How to properly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photos

Since early childhood, we became accustomed to decorating the ears of cute girls with beautiful earrings, without which well you can not do without.

But in addition to the usual, so-called classic versions of earrings for women's ears, which were intended to pierce the lobe, there are many other types of ear piercing with various kinds of jewelry in the form of earrings.

Due to the return of relevance to ear piercing in the season 2021-2022, its even greater relevance among many young ladies and the unprecedented popularity of ear piercings in the season, we decided to show the trendy and most fashionable ear piercings 2021-2022, which will surely appeal to you.

Piercing as such has its own history and at a certain period the presence of piercings denoted belonging to certain subcultures and was not always perceived unequivocally and favorably. Then the piercing was forgotten for a while by almost all its admirers.

But nowadays, piercings are relevant again, especially ear piercing, and do it regardless of age, both young girls and ladies as an unusual way of decorating their bodies - piercings.

Today, there are many types of piercings and you can pierce almost any part of the body. The most trendy types of piercings are ear piercings, nose piercings, belly button piercings, eyebrow piercings, microdermal and other types of piercings, such as newfangled finger piercings.

It is important to remember that piercing has its pros and cons, and to do it spontaneously, we certainly do not recommend you. First of all, experts in the medical field are very skeptical about piercing, because when you pierce this or that part of the body, you can violate the integrity of both tissues and blood vessels, which can have its own side effects.

In addition, different kinds of metals, including silver, in prolonged contact with the skin can cause inflammation and painful sensations, which are also extremely undesirable.

Ear piercing 2021-2022: trend ideas and variations of ear piercings

Therefore, before deciding to do even this, at first glance, harmless ear piercing, we urge you to think twice, consult with experts and contact only professional salons for the procedure.

Fashionable and so trendy ear piercing is one of the most affordable and common types of "piercing", which has a large number of admirers among the lovely ladies.

So, ear piercing, or rather ear cartilage piercing, and decorating it with a beautiful earring looks very effective and cute, if you pick up sophisticated and stylish earrings for ear piercing.

Ear Piercing 2021-2022: trend ideas and variations of ear piercings

It would seem that what else can be invented in ear piercing and how to surprise not only those who do not have multiple piercings, but also those who are admirers of multiple earrings in the ear.

And yet, one master succeeded, namely, the master of tattoos from New York, Robby Milian, who performed the ear piercing, piercing the inner cartilage, which was not previously practiced for the piercing in ear piercing.

Ear piercing with cartilage piercing looks a little intimidating, but when you consider that the trending decoration in this variant of fashionable ear piercings 2021-2022 is a heart-shaped earring, it still looks pretty damn cute and adorable!

Ear Piercing 2021-2022: Trending Ear Piercing Ideas and Variations

It is also worth noting that ear piercings are incredibly popular among celebrities and the first beauties of Hollywood, which choose quite bold and such spectacular types of ear piercings, showing gorgeous jewelry for the ears of lovely ladies.

Types of ear piercings and ear cartilage piercing has many different variations and opportunities to decorate your body in this way. Let's find out and get acquainted with the most fashionable and trendy ear piercing ideas of 2021-2022.

Here is a trendy and fresh photo review in which you will find all the most beautiful and incredible types of ear piercings and beautiful earrings for ear piercings in the season 2021-2022.

Ear piercing: pros and cons

Only a master can properly pierce the ears. An adult can sign up for the procedure at any time in the absence of absolute contraindications. Parents and pediatricians have long argued about ear piercing in young children.

Experts make a lot of arguments in favor of early piercing. They argue that children who have had their ears pierced before the age of one year will not remember the negative emotions they experienced at a more conscious age. Advocates of early piercing assure that the risk of infected lobes is minimal at an infant's age.

How to properly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photos

Some pediatricians do not recommend the procedure to children under the age of 3. At this age, the body is actively growing and the ear can take a long time to heal, bringing unpleasant feelings to the child. Most painkillers are contraindicated for young children.

