made to mask aesthetic defects (scars, pigment spots).

In addition to the ability to draw to the tattoo artist have the following requirements:

  • sensitive fingers;
  • perfectly developed coordination of movements;
  • excellent vision;
  • diligence;
  • The desire for self-development.

To always be competitive, the specialist develops new designs for tattoo, improving his skills, keeping up with the latest trends and mastering modern tattoo techniques.

How to open a tattoo parlor - documents and license

When drawing up documents keep in mind that there are no separate requirements for tattoo salons in the Russian Federation: such salons are equated to treatment rooms. Therefore you need to undergo the same registration and to prepare exactly the same package of documents.

  1. Lease agreement for the premises.
  2. A permit from the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision. Since tattooing involves breaking the integrity of the skin and injecting paint, all tools must be sterile. And the room must be sterile, disinfected and rid of all insects and rodents.
  3. Sanitary log For notes on inspections and preventive measures.
  4. Permission from the administration of utilities. They must recognize that the room is not considered emergency.
  5. Permission from the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the fire department.

The main problem is that at the state level, there is no uniform approach regarding the terms and classification. Some agencies perceive tattooing services as medical, others as domestic. But the former are subject to licensing, while the latter are not. Therefore, some salons get a medical license, while others operate without it (with the risk that at some point the owner may be fined or even close the salon).

If you decide to get a license, you have to pay a fee of 7.5 thousand rubles, you can get it in 45 days. The entire list of required documents is on Gosuslugi. But note that not every tattoo-master has the necessary medical education to obtain a license.

And here the reduction of tattooing and piercing - this is 100% medical services requiring a license. If you are planning to provide these services in your salon, you cannot do without a license.

Advertising slogans

  • Nothing is perfect except your makeup.
  • When your eyebrows are always perfect!
  • Reveal all the facets of your beauty.
  • Accentuate natural beauty
  • When your arrows are always straight!
  • Lift your eyebrows so they don't fail you!
  • Beauty at the ready
  • Your hour of triple sleep is already on your face!
  • In pursuit of beauty!
  • The little things don't matter, they solve everything!
  • Lighten up your kit
  • You're a pretty lady, no matter what side you look at!
  • Tired of doing makeup? Come for a tattoo!
  • Wake up and already beautiful!
  • Always flawless makeup!
  • Beautiful makeup at any time of day
  • Beauty that you can't wash away with water.
  • The makeup of the future
  • After washing you are already beautiful.


Thank you!

We will contact you soon.

Business plan for a tattoo salon

To open a salon must equip a working room, provide for sterilization, reception and lounge area for clients. Also need to buy equipment and furniture, stock up on supplies, hire a master, negotiate with him the terms of his work and see his sketches.

A step by step algorithm for opening a salon:

  1. Description of the salon. Describe in detail the salon, services, pricing policy.
  2. Analysis of the market, the target audience and competitors. Need to find out how many salons in the city, their rates and range of services.
  3. Search for premises. You do not need to open a salon in a separate room - suit a separate room in an existing beauty salon or fitness club.
  4. Drawing up a financial plan - Calculation of all costs and expected revenues.
  5. Obtaining the necessary permits and solving the legal side of the issue. Assignment of OKVED code 96.09 - Provision of other personal services not included in other groups. It's reasonable to register a business as a sole proprietorship and choose the simplified system of simplified taxation.
  6. The production plan, including the purchase of equipment - this is the most expensive part of the plan. This also includes the hiring of staff
  7. Marketing plan - How people will know about your salon? You will need a website and groups in social networks, advertising budget. You can also print flyers. The promotion strategy must be described in detail.
  8. Risk assessment. Need to calculate the "plan B" in case something goes wrong: too few customers or in the next room will open another tattoo parlor.

How to call a beauty salon: recommendations

It is important to understand that the name of the salon - it is not just a word or phrase, which will be written on a sign at the entrance to the premises. It is the name of the salon, your reputation, people's associations and much more. It is the name of the salon initially should literally crash into the memory of your customers, because because of this it will always be on everyone's lips.

  • In fact, to come up with a "working" name is not so easy.
  • To do this you need to spend a lot of time and effort, and use up all the creativity and originality.

