Tattoo of Harlequin and its Meaning in the Art of Tattooing

Tattoo of Harlequin is a dualistic and ambiguous image. On the one hand, behind the mask of the jovial hides a delicate vulnerable nature, on the other - anger, hatred and aggression. Such a vivid character in all senses could not help but find its reflection in the art of body painting. Due to the versatility of this image, the meaning of the tattoo varies depending on the chosen sketch.

Harlequin mask image on your arm

Dance Without End

The Dance Without End mask descends on enemies like an avalanche, as if arising out of thin air and already firing from all guns. Full of passion and poetry, the actors of this mask are known for their performances of the Spiral of Fun and Madness, a cycle of dances, scenes and monologues recounting the deeds of Tsegorach himself. Such specialization is said to bring the Harlequins closer to their god, and their connection with Csegorach is so great that it is rumored that the Pathway Web itself shifts and bends at the mask's will. It is well known that the Dance Without End always attacks from the most unexpected direction and disappears like the wind if something suddenly goes wrong.

Places to Tattoo with a Feather

Tattoo meaning of a feather

A feather tattoo with birds can be placed on any part of the body. Due to the flexibility of the design, this design can be any size. It is depicted on the backs, arms, legs or neck. The choice of location depends on the creativity of the owner, and his willingness to display the picture. Tattoo with a hidden meaning should be applied on those parts of the body that are not visible under clothing. If the tattoo is associated with a loved one or a warm memory is recommended to choose the area on the chest (closer to the heart).

Diseases and pests

In general, the barberry variety "Harlequin" is rarely a victim of diseases, but without proper prevention, this problem does not bypass it. For example, powdery mildew is a frequent disease. It can be recognized by a whitish plaque on the leaves. The causes of the disease are usually high humidity and air temperature. Treatment with biofungicides or soap and soda solution can help save the crop.

Of the insects, the plant is most often affected by aphids, which like to enjoy its juice. A solution of pine soap will help to get rid of the pest. Another enemy of this representative of the flora is the barberry sawfly. It looks like a caterpillar nibbling young leaves and shoots. The pest can be defeated with the drug "DNOC" or 5% oil-oil emulsion.

Dreaming Shadow.

Under the glow of dying stars, the actors of the Dreaming Shadow tread in a joyless dance of war. Their generic duty is to prevent the awakening of the ancient enemy, killing all who can revive the Necron empire. The actors of the Dreaming Shadow share a grim character and a smoldering dislike for other masks. Of course, this sentiment is deliberately exaggerated, being both real and not real, for the war against the Necrons distracts from Tsegorach's true battle with That-What-Wants. In turn, most other Harlequins appreciate the selflessness of the Dreaming Shadow, though some hold the mask's inherent bitterness in contempt, seeing their fight against the ancient enemy as a sad sideshow.

Technique of execution

The Harlequin tattoo is traditionally found in color. It can be as a cartoon drawn image, as well as a character from a movie. The most effective look compositions in the style of realism, where there is an opportunity to convey precise facial expressions and emotions on the face. Gamblers have such unchanging attributes as dice, cards, suit designations, and sometimes thematic inscriptions on their tattoos.

Monochrome tattoos look more gloomy and aggressive. Harlequin's vicious smile freezes the soul and instills terror in those around him. This is the choice of people who are filled with hatred and are not afraid to demonstrate their dangerous character to others. To some extent, such a tattoo is a warning. Black and white drawings are most often found in men who hide their true feelings from people.

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The MATTACINO mask was the most modest against the general luxury of carnival costumes.

It was the only costume that was allowed to make faces, affectation and showing off in various pretentious poses. Apparently, this is why Mattachino was chosen as the symbol of gays and lesbians, and the first association of homophiles was called the "Mattachini Society".

The main attribute of this costume was a long belt in his hands. Folded in half, it resembled a kind of sling, with which the mattachino pelted women in the morning, rushing about their business, with eggs that had been filled with "rosy fragrant water. Hence "mattachino" - "morning" in the local dialect.

The sweet, unpleasantly fidgety mattachino is a rare mask at a modern carnival. Although.