Because of their age, babies are quite active, so they may inadvertently catch the earring on their clothes and rip it out. Usually a ruptured lobe is accompanied by severe pain and bleeding. As a child, there is a high risk of allergic reactions to metal (mostly nickel contained in ear jewelry).

If the clasp is not securely fastened, the earring can fall out of the ear. The jewelry is usually brightly shiny, and a child may become interested in it and swallow it. Nerve endings in the earlobe are close together. There is a high risk of piercing them.

How to disinfect the jewelry and instruments at home

I know for a fact that you can kill HIV and Hepatitis B and C with MIRAMISTIN. But I can't tell if it will work with Hepatitis A and yet it's afraid of UV light and dies in a couple of minutes.

Picture from anime
Miramistin is everything.

A combined approach of miramistine and ultraviolet light will kill all the nasty stuff that's out there.


This is a must have because all these viruses and hepatitis are not resistant to external factors. The most resistant in this list is Hepatitis B, which needs 30 minutes of boiling.

In what places it is allowed to pierce, the scheme of points for piercing

Independently determine the location of the piercing of the auricle is strictly prohibited. The location of nerve endings is known only to the specialist. Most modern cosmetology clinics are equipped with special apparatuses, with the help of which the master identifies dangerous areas. Areas in which there are bioactive points are highly conductive.

How to properly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo

If you do not have a highly sensitive device, you can determine the location of the puncture with the help of mapping. The chart shows the biologically active points and describes in detail the relationship of a particular BAT to an internal organ or part of the body. According to the cartography, there are over 357 points on the ear. The BAT located in the helix area are responsible for the function of the skeleton, muscles, and tendons, and the points inside the lobe are responsible for the function of visual organs.

What is the name of the cartilage puncture

Picture taken from an English-speaking website and the names do not change because they are all pronounced without translation, although words like lobe need translation of course

Cartilage piercing names

The most popular species in the CIS expanses are:

  • Tragus
  • Helix
  • Industrial
  • Orbital

From the picture we can also see complex punctures, you can identify them by touching your ear. For example, there is dense cartilage in the ear bend areas. And rook in general requires the puncture of two cartilages at once, and in addition it is difficult to get to them. It is certainly not something an amateur will be able to cope with.

Where not to pierce the ears

Properly pierced ears in the absence of proper experience is quite difficult. There are no clear restrictions on the location of the ear piercing. An adult can insert an earring in almost any part of the organ. Specialists do not recommend "crowning" the ear with jewelry, as multiple holes may provoke a loss of sensitivity. If in the process of piercing the nerve endings were touched, there is a high risk of affecting the functional activity of some internal organs and systems.

With repeated piercing, the healing process slows down. Dense scars may appear on the surface of the visual organ. In children, cartilage is actively formed at the age of 2-5 years. If a child's ear is pierced in the "wrong" place, there is a high risk of developing pathologies of the tongue and facial muscles.

Piercing process

triple piercing

Before you decide where the second hole in the ear will be, you need to make sure that the chosen place is correct and there are no contraindications. Contraindications include:

  • Trauma and bruises to the head in general and the auricles in particular;
  • Poor blood clotting;
  • Allergy to medical gold;
  • auricular diseases;
  • Diseases of the pancreas in the acute form;
  • skin diseases;
  • nervous and mental disorders.

If there are no contraindications, you can have your ears pierced in the places indicated by a specialist. There is a map of active biological points for the correct choice of the place where the second hole in the ear should be pierced. This map has an indication of the places where piercing is allowed without causing damage to health.

Types of ear piercing, pros and cons

There are several ways to properly pierce the ears.

The technique can vary depending on the location of the piercing:

  • Lobe piercing;
  • tunnels in the ears;
  • cartilage piercing;
  • Goatee piercing;
  • shell piercing.