Examples of names
Examples of names
To call the original beauty salon should carry out a few steps on the selection:

  • To begin with, determine what category of people will mainly be your audience. I'm sure you're aware that older people are unlikely to be interested in the name of the salon. "Sorry For My Beauty"And young people are unlikely to appreciate the salon with the name "Russian Barber".
  • Carry out linguistic research. All the names you came up with, check on the euphonyEvaluate how they are perceived by ear.
  • Get together . a team of knowledgeable peoplewho will look at your ideas from the outside, to tell you what is better, more profitable.

Do legal work. This stage in principle has nothing to do with the creative process of choosing the name of the salon, but not every name you can register and this fact should also be taken into account in the process of naming.

Keep in mind that the name should stand out your salon among dozens or even hundreds of other similar salons. Also take into account such moments:

  • What status and what level of prestige the institution will have. Agree to call economy salon, which is located on the outskirts of the city "Fashion Avenue Vegas" is not quite appropriate.
  • When choosing a name, consider the gender group that will predominantly visit the salon.
  • Also take into account The age of the main audience. It is clear that, having called a beauty salon "Pastelle Kids", you are unlikely to often see customers of the age group 20+.

Examples of names
Example of name

The name of the tattoo parlor

What should be the name of the tattoo parlor:

  • Can contain the word "tattoo" or "tatoo." The beginning or continuation can be creative, reflecting the main idea, style of work or relating to the master's world-view. For example, Gothic Tatoo.
  • The name can be associated with tattoos. For example, the tattoo salon "Mama Against" is associated with the tattoo not directly, but reflects the essence of the idea. And, by the way, is a success.
  • Any name that would be attractive to a potential client. It is necessary to analyze the target audience: will your salon be frequented mainly by teenagers, students, adherents of youth trends.

What names are popular in Russia: ideas

There are so many beauty salons that the eyes are scattered. And it seems that there is not a single original name left. But, as usual, he who seeks, he will find. By the way, it is believed that the Russian-speaking population is much more willing to accept the name of beauty salons in the Russian language.

Options for choosing the name

The most popular way to call a salon name, the name of a daughter, the name of a goddess, famous women, literary, fairy-tale heroines. But there are already so many of them in the beauty industry. At every corner of Alexandra, Margot, Aphrodite ... You need uniqueness and originality.

But if you have a very rare name, you can try. There is another original way: read your name backwards, and if you like it, then feel free to call your salon that way. It is also recommended to choose one syllable each from the first and last names, to try the combination and soundness.

Variants of names with first names:

  • Vilena
  • Nefertiti
  • Mashenka
  • Isadora
  • Natalie
  • Aphrodite
  • Helen the Beautiful
  • Vasilisa the Beautiful
  • Stella
  • Diana
  • Belle
  • Swan Princess
  • Cordelia
  • Calypso
  • Mata Hari
  • Nefertiti
  • Liselotte
  • Margot
  • Rapunzel
  • Nicole
  • Marina
  • Cleopatra
  • Thumbelina
  • Ruslana
  • Daria
  • Victoria
  • Cinderella
  • Juliet
  • Angelina
  • Violent
  • Belle
  • Aksenia
  • Jasmine
  • Eva
  • Mona Lisa
  • Augustine
  • Genevieve
  • Jacqueline
  • Madonna
  • Artemis

Names with words related to the activities of the salon: beauty, style, make-up, art, beauty. These names reliably show the activities of the salon. Use two words in the names, no more.

Variants of names:

  • Beauty Workshop
  • Stylists Workshop
  • House of Beauty
  • Territory of Beauty
  • Beauty Line
  • Your stylist
  • Beauty Shop
  • Style Atmosphere
  • Beautiful people
  • ABC of Beauty
  • World of Pleasure and Beauty
  • Beautiful Service Bureau
  • Stylish People
  • Beauty Time
  • House of Beauty and Style
  • Gallery of Beauty
  • Empire of Beauty
  • Sense of Style
  • Beauty and Pleasure Lab
  • Your beauty

These days it's fashionable to name beauty salons according to their location. For example: "Rokossovsky street 6". The name in English sounds more appealing. Your clients will always know the address and advise their friends.