Symptoms and clinical presentation of Harlequin ichthyosis

Symptoms are present from birth. The baby is observed:

  • Thickened skin with large, shiny, diamond-shaped or polygonal scales; these scales are light in color, and separated by bright red cracks;
  • Severe ectropion (ectropion) of the upper and lower eyelids;
  • redness of the eyelids;
  • Flanged lips (everted lip), mouth open: the baby cannot take mother's milk for this reason;
  • pseudodysmorphia of the face (secondary symptom to skin lesions): flattening of the nose, small rudimentary lobes, in some cases the ears and nose may be completely absent;
  • joint contracture, difficulty in bending and extending the limbs, caused by dermal lesions;
  • Small head (microcephaly);
  • in some cases, underdevelopment of fingers and toes, hypoplasia of nails, polydactyly (more than five fingers on the hand);
  • Structural abnormalities of the central nervous system, which may manifest as seizures.

Harlequin ichthyosis newborn photos

The meaning of the color scheme.

Often people use black and gray colors for tattoos, conveying through them their restraint, austerity. Red feathers are a symbol of victory, passion and perhaps a certain lustfulness. The green-blue gamut carries tranquility, peacefulness, a desire for stability and peace. Purple is a symbol of extravagance, principled and "burly" host/mistress. Yellow or orange colors bring comfort, warmth and a touch of ambition.

Crying Dawn.

The actors of the Weeping Dawn mask are skilled fate killers, choosing their targets with meticulous care and attention. Guided by the whispers of shadow seers, the mask makes its bloody way among the stars, hunting down the Eldar's greatest enemies

Tyrants of Chaos, commanders of Space Troopers, ethereal tau and orc chieftains - under the glittering blades of the Weeping Dawn all died. Outsiders who tread on the primeval world; fools who conspired with the Dark Gods, willingly or not; killers of even one Eldar - all could attract the vengeful mask's attention. What is known reliably about Weeping Dawn is that, having chosen a target, its actors do not rest until they take her life, and present her soul to the Laughing God.

Men's Tattoos

Men prefer to have tattoos with feathers on their bodies no less often than girls. Most often the bird's plumage is a part of the composition. It is worth understanding that the tattoo of a feather for men means freedom, courage, confidence and willpower. On his body guys put feathers as local birds (crows, nightingales, swallows), and oriental (parrots or Japanese storks).

Most often this tattoo on the body is depicted by creative men. This symbol looks beautiful on the back, arms, thigh, along the spine. The massive image on the back speaks of the inner core, the desire to be the head, as well as the willingness to take responsibility for their actions.

Note: Astrologers say that means a tattoo of a feather with birds protection from disease and curses.

History of the creation of the character

Contrary to common misconception, Harlequin appeared a couple of centuries before the comedy dell'arte. His image was used as early as the fourteenth century in Dante's Divine Comedy. The author described an outwardly Venetian-like servant, Alichino, a demon from hell. Alichino's costume consisted of pieces of cloth.

The modern Harlequin was "born" in the 16th century. Leaving the devilish habits in his character, he quickly becomes a favorite actor of the public. The character belongs to the mask of the second dzanny, but later bypasses the recognition and popularity of the first servant - Pulcinella.

The nickname Harlequin, according to researchers, came from the name of the leader of the demons, Elleken, from the ancient myth of the Wild Hunt. According to Scandinavian mythology, this ghost character with other horsemen took people's souls.

This theory of origin and the connection with the otherworldly of the enigmatic character of the Italian theater is proved by the first depictions of him. The servant has a bump on his forehead, which resembles the remnant of a horn, indicating a demonic past.

Harlequin tattoo: meaning for guys and girls, history, description, photos

Because the image is large or medium size and brightly colored, it is applied in a prominent place - on the hands, forearms, shoulders, back - shoulder blade area, chest. The large size of the picture helps to convey the gamut of facial expressions, emotions, moods characteristic of the symbol. The largest size drawings are applied to the back. Girls can be applied to the hips. But most often it is a male tattoo. The color can be monochrome, but also with the use of a large number of colors and shades. The drawing allows the application of different colors, which creates a unique tattoo.

Determines the color scheme the future owner, so it is necessary in advance to make a sketch of the image and "try on" it to yourself.

The style of the image

A variety of styles are used to apply the tattoo. Chikano style conveys a black and white image, which is characterized by a play of light and shadows. For a colorful tattoo use styles such as newskool, watercolor, oldskool, neotradishinl.

Combinability with other symbols

Depending on the sketch, the main image can be complemented by joyful and positive symbols or sad and sorrowful ones. The evil image can be complemented with weapons, blood, etc.


It is well known that a tattoo can have a certain impact on a person. Therefore, before making a final decision on the symbol, we recommend to compare the future drawing and your character. And after that contact a qualified master to create a suitable sketch and perform the tattoo.