How to properly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photos

The piercing procedure has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The size and type of jewelry may vary depending on the location of the piercing.

Lobe piercing classic

Earlobe piercing can be considered a classic piercing option. Before marking the place of piercing, the master visually divides the lobe into 9 squares.

How to correctly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo

Exactly in the center, the specialist draws a point with a black marker. The area is pretreated with alcohol. The puncture can be horizontal or vertical.


Tunnels in the ears are also a kind of piercing. Usually such jewelry is worn by young people committed to a particular informal subculture. According to reviews, the piercing procedure is quite painful. It has a number of contraindications.

It is categorically forbidden to insert tunnels into the ears if a person has:

  • at the time of the puncture is a fever;
  • have been diagnosed with mental, neurological or vegetative disorders, frolicking against the background of alcohol abuse;
  • had previously been diagnosed with blood diseases associated with its poor clotting, diabetes mellitus, epileptic seizures;
  • at the time of the puncture any chronic diseases have been aggravated.

Absolute contraindications are considered to be the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Few people know that it is impossible to put a tunnel in your ears in one session. The lobe is stretched gradually.

The piercing and stretching procedure consists of several steps:

  • The lobe is pierced in the center with a sterile needle;
  • An earring (usually a nail) is inserted;
  • After 14 days, the earring is removed and a dilator no more than 2 mm in diameter is inserted.

How to correctly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo

The dilator is replaced every 2 weeks. The lobe should be treated regularly with various antiseptic solutions. While wearing the jewelry, the person may experience painful sensations.

Helix (cartilage piercing)

Helix is a piercing of the cartilage tissue in the upper part of the organ. The procedure is quite common. If you make several piercings, you can make a composition out of earrings and jewelry. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, specialists do not recommend performing it at home.

How to correctly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo
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The piercing is performed in the salon with sterile instruments. After treating the organ, markers are put in the right place. The lobe is pierced through, a tapper is inserted and the hole is closed with a plaster. A silicone silencer is put on the back side of the nail.


Industrial is one of the most dangerous types of shell piercings. Several holes are made in it and they are connected to each other by means of a rod. Usually the earring is pierced from the bottom up. The extreme method of modification is usually chosen by extravagant natures. The cartilage in the upper part of the ear is pierced through. The tissue heals for quite a long time, a person experiences acute pain for 6-10 months. Throughout the period, lymph and sundowness are released from the wound.

How to correctly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo

The process will go faster if the person has a strong immune system. Various chronic diseases slow down the healing process. The risk of complications can be reduced by first inserting 2 carnations instead of a bar in the hole. It is categorically forbidden to perform the procedure yourself at home.

When you go to a specialized salon, first of all the technician selects suitable jewelry according to the parameters of the auricle.

  1. The specialist explains to the client the nuances of further care of the cartilage tissue.
  2. All instruments and materials are carefully sterilized before the piercing.
  3. The client is asked to fill out a questionnaire and sign consent to the procedure.
  4. The puncture sites are treated with an antiseptic solution, markings are made on the skin and a needle is pierced through the cartilage.
  5. After the rod has been inserted into the sink, the wounds are treated with a disinfectant solution.

It is possible to seal the hole with a plaster.

Tragus (goatee piercing)

Tragus can be considered one of the varieties of extreme piercing. The hole is made in the ear canal. A nail or earring is inserted into it. Standard jewelry is not suitable for wearing. Experts recommend choosing earrings with a thin, long stem. The nails should be made of hypoallergenic metal (e.g., silver, gold).

How to correctly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo

The puncture is made in the shell cartilage, which is located near the auditory canal, near the orbital facial joints. The marking is placed in the center, with an upward displacement of 1-2 mm is possible. The piercing is carried out with a sterile needle.

Snag (shell piercing)

Snag is a rather painful procedure, so the piercing is performed under local anesthetic. The hole is made on both sides of the lid (on the left and the right).