Tasty names: fruits, spices and other delicacies.

  • Caramel
  • Sugar
  • Orange
  • Frosting
  • Vanilla
  • Mango
  • Apricot
  • Pomegranate
  • Truffle
  • Chocolate
  • Barberry
  • Cinnamon
  • Barberry
  • Cocktail
  • Lime
  • Nougat
  • Candy
  • Marshmallow
  • Marmalade
  • Mint

Flower names are also popular in salon names:

  • Hydrangea
  • Jasmine
  • Violet
  • Chamomile
  • Orchid
  • Magnolia
  • Azalea
  • Sunflower
  • Lily
  • Tulip
  • Snowdrop
  • Lotus
  • Iris
  • Cactus
  • Forget-me-not
  • Lily
  • Rose
  • Lotus
  • Poppy
  • Heather

Beauty salon names in English are used everywhere in today's beauty world. You can add creativity and mix Russian and Latin letters in the name.

Variants of names:

  • Paradise Delight.
  • The Queen of Spades
  • Beauty and pleasure
  • Strizhanna
  • Stilyagi
  • Ile de France
  • Beauty and luxury
  • Quick haircuts from Darishka
  • Scissor girl
  • Curly Sue
  • Best beauty
  • Anna on the Neck
  • The Master and Margarita
  • Curlers
  • VESTia
  • Economy hairdressing salon number 1
  • Between Us Girls
  • Beautiful people
  • Maid of honor
  • Dream Factory
  • Tzatsa
  • Fashionable Place
  • My Pretty
  • French courtyard

Tattoo shop premises

There are several options for work at home, renting an office at a barbershop, beauty salon, your salon. But the first option is gradually dying out - customers are worried about sterility and choose specialized salons.

It is believed that a good master customer can come from the other end of town, But still better not to tempt fate and to open a salon in the center or in a major area with good transport accessibility. Such a location is convenient for customers and more prestigious for you.

But to be on the most expensive main streets is not necessary, because customers do not make the decision about a tattoo spontaneously. Usually people look at reviews and choose a salon first, so the houses on the "second line" with cheaper rent will do.

In the salon should be three rooms: reception, a treatment room and utility room, the total area - about 50 square meters, at least - 30 square meters. Keep in mind that, according to SES requirements for each employee should have a minimum of 12 square meters. All surfaces in the treatment room must be washable.

A tattoo parlor cannot be located in the basement. Choose a room with its own entrance on the first floor.

Open a tattoo studio in five steps with an investment of 600 thousand rubles.

1. The first - the room.

To locate the studio in areas of high traffic, on the first line of houses not necessarily: in such places are very high rent. Rather expedient to rent space in the depths of yards where rents are much lower. The main thing is that there is a metro station and bus stop in the vicinity.

The room should not be too small: it must be free to place three or four separate offices. We are talking about an area of 60 to 80 square meters. Renting such space will cost 70 - 100 thousand rubles a month. For cosmetic repairs will cost about 50 thousand rubles.

2. Selection of masters.

Searching tattoo artists - one of the most difficult stages in opening the salon. Masters are sought through acquaintances and friends. "Tattoo artists are freedom-loving people, and they simply won't go to work for an entrepreneur they don't know," says Olga Dobryakova. The master must have his own customer base and good experience. In the staff of such workers are not registered and work without salary (only a percentage). It turns out the contract subcontract, which not only increases the motivation of the masters themselves, but also beneficial to the entrepreneur, who does not have to pay taxes and deductions for such workers.

To make a staff will need an accountant and an administrator. On the payroll and deductions to FIU and FSS will be spent about 120 thousand rubles per month.

3. Business registration.

Solid tattoo - studio most often arranged as a legal entity. LLC registration, with the preparation of a set of documents (charter, registered address, state fees, bank account, etc.) will cost 25 thousand rubles. It takes at least 20 days to prepare documents and to wait for registration at the tax inspectorate.