Domino costume

Domino is a long cape with a large hood.

By the whim of fashion and the insistence of the French, the black cloak-mantle of monks of the Dominican order became in the XVI century, the most favorite clothing. Well, the enterprising Venetians were quick to appreciate the convenience of such a cloak. Very often it was used in a priest's costume to mock impure religious figures.

Nowadays it is lined with a bright lining and is part of an elegant carnival costume for women.

It should also be noted that any mask is appropriate with the cloak "DOMINO".

In the 16th century among the Venetians became popular a costume "Domino" (Italian domino, from lat. dominus - lord) as a long cloak with sleeves and hood, like a monk's, and indispensable attribute - a mask. Domino, as a costume - a cloak with a hood, has two meanings: 1)the winter clothing of the Catholic clergy; 2) a masked costume, as well as the person wearing such a costume.

By the way, there is a rather interesting fact connected with this costume. The French writer François Rabelais, who wrote extensively about carnival traditions, made himself change into a "domino" costume while dying. He justified his strange wish with the words of Scripture: "Beati qui in Domino moriuntur," which literally means "blessed are those who die in God. But Rabelais substituted the true meaning of the word "domino" in this context with a carnivalesque meaning.

And finally, I would like to say that in the Commedia dell'arte, in French ballets, and in the circus, the costume "dominoes" is a colorful tights in checkerboard, rhombic, or circular. These dominoes were worn by strolling clowns, harlequins and jesters.

(Materials from WIKIPEDIA)

Tattoo of a feather. Meaning, symbolism, sketches.

Quite often in the art of tattooing there is an image of a feather. It has a huge variety of forms. The symbolic meanings depend directly on the style and composition of the drawing.

For the first time the feather tattoo appeared at the ancient Indian tribes. Such an image was allowed to wear the most respected people of the tribe: worthy warriors, leaders, healers, shamans and elders. Modern feather tattoos are conventionally divided into two groups: simple images of feathers of birds such as peacock, crane, eagle and others, as well as traditional Indian tattoos. The design of such tattoos is striking in its variety. Feather tattoos are popular with both men and women. A huge selection of images allows you to pick up a body decoration, which will meet all your requirements.

Meaning of the feather tattoo

The meaning of the feather tattoo goes back to the culture of North American Indians. They considered the feather a symbol of life and connection to the spirits of the ancestors. The Indians endowed it with the ability to connect the world of the dead and the living. This made the image of the feather symbolize the connection with ancient relatives. It was also a symbol of power, thunder, air and wind for the Indians.

A drawing depicting the feather of an eagle has a special meaning. This most popular choice represents bravery, honor and courage. This significance is due to the fact that Native American warriors, applying this tattoo, believed that all the best qualities of the bird would be passed on to them.

Sketch of a Feather tattoo for women on the neck

Sketch of a Feather tattoo on the shoulder blade for a woman

Sketch of a Feather tattoo on wrist

Sketch of a Feather tattoo for women between the shoulder blades

Sketch of a Feather tattoo on the inner side of the arm

Sketch of male tattoo of Feather on chest

In many cultures, the feather is a symbol of those who have left the world of the living. There is a belief that if a feather falls in front of a man, it means the death of someone he knew. Ancient Christianity gave a mystical meaning to the feather. The three quills depicted on the rings of the clergy signified faith, hope and mercy, that is, they carried the meaning of beneficence.

The ancient Egyptians personified the feather with the heavenly gods. It was believed that the image of the pen promoted contact and communication with the celestials. The feather has also often been associated with dreams. Due to its lightness and weightlessness, it moves wherever the wind blows, like a person's dreams.

Sketch of a Feather tattoo on the shoulder for a woman

Sketch of a Feather tattoo for women on the shoulder

Sketch of a Feather tattoo on the shoulder blade

Feather tattoo sketch on wrist

Sketch of a Feather tattoo for women on the heel

Sketch of a Feather tattoo on the foot for a woman

The main meanings of the feather tattoo, like the wings tattoo, should include weightlessness, truthfulness, flight, magic, dream, freedom and purity.

Styles of feather tattoo

Feather tattoos can come in several styles. Images in the form of traditional Indian tattoos will be a great option for members of the stronger sex. They carry the qualities of a born warrior: courage, boldness and determination. Often they are done in dark colors and are monochromatic. This feather tattoo looks good on the hand, especially if it is located from the hand to the elbow.