How to correctly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo

Suitable jewelry must be chosen in advance. Snag, like any piercing, is carried out with a sterile needle or a special apparatus. Before piercing, the master explains the nature of the procedure and the nuances of further care of the damaged part of the organ.

Widespread complications of ear cartilage piercings

Inflammation and swelling after piercing

If the handyman used a non-sterile instrument, treated the skin improperly, or the wound was cared for incorrectly, infection is inevitable. Progressing pathogens cause pain, throbbing of the puncture site, swelling and redness, local fever and suppuration. This trouble should be treated with the help of an otolaryngologist. If the cartilage is swollen, antibiotics and antiseptic treatment are prescribed. Surgery is a last resort.

Getting into reflexogenic points

Chinese medicine holds interesting views on the structure of the human body. It turns out that on the auricle are located bioactive points corresponding to the organs of the body. It is not advisable to pierce the ear to avoid damaging the reflexogenic zone and causing malfunctions in the body systems. There is a section of Chinese acupuncture called auriculotherapy, where masters work exactly with the ear. From the doctors' point of view, a pierced cartilage or lobe has a negative impact on health.

Lacerations, bleeding, and incompatibility

If the piercing is done too close to the edge of the cartilage, the tissues will be stretched and torn under the weight of one or more pieces of jewelry. It is important to examine in advance whether the piercing is contraindicated, because if the blood clotting is not normal, bleeding may develop, in which case a bandage is applied. It is important for the master to predict how compatible the jewelry is with the individual shape of the earlobe, because if there is a disharmony of this parameter, there will be infection and discomfort.

Keloid after ear piercing

In rare cases, the appearance of keloid is of concern. For several months the connective tissue grows, and at a certain point you can see the neoplasm coming out. The growth of the keloid can take months, up to the formation of a very large bump on the cartilage. People as young as 11 years old who have dark skin or relatives with the same tumor are at risk for this problem. To reduce the likelihood of keloid and ensure normal healing, a dermatologist's examination is necessary.

Facial nerve palsy

Sometimes there is a serious complication against the background of infection or other factors - Bell's palsy. This disorder has characteristic manifestations, namely the face may become asymmetrical, numbness and weighting of facial tissues is felt, there are failures of salivation and lacrimation. With facial nerve palsy there are not only the above symptoms, but also very painful cartilage after the piercing.

Allergy to the jewelry material

A small, tolerable itching is almost always present when the wound is healing. Complications can be judged when there is redness and blisters in addition to itching. If the negative phenomena disappear when the earring is removed, this indicates an intolerance to the material. If you suspect such a nuisance, you should go to the doctor. In most cases, a combination of measures - taking anti-allergy medications and replacing the earring material - helps against the allergy.

Tumor on the cartilage of the ear

Any strangeness in the piercing area is a reason to go immediately to the performer or another doctor. Unfortunately, sometimes people get a benign tumor instead of an aesthetic hole with attractive jewelry. It grows quite quickly on the basis of improper creation of a piercing canal or if it becomes infected. The size of the tumor varies in each case, with the largest ones causing hearing impairment. Surgical intervention is necessary to remove the neoplasm.

Hearing loss after piercing

It is dangerous to trust untrained people, as there is a significant risk of trauma to the auditory system. Improper piercing technique is harmful not only because it hurts the ear, but also because complex, irreversible hearing loss can develop afterwards. In most cases the problem is irreversible. Hearing impairment can also be related to changes in the parameters of the ear shell or the blockage of the auditory pathway by a large ornament.

Deformation of the ear shell

The piercing artist has to act as carefully as possible, because unskilled piercing is often accompanied by a deformation of the pinna. There may be a prolapse or subluxation of tissue, and in the most complex cases, the cartilage tissue disintegrates. This problem is usually combined with inflammation of the puncture, repeated creation of a hole or significant tissue area entrapment. To restore the aesthetic appearance of the auricle, the help of a plastic surgeon is required.