4. Basic equipment for tattoo salons:

couches (requires 4 - 6 pieces at 8 thousand rubles per unit), lighting (about 20 thousand rubles), mirrors and sterilizers. The latter are expensive (about 100 thousand rubles) and are purchased from suppliers of dental equipment. To purchase all the equipment costs about 200 thousand rubles.

Effective way to promote tattoo studios is outdoor advertising and online advertising. Banner with information about the services of the organization should be placed at the nearest subway station or in any crowded place near the salon. Very effective advertising in social networks and search engines (contextual advertising), because it is inexpensive, and the influx of customers gets impressive (for large cities). Do not do without its own website, the creation of which will take from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. In general, the advertising of the new salon requires spending at least 50-70 thousand rubles a month. With the development of business, this figure will decrease.

Equipment for the tattoo salon

To equip the salon, you will need:

  • quality lighting;
  • Equipment (listed in the table);
  • Consumables (paint, needles, etc.);
  • furniture.

The main tool of the master - the tattoo machine. There are a lot of varieties of these devices, but they all work on the principle of a sewing machine with pulse motion of the needle. The machine pierces the epidermis and applies the paint on the inner layer of the skin.

The main types of typewriters by motor type:

Rotary typewriters without professional power units, with a good regulation of speed and force of the needle stroke, light, powerful and silent, provide a clear pattern. Most often they are used by beginners, suitable for permanent makeup and small tattoos. Their disadvantage is that for quality painting it is necessary to pass several times over the skin area for quality painting. Rotary typewriters can be used for temporary and small tattoos and permanent makeup: there is less risk of trauma to the client, and the pain is lower.

Induction machines - Traditional type of machines, require power units, pedal and silicone wire. They are used for different tasks.

Contour typewriters - Very light but loud, suitable for outlining drawings, operate at high speed and minimal pressure.

Staining - For painting over the areas of skin inside the tattoo. A heavier and slower machine, but it does little trauma to the skin.

Shading - For shading the main pattern, with a minimum depth of the needle.

It is better to choose those machines that are comfortable to work with the master, and avoid saving. The cost of a set of machines - from 30 to 50 000 rubles.

Hand delivery8 000
Table9 000
Light table4 000
Chair13 000
Equipment case2 000
Paints (5 colors)6 000
The couch - transformer30 000
Tattoo machine5 000
Power supply3 000
Expendables and Force Majeure50 000
Equipment for sterilizing room50 000
Total180 000

Business idea for opening a tattoo salon: a step-by-step implementation plan and a sample business plan

Keep in mind that the salon's business card must be the attitude towards sterilization. All instruments and equipment need to be sterilized in an autoclave or dry-heat. You'll also need plenty of disposable supplies to work with - needles, gloves, etc.

Tokyo, Japan

You've seen the Yakuza, right? These guys kill for bad tattoos - and we're sure the samurai were punished for partaking, too. Fear is the best motivator for development, so the Japanese were able to. Here you'll find those who'll stuff you with gorgeous dragons, the hardest-working dotworkers, and fans of weird characters. The main difficulty is finding an English-speaking wizard who will understand all your wishes exactly.

Tokyo inc.

All the beauty and luxury of Japan in one salon. Here you can get a carp, a full-back lion, and even a kitty cat. The studio works in the traditional Japanese style, but is tolerant of foreigners as well, so no one will kick you out with a broom. The place is relatively new, but there are masters who have been doing tattoos longer than some of the readers have lived. You can trust them with your most precious body parts.

  • How to get in: call 03-6455-0067 or email.
  • Address: Mifune Building 602, 1-5-14 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Facebook:/tokyoink03

Red Bunny Tattoo

It's probably not very fair to suggest a Swedish tattoo artist in Tokyo, but he is the only English speaking one at this studio. If you want to talk about your secret desires in the tattoo world, book a session with Magnus Jensen. By the way, he is the one who specializes in both frightening and very cute characters (like the spider geisha or the traditional neko-skeleton mannequin).