Sketch of a female Feather tattoo on the neck

Sketch of a temporary Feather tattoo for women on the shoulder blade

Sketch of a colored Feather tattoo on the foot for a woman

Sketch of male tattoo Feather on shin

Sketch of a Feather tattoo on forearm for men

Sketch of a female tattoo of a feather on her scapula

Feathers, made in a beautiful light style, as a rule, are chosen by women. This type of execution is due to tenderness and grace.

Perfectly looks a tattoo of a peacock feather on the leg on the outer side of the thigh. Executed with the help of a bright palette of colors, in a realistic style, it is able to elegantly emphasize the delicate outlines of the fair sex.

Sketch of a temporary feather tattoo for women on the shin

Sketch of a female tattoo of the Feather on her shin

Sketch of a male tattoo of the Feather on the wrist

Sketch of a Feather tattoo on the shin for a man

Sketch of female tattoo Feather on thigh

Sketch of a temporary Feather tattoo for women on the shoulder blade

A great option is feathers depicted in a composition with birds. This tattoo carries the aspiration of a person to freedom. The drawing of a feather cut in half will be an eternal reminder of the former collapse or defeat.

Tattoo of a feather for women.

Due to its lightness, beauty and tenderness, the feather tattoo is a great choice for girls. There are no restrictions on the size and location of this image. It can be a miniature feather on the ankle or wrist or a large eagle feather on the shoulder or shoulder blade.

The color scheme of the tattoo is quite varied. Most women prefer a black and gray tattoo design. But yellow, blue and green feathers are not uncommon.

Sketch of a female Feather tattoo on the shoulder blade

Sketch of a temporary Feather tattoo for women on the abdomen

Tattoo of a Feather for girls on the foot

Sketch of a colored Feather tattoo between the shoulder blades for a woman

Sketch of female tattoo Feather on her shoulder blade

Sketch of a color Feather tattoo on a thigh for a woman

As a rule, only one feather is depicted in the tattoo. It can be a feather of a phoenix, eagle, ostrich, owl, peacock and other birds. Quite stylish looks feather tattoo on the neck. Such an image is inherent in free-thinking, creative and open-minded people.

Very often girls choose the tattoo of a feather, executed on a back. Thus, the fair sex can emphasize their tenderness. It will also become a symbol of cyclicity and renewal.

Sketch of a temporary feather tattoo for women on the shin

Tattoo Feather for girls on the foot

Sketch of a temporary tattoo Feather for women on the inner side of the arm

Sketch of color tattoo Feather on foot for women

Sketch of a color tattoo of Feather on a shin for a woman

Sketch of a temporary tattoo Feather for women on the foot

A feather tattoo on the abdomen looks great. Especially if it is made in bright colors and represents a composition with flying birds.

Temporary tattoo of a feather

Before you apply a permanent feather tattoo, which will remain with you forever, it is recommended to try a temporary one. This type of tattoo is recommended for those who have not decided on the place of application, the shape and size of the figure. It is also for those who want to emphasize their individuality, but do not dare to make a permanent pattern.

The most popular type of temporary pen tattoo is the application of the image using henna. This procedure with a centuries-old history is absolutely painless and safe, also it has no age restrictions.

Sketch of a temporary feather tattoo on the shin

Sketch of temporary Feather tattoo on forearm for men

Sketch of temporary tattoo Feather for women on the forearm

Sketch of a temporary Feather tattoo on the wrist

Sketch of temporary tattoo Feather for women on neck

Sketch of a temporary tattoo of the Feather for women on the shoulder

Hypoallergenic dye - henna - suits almost every skin type and does not cause irritation. Such tattoos can last from five days to two weeks, almost without losing brightness. Tattoo henna looks great on both tanned and light skin. The color of the picture turns out to be medium brown.

Today there is a way of applying the temporary tattoos with chemical paints that last up to two years. The image can be removed with a special chemical composition. The choice of color in this case is not limited, but there is no guarantee of complete disappearance of the pen tattoo after the specified period. This is due to the fact that the colors are applied under the skin, but to a lesser depth than permanent.

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The web was created by a race of Ancients as a means of intragalactic travel. Through the web, armies of these advanced beings could emerge from hidden gates in reality to attack their enemies without warning. In addition, this branched network allowed the ancients to travel between worlds of their domain without risk in the fickle currents of the Warp. Known to some as the labyrinthine dimension, the web has been described by mortal minds in myriad ways.