Cartilage and earlobe piercings with chains Cartilage piercings and 2 earlobe piercings

System 75 for ear piercing

The process of piercing the lobe or ear cartilage with a medical needle is considered the most traumatic. Medicine is constantly improving. Modern clinics are equipped with special ear piercing devices that make the procedure quick and painless.

The System 75 device, compared to the classic piercing gun, has a number of advantages. It works almost silently. The piercing procedure lasts a few seconds. The innovative device was created in the United States of America. The principle of operation of the device is based on the creation of pressure. The body of the device is made of lightweight material. The ear piercing procedure is painless. The tissue heals in a few weeks.

How to correctly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo

System 75 can be considered a disposable instrument. The needles are supplied hermetically sealed. The cartridge is removed after the procedure. Contact of the master with sterile parts of the device is completely excluded. The risk of inflammatory processes caused by penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into the wound is minimal.

What problems can occur and why?

First of all, the most dangerous factor is dirt, germs, and mechanical damage. Contact with any dirty objects, microcracks can cause blood infection, purulent processes, bleeding.

If you were ill with viral diseases (especially shortly before the piercing), otitis, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, it can negatively affect the regeneration processes, the healing process will take longer.

Permanent mechanical influences, scars - a consequence of improper care. If you notice a small deviation from the norm, immediately contact a specialist to understand the cause of the problem. In some cases, not only normal care, but also therapy with more serious methods is required.

The most common problem is inflammatory processes. Causes:

  • The earring is constantly removed, forgetting that this should not be done for 4 weeks;
  • Bathing in the river, lake - this is a sure step to get dirt, microorganisms into the unhealed piercing;
  • The puncture site is not treated regularly;
  • The procedure was performed incorrectly, by a non-professional.

Scarring, purulent inflammation, bumps, abscesses, seals are signs not only of poor hygiene, but also of low immunity and infectious diseases. In rare cases, rejection on the contrary is a sign of a high level of immunity.

If any abnormal sign appears, you should immediately contact a specialist. You may need medication for a speedy recovery.

Ear piercing earrings

It is possible to properly pierce your ears if you follow the instructions. Piercing is considered one of the ways to modify the body. To the choice of jewelry, experts recommend to approach responsibly - the earrings should be fully suitable in depth, height and other parameters. Popular options for accessories:

Name of jewelryDescription
RodsThe shape of an earring resembles a rod, with metal balls on either end. The rod can be straight and curved. Also in some variants the balls are replaced by various decorative details (zipper, crescent, flower, butterfly).
BananasDecorations have a curved shape. Bananas can be considered a type of barbell, as can navels.
NostrilsOrnaments are shaped like fishhooks, with a decorative detail in the form of a jewel, an animal figurine, or a flower at the end.
FangA sort of earring. With the help of the ornament stretches the tunnels. The canine can be of different diameters.
SpiralShaped like a spring, with a stalk and a plug on the back.

Earrings, in addition to size, can also vary depending on the type of piercing.

For antitragus, choose jewelry that is shaped like a barbell. They are usually small in size. For daisy piercings, half rings or rings are inserted into the ear.

Options for ear piercings

Only medical ear piercings, not home piercings, should be considered the norm. In a salon or medical center will do everything correctly, without bad consequences. Trust a specialist and the choice of jewelry for the ear. Many people wonder what the ear cartilage piercing is called. If we are talking about the piercing of the helix of the ear, it is called "helix piercing". There are other types of ear cartilage piercing, we will discuss them further, attaching to the text beautiful photos of earrings.