  • How to get in: go in and make a deposit of 10,000 yen, which will be factored into the final cost. The studio's website recommends that travelers sign up as soon as they arrive in town so that the masters have enough time to tattoo. To find out if a master is available, email.
  • Address: 3F, 2-8-1 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino, Tokyo
  • Instagram: deadpigeontattoo

Swallow Art Tattoo Shop

The Instagram of Keiko Horin, head tattoo artist at this studio, is split evenly between kitties and tattoos - and it's worth flying halfway around the world to see her for. If those reasons aren't enough for you, here's another fact: She can tattoo the battle of Blastoise and Bowser in traditional Japanese style. Do you need any other tattoos if you can get this one?

  • How to get in: post on Facebook.
  • Address: Okachimachi, Dai 2 Building 5F, 5-18-2 Ueno, Taito, Tokyo
  • Instagram: horien.swallowart

Hiring: tattoo master salary

There are many single professionals working in this market, and there are not so many successful large salons. Most often tattoo salon is opened by singles who want to legalize their work. With a large flow of customers and the desire to hire additional masters look for them in advance, because it is not an easy task.

The average income of tattoo master in Russia - about 50 000 rubles a month. in untwisted salon in a big city it is possible to receive 100 000 rubles, especially if has a good client base. As a rule, the income consists of a fixed rate and a percent of each client (30-50% of the price of a tattoo). The main skill of the tattoo master - skill of drawing. The business owner needs to understand that a master with a sense of style, authority and clients cannot be cheap.

Except for usual tattoos, most tattoo salons offer temporary tattoos - their price is much lower (from 300 rubles). You can also offer clients henna painting or piercing, permanent makeup (don't forget that piercings require licensing, just like tattooing).

What are beauty salons called in America?

If you are thinking about what to call a beauty salon in English, it will be useful for you to analyze what beauty salons are called in America.

  • "Mizu." As you can see, a simple and very easy to remember word. That said, the beauty salon is ranked almost in the top 10 beauty salons in the United States.
  • "Kim Vo." Another simple but euphonious salon name, and at the same time, the salon itself looks very rich and luxurious.
  • "Pipino Nalita. Also the simple name of a very popular beauty salon in New York City.
  • "Sally Hershberger". And here is the case when the salon is named after its founder. In this case, the name itself is a brand, so a salon with such a name, of course, will be very popular.
  • "Whittemore House." Beautiful name, isn't it? However, translated into our language, it is merely "Whittemore House." Beautiful and original doesn't have to be pretentious.
  • "Swink Style Bar. In the name we see the familiar phrase "Style Bar", however, this did not affect the popularity of the institution.
  • "Marie Robinson Salon, James Joseph Salon. Again we see the most simple names, which did not prevent the beauty salons to become almost world famous.

Beauty salon
Beauty Salon
As you can see, calling a beauty salon in accordance with all the tips and rules is not so easy, however, it is still possible if you put maximum effort, include your originality, creativity and, of course, study properly the beauty industry and your competitors.

We suggest you read interesting articles from which you will learn how to name:

  • Dog boy
  • Cat and kitten girls
  • Dog girl
  • A girl with the patronymic Alexeyevna
  • A girl with the patronymic Maximovna

Tattoo shop commercial

In the first year of operation, in the absence of a constant pool of customers, you will have to focus on advertising. First of all, create pages in social networks. They need to be filled with photos, reviews and other information about your salon. You will also need a well-designed website. Provide clients with an opportunity of a free consultation with a master - this will attract attention and increase the trust of potential clients.

If you have a website and social networks, you can run contextual and targeting ads, but this may require a license for medical activity. Without this, your ads simply won't get through.

Participate in tattoo festivals and other professional events to attract people. You can place ads in the city's groups and publishers, on ad sites. But the traditional ways of advertising (distribution of leaflets, billboards) for the tattoo salon will not work, because it is a business "not for everyone.

Pros of tattooing

Applying makeup every morning is a tedious task. With permanent makeup, you can forget about it for at least six months. Your face stays fresh and bright from the early morning until the evening. No crumbled or smeared cosmetics, uneven arrows. A good master will emphasize the natural beauty of the face and hide flaws.


Permanent eyebrow makeup comes in handy for those who have their own eyebrows are naturally not thick or unsuccessful form. Every woman wants to emphasize the eyes.

But permanent lip makeup in Moscow is not so popular.