Some describe it as a galactic tapestry of shimmering threads, others as a labyrinth of glowing tunnels or the veins of some enormous living being. All such explanations are untrue, for the Web does not lend itself to clear categorization. It is an elegantly crafted realm situated between real space and the Warp, similar to the surface of a Pacific, a dark pool, or a thin silk veil draped over something messy.

Tsegorakh is said to be the only being who knows every path through the web. This might explain how his disciples possess such intimate knowledge of its twists and turns, for Harlequins walk the web without fear, appearing and disappearing at will.

They are so adept in the secret ways of the web that many other Aeldari attribute supernatural powers to the servants of the laughing God. It is the Harlequins who guard the black library along with its dark Guardians and use its secrets to gain the upper hand in their war against Chaos. They use their knowledge of the hidden ways of the web to outsmart their enemies and strike from unexpected angles.

In this way, entire harlequin masks can position themselves in ambush, guaranteeing an element of surprise. Of course, such a system is imperfect, for the web has become a ruined and dangerous realm. Nevertheless, this does little to help the general, who suddenly finds his armies overrun from within, killed by a multitude of Harlequins, before he even realizes that the battle has begun.

Causes of Harlequin Ichthyosis

So we have dealt with the concept of harlequin ichthyosis, what the disease is. Now let's look at the exact causes.

A gene mutation shortens the polypeptide chain in the ABCA11 gene, which causes the loss of function of the protein that transports lipid granules to keratinocyte membranes. Microscopically, it has been found that in this pathology, granular membranes are misshapen, so lipids (fats) cannot form a proper stratum corneum and undergo abnormal secretion. Even in the intrauterine age (around the 16th week), the fetus develops harlequin ichthyosis. We can not eliminate the causes of the mutation, but the future mother can learn about this problem in advance and consider an abortion.

Meaning of the Harlequin tattoo

Many people believe that the image of a clown symbolizes fun and laughter. To some extent they may be right, but not 100 percent. In fact, if a clown does symbolize laughter, that laughter is most likely sarcastic and ironic.

So it turns out that the clown seems to be depicted in cheerful colors, but his goal is to get people to think that it is not necessary to be too serious, you can afford to relax a little. Indeed, when seeing the Harlequin tattoo, so and want to become carefree and cheerful, to cast away all contrived fears and worries.

Another thing is that in the tattoo art image of this character, known even by the children's book about Pinocchio, is associated rather with sadness and anxiety. Therefore, in some cases, Harlequin is a sad clown, rather than a joyful cheerful public.

This is a dual symbol, which seems to encourage us to have fun, but also captures its sinister essence. Of course, such associations arise after watching modern movies, where people in Harlequin masks break into banks, wave guns, take hostages, and so on. If we discard associations with movies, the harlequin tattoo can be quite harmless. It helps people to overcome their own fears, teaches them to treat life's many difficulties easier, to reject unnecessary negativity.

The drawing of the image of Harlequin in a gangster role - in blood and with aggressive facial features - symbolizes the opposite things: anger, hatred, betrayal and destruction. Therefore, before deciding to apply such a drawing on the body, it is worth to understand the symbolism. By the way, in English the word Harlequin is the name of the Joker's girlfriend - an evil clown, helping the main villain to commit crimes. That's why in the video and in our photo gallery you will find pictures with this cute person.

Pictures of tattoos with Harlequin


The main and most beloved mask, which has become a symbol of Venice, is the


This austere and sinister image was favored by the high aristocracy. Casanova was also fond of it. In fact, it is a death mask from the medieval miniatures. The costume itself consists of a black robe and a triangular hat.

The mask is white or, more often, black, covers the whole face, and has a specially torn out upper "lip" which muffles the voice and changes it beyond recognition (!) The chin is left open.

In addition, the device of the mask allows a person to eat and drink without exposing his face.

The bauta has no gender, age, creed, or class. To wear a bauta is to renounce pesky individuality, to give up one's own face, to free oneself from the norms of morality. When asked "who did this?" The bauta answers: "The mask..."

Some believe that the name "bautta" is consonant with the German "to protect, to shelter." Sometimes this mask was called "Lyarvoy," which in Latin and Slavic means "Ghost. A stranger from beyond the world."

Current styles and meanings

Now it is possible to divide all tattoos with feathers into two styles: traditional and modernized. The first better suited to men, as carry in themselves if not force and courage, then at least the desire of the owner to these qualities. They are most often performed in dark monochrome paint. Modernized feathers are usually performed by women. And it is the fairer sex most often ask themselves a question like: "What does the feather tattoo mean?What does the tattoo of a feather mean?". Performed usually feather delicate and graceful, as a symbol of the bird, whose feather is performed. The most common "feathered" are the peacock, crane and eagle.