Let's name the most successful ear cartilage piercing ideas:

  • Gold piercings (wearing high-quality gold earrings in the cartilage);
  • silver piercing (using silver products without impurities);
  • ear cartilage rings (there can be several rings in the cartilage, with or without decoration);
  • Ear cartilage carnations (small earrings, great with other types of ear piercings);
  • hearts in the cartilage of the ear (a cute, feminine accessory);
  • double ear cartilage piercing (industrial piercing, more often with a straight long barb);
  • labret in the cartilage of the ear (straight stick as the base, a disc on one side and a ball on the other, microlabret has a thinner rod)
  • piercing deis (rare piercing variant, realized by a hollow needle, compatible with the ring, circular, heart, septum clicker)
  • Tragus piercing (piercing with a hollow needle of the goatee - the area of the outer ear, located opposite the shell).

gold piercing and examples of short rod in different colors 2 thin rings in the cartilage earrings cloves in the cartilage and earlobe heart piercing in the cartilage ear double piercing in industrial style, a straight long rod with balls labret in the cartilage and earlobe, piercing goatee cartilage piercing style deis, industrial and lobe piercing ear cartilage in the area of the goat or piercing in tragus style

Piercing Preparation

Piercing the ears correctly in different places is possible in specialized salons. It is important to properly prepare for the procedure. It is desirable to sign up for piercing in the first half of the day - after sleep the body is rested, energy and vital resources are at their peak. For breakfast, experts recommend consuming something caloric. This will allow you to get an additional charge of vivacity.

It is important to get a good night's sleep. In the morning, after waking up, a person should not feel broken. It is necessary to give up alcohol 48-72 hours before the supposed procedure. Ethyl alcohol, present in such drinks, slows blood clotting.

Immediately after waking up, you should thoroughly clean your ear canal and ear lobe. The easiest way to do this is with a cotton swab soaked in warm water. Any drugs that adversely affect blood clotting should be discontinued 7-10 days before the intended procedure. Most medications in this category have many side effects, one of which is bleeding.

How to correctly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo

If the piercing is done in the cold season, you need to dress as warmly as possible. The damaged tissues should keep warm. It is recommended to always cover the ears with a hat.

You should not be embarrassed to ask questions of the master. The client has the right to be present in the office during the sterilization of instruments.

Beautiful pictures

Of course, a great part of the beauty is given by the earring itself and I want to say that before you are going to pierce something, you have to buy it.


Tragus photo


It may seem that it is easy to do, and therefore there will be no complications. As if not, in violation of the fundamental principles of the piercing happen unpleasant complications.

Helix photo


This is the most popular puncture in our country, probably because of this in the network you can see many reports of complications

Photo of the industrial

How the procedure is performed correctly

The piercing of any part of the auricle should be performed according to the instructions. The procedure is performed in sterile gloves and disposable instruments. It is strictly forbidden to make piercings at home. The technique may vary depending on the type of modification.

With a needle

The procedure lasts a few minutes.

Stages of carrying out:

  • Pretreatment. Before the puncture, the master must carefully decontaminate the epithelium. A cotton or gauze swab is moistened in ethyl alcohol, Miramistine or Chlorhexidine. Carefully wipe the ear at the site of the proposed puncture. The movements should be light and slow. The antiseptic treatment helps to remove dirt and bacteria.
  • Preparation of instruments. Sealed packages with disposable sterile needles are opened by the technician in front of the client one minute before the expected puncture. He must wear gloves when working. The needle is additionally wiped with a tampon moistened in Miramistin, Chlorhexidine or ethyl alcohol.
  • Piercing. The master holds the auricle with the fingers of the "non-working" (usually left) hand. With the "working" limb, the piercer makes the puncture, introducing the needle horizontally. The instrument is taken out carefully, trying not to make any sudden movements. The second ear is pierced in the same way, inserted into the hole of the earring. Consumables (used materials) must be completely disposed of.

How to properly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photos

After the piercing, the master re-treats the working area. The wound is wiped with antiseptic and closed with a plaster. The earrings are tightened with plugs on the back side. Nails are taken out after the wound is completely healed and barrettes, spirals or other jewelry are inserted.