In women after 35-40 pigment holds up much better than the young, because the immune system is not trying to get rid of a foreign substance in the skin. Better keep the paint at 45 years and later, in such cases, correction will not be needed at least 3 years.

Start-up capital and revenues of the tattoo parlor

If you include all the costs of starting up a business - renting premises, buying equipment, furniture and consumables, the initial investment in a small salon will be at least 400,000 roubles. Only the purchase of equipment will cost at least 200,000 rubles. Such costs are possible if you yourself - the master of tattoo, opening a small salon and work independently.

To open a full-fledged salon with several jobs and a full list of services would cost several times higher and could reach 1 million rubles. Read how to raise funds in your business. Revenues salon, as a rule, fluctuate depending on the season. In summer, the profits may be less. The average salon with one tattoo master a month revenue - not less than 120 000 rubles. Exit such a business on the recoupment usually takes 1-2 years, depending on the attendance of your salon.

Stockholm, Sweden

As soon as snowdrops break through the winter snowdrifts, other sleeves show up from under the Swedes' sleeves. Many call Sweden one of the most tattooed countries - whether it's the Viking tradition or the too-long winter, but you can tell they're good at tattoos.

Catapult Tattoo.

If you trust celebrities more than your own mother, here's a fact: Slash did tattoos here, and the masters Fabbe and Emilia themselves took part in the Swedish show Master Ink. The studio is especially good at watercolor tattoos and portraits (but they did not succumb to the English site, so you'll have to put up with a translator).

  • How to get in: write to them on Facebook.
  • Address: Falugatan 24, Stockholm

King Carlos Tattoo

This team's old-school artwork is so good it graces a bottle of Swedish vodka called Good ol' Sailor. If you too want to look like an old sailor, this is your destination - that's what you'll tell the cab.

You can go here for the colorful realism and even the lettering - the Swedes are surprisingly nice people and will forgive even that.

  • How to get in: write to them on Facebook.
  • Address: St:Eriksgatan 70, Stockholm
  • Instagram: kingcarlostattoo

What franchise to choose for a tattoo parlor

If you do not want to open a business from scratch, you can work in a franchise. Franchise tattoo salon offer Elite Tattoo, Needle Tattoo, MyWayTattoo and other companies.

But there are not many proposals, because this market is divided between the singles. When opening a salon franchise, the costs will range from half a million to several million rubles. Franchising has its advantages - proven equipment, promotion, training and exchange of experience. But it involves additional costs, as well as restrictions, which are always spelled out in the contract with the franchisor.

How to choose a course

If you want to get a job in one of the best studios in Moscow or work from home, you can't do without courses. Profitable business requires serious training.

The choice of courses is as important as choosing a salon if you want to do tattooing yourself. After all, this is a profession that requires constant development, which means there must be a base.

Pay attention to the rating of the best studios - among them there are schools that train new masters of tattooing from scratch. Read the reviews of those who have taken courses. Compare the information.

A good way to find courses is to find an experienced master and find out where he got his diploma.

What you need for a tattoo

For a tattoo, you need to choose a good salon and a proven master. You need to understand that this is a medical procedure. Needles must be perfectly sterilized, the master - have experience. Taking some drugs increases the risk of infection.

Some people encounter itching and slow healing of the skin area after tattooing. The healing process can take three to four months or even longer. And skin diseases can lead to serious problems. You should also understand that the tattooed area will need to be protected from direct sunlight.

Rating of Moscow permanent makeup studios

Choosing a master of permanent makeup is an extremely serious task. The disadvantages of tattooing are many, but to avoid them, you need a reliable master. So the rating of the best permanent makeup studios in Moscow will help to decide on a master:

  1. School-studio of permanent makeup, the most reliable according to the reviews of visitors, is located in the center - near Kitay-gorod metro.
  2. Esthetique beauty bar is also not far from the center - at m. Ulitsa 1905 goda.
  3. The third place is taken by the salon near metro Taganskaya - Aristocrat Inbeauty.
  4. Family Beauty Club on Baumanskaya Street also got good feedback from clients.
  5. The Beauty Bar near Medvedkovo metro station completes this list. It is not very close to the center, but everyone who did permanent makeup there was very satisfied.


For women

For Men