The meaning of the feather tattoowhich have been "finalized" already in our time:

  • Feelings of lightness, speed, flight, freedom, weightlessness and other things mentally personified with birds;
  • Morality, purity;
  • The transference and existence of souls "beyond;
  • Victory, rebirth, hope or dream;
  • If a feather or half of a feather is depicted, it is a symbol of pain or a deep mental wound;
  • A feather and birds drawn together is a sign that one dreams of mental freedom.

Dr. Plague.

"MEDICO DELLA PESTE" (DOCTOR OF CHUMA) is an unconventional Carnival mask.

It was invented in the 16th century by the French physician Charles de Lorme as one of the immediate measures during a plague epidemic. The long nose was stuffed inside with disinfectant salts and aromatic plants such as rosemary, garlic, and juniper. The eyes were covered with spectacles.

The Italians, on the other hand, borrowed this mask to protect themselves from the terrible stench and neutralize the infectious miasmas that plagued Venice in the 1630s.

Although this bird-like, sad image of hopelessness was not in any way compatible with the merriment of carnival, time has turned it into the exact opposite.

The kind "Plague Doctor" has become one of the most entertaining and beloved carnival masks because of his expressiveness. He diagnoses everyone and prescribes medicines. He speaks with a lot of medical terms and Latin words.

The Plague Doctor is also the judge of the carnival.

The Dance Without End

"The Dance" is the greatest of the harlequin performances, recounting the Fall of the Eldar. It is performed only rarely, as only the Solitaire (who often remain distant even from the other harlequins) is able to perform the role of Slaanesh.

Nine harlequins perform the parts of the Eldar, three Avatars dance the parts of the Fallen Gods. When the dance reaches its climax, the Fall, Solitaire appears on stage, playing the role of Slaanesh. One by one seven figures appear behind him. The first four - the Mimes playing their roles - symbolize the demons, conveying Slaanesh's will to the other dancers in a sensual, stirring dance. Three dark figures - the Jesters of Death in skeleton costumes - appear next, sowing doom among the gods and plunging their motionless bodies at the feet of Slaanesh. As the last god is defeated, the Sorcerers create a psychic shout that echoes in the minds of the audience. The scream turns into laughter, full of depravity and madness.

The Supreme Avatar appears on stage with laughter; it is a different kind of laughter, a laughter full of irony. As the Laughing God, he strolls carelessly across the stage, chuckling at the cosmic stupidity of the Fallen. For a moment he is lost among Slaanesh's servants, but then in a leap he is relieved of their attempts to come face to face with him. One of the dancers is pulled away from Slaanesh by Cégorach, the wriggling figures on the dancer's costume dissolving to become a rhombic pattern symbolizing the Laughing God. The rest of Slaanesh's servants fall or run, at which point Slaanesh himself stands up against the Laughing God. A battle that seems to last forever ends abruptly, with an uncertain outcome.

The Shattered Mirage

Among the Eldar there are those who have acknowledged the demise of their people. But unwilling to surrender to oblivion, these lost souls fight fiercely against their slow demise, eager to take the Galaxy with them. The Mask of the Shattered Mirage is the ghosts of the Wayward Web, the embodiment of the Laughing God's sad chuckle in the face of his people's death. Her actors are feared by enemies and brethren alike, for their performances are grim and terrible, capable only of evoking a sense of despair and doom in their audiences. In battle they fight with a recklessness that horrifies any witness, even in death taking dozens of screaming enemies with them to the grave. To confront the Shattered World means to fight an enemy who does not fear death and wants only to destroy the enemy at any cost.

Who is suitable for the tattoo

Tattoo Harlequin is very popular among fans of gambling, gamblers, cheaters and swindlers. They love to be the center of attention, to walk on a knife edge and to mislead the public with their behavior. As experienced manipulators, this is how they make their living, especially since life is a game to them.

At the same time, the Harlequin tattoo has a positive meaning. It symbolizes creativity, cheerfulness, openness and kindness. Such a person is able to laugh at himself, appreciates every moment of life, seeks to carry goodness into the world. If the Harlequin is sad, it means that the bearer of the tattoo is difficult to wear such a mask, but he is forced to do so. At heart, he is a pessimist and fatalist.

miniature tattoo


For women

For men