The ear piercing procedure with the gun also takes a few seconds. The earrings that are inserted into the device are made of titanium and high-quality hypoallergenic steel. The materials are almost completely biocompatible with the human body. Thanks to the instrument, it is possible to pierce the earlobe painlessly and quickly.

The procedure takes place in several stages:

  • the ear is wiped with ethyl alcohol, miramistine, furacilin or any other antiseptic solution;
  • mark the puncture point with a marker (it is important to make sure that the points are completely symmetrical);
  • the lobe is placed between the plate and the cartridge;
  • Pull the trigger and remove the gun from your ear.

How to correctly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo

The piercing is not done with the needle, but with the foot of the earring. It is strictly forbidden to touch the lobe with your hands. The master tightens the earrings, installing them on the back of metal or silicone plugs.

Piercing in men

In men, the recent fashion trend is still controversial. The strict upbringing of former times still affects them. The meaning of the piercing on the right lobe implies a "blue" trend that came from the depths of time. Even pirates used to pierce on the left side to please the sea god. Therefore, modern men can safely decorate their ears with piercings and remain confident in their masculinity.

In the olden days in Russia, old men in the Kuban also wore an earring. This is well seen in the movie "The Quiet Don".

At this time, the question of which ear to pierce, whether to make a second hole, is not so important. Wearing jewelry as a set or one at a time is also an individual choice for everyone.

Lobe care after the piercing

Sanitary and hygienic care should be performed regularly. Twice a day, the earlobe or cartilage is treated with a cotton swab dipped in a sterile antiseptic solution (Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, ethyl alcohol, Furacilin, potassium permanganate solution). It is strictly forbidden to twist the earring.

How to correctly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo

Do not touch the piercing with unwashed hands. It is better to gather long hair in a ponytail. You should try not to touch the jewelry with your clothes. Any tearing will be accompanied by severe pain and bleeding. You need to sleep on clean bed linen, and specialists recommend changing it once every 2 days. Until the complete healing of the wounds, the earrings should not be taken out.

Care rules

For the first hole in the cartilage, it is recommended to choose a simple type of earring, which will be convenient to wear, as well as care for the forming canal. The insertion of a headset with an abundance of pebbles will greatly increase the healing time of the canal. The choice of a large earring is fraught with problems - the product will be clinging to hair and clothing, it will be inconvenient to disinfect.

Pierced cartilage in a girl's ear with an earring, clove, chain

The pierced cartilage in a girl's ear looks adorable, but requires regular care during the healing period.

For the process to be successful, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • for the first week after the piercing, keep the pierced area from getting wet;
  • do not touch the earring, do not twist and do not take it out so as not to interfere with the tightening of the canal;
  • treat the pierced area with antiseptic solutions (Chlorhexidine, Miramistine);
  • Do not use peroxide or alcohol, otherwise it will take a long time to heal;
  • disinfection is necessary before going out and after returning;
  • Carefully twist the accessory, so that it does not fuse with the walls of the canal.

You will also have to give up going to the bath and sauna, this increases the risk of infection, and taking a hot bath - the emergence of bleeding. The perforated ear should also be protected from accidental trauma, trapping hair. If there is redness around the hole with the earring, pain, swelling and discharge, the jewelry should be removed immediately and the person who made the piercing should be contacted.

The specialist will select the appropriate type of alloy and replace the earring, advise you not to sleep on your side for ease and speed of healing, and comb your hair so as to avoid touching the jewelry.

How long do ears heal after piercing

Children's ears heal fairly quickly. The process takes four to six weeks. Lobe piercings in adults also heal in 1-1.5 months.

How to properly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photos
It is important not only to properly pierce the ears, but also to treat them properly after the piercing

The healing process of cartilage tissue is quite long and painful. Rods can be inserted into the holes 4-8 months after the piercing.

Possible complications

During the process of piercing, the following problems are possible: crushing the cartilage of the ear and trauma, ingress of infection. What are the consequences?

  • Using a gun can crush the cartilage, so the piercing is done with a sterile catheter needle.
  • If crushing occurs, cartilage may die and take a long time to heal.
  • Even if healing occurs, there may be scars, large holes that do not heal. To avoid necrosis, it is necessary not only to consult a professional, but also to treat the puncture site regularly.
  • Another risk is associated with allergic reactions - this is not a frequent problem, but it is worth noting that an adverse reaction of the body may occur to some metals. It is recommended to use medical or jewelry style, titanium as the first earring.

What to do if the ear hurts or pus after puncture

If painful sensations appeared after the wound has healed, you need to take out the earrings. Most likely, the pain was caused by the body's rejection of the metal from which the jewelry is made. Ears usually hurt from costume jewelry. Also, discomfort can occur if aseptic and antiseptic rules are not followed.

Inadequate care after a piercing can provoke pain. Micro traumas can also be the cause of discomfort. It is strictly forbidden to scratch the ear during the first 48-72 hours after the puncture. The redness may indicate the development of an inflammatory process in the epithelial tissues of the organ. If pus emerges from the hole, you need to visit your surgeon immediately.

If the ear has festered, the first thing recommended is to disinfect the wound. To do this, use a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide or boron alcohol. Medicinal therapy for inflammation includes a variety of agents for external application. Ointments Levomekol, Tetracycline, Solcoseryl have analgesic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Treatment of the epithelium with antiseptic solutions should be carried out daily, morning and evening.

How to correctly pierce the ears on the points. Scheme, photo

As an adjunctive therapy, you can use remedies of folk medicine. Well-proven themselves decoctions and infusions based on herbs. You can brew chamomile, marigold, thyme.

It is strictly forbidden to choose a treatment regimen on your own. If the ear is not completely healed, the earrings must not be removed. Cleaning and treatment of the wound should be carried out by a craftsman. If the inflammatory process was provoked by the material from which the jewelry is made, a safer option should be chosen. The master should explain to the client all the nuances of care for the ears.

Proper care for the pierced ear guarantees the rapid healing of wounds. Basic rules of personal hygiene should not be neglected. Wipe the skin around the ear, the ear canal and the shell at least 2-3 times a day. You should not twist the cloves. Formed crusts should be removed in time.

What kind of jewelry is suitable for such piercings?

The main principle of the choice of jewelry is the material. The jewelry should be made of titaniumOther metals such as silver, gold, and medical steel are not suitable because of impurities in the composition, they oxidize in the body and cause a lot of unpleasant feelings, up to and including rejection. For primary healing, a direct jewelry (labret) with a twist is placed in the helix piercing. The choice of links is very great, it can be round links with cubic zirconia or opals, titanium links or inlays of different stones, as well as beautiful look clusters in helixes (jewelry that consists of several parts connected to each other). The ring can be put on after only 3 months, but if during this period there were injuries and inflammations, the period is extended. Many do not stop at one piercing and complement it with a whole composition: perfectly combined between the piercing helix and tragus, or helix and deis.

piercing helix

Three or more earrings - is it a good idea?

Three earrings and more - is it appropriate?

The more earrings you have in your ear, the more attention you should pay to their selection and placement. After all, in this case it is very easy to cross the fine line between originality and excess.

Multivariant compositions have a triple responsibility: first, the earrings must be beautiful and elegantly emphasize the shape/curves of your ear; second, the earrings must be properly distributed and harmoniously combined; third, they must not cling to each other and create discomfort.

A general rule for three earrings and more: the top earring is the smallest, and the bottom one is the biggest. A universal option is sets of identical rings or poussets.

Advice from SK.: It is much more interesting if two or three gold earrings, inserted into one ear, are similar in form, but different in color of inserts or in size. Pay attention to the configuration of the jewelry: they should not create a chaotic heap. If you have a large amount of jewelry, it is a good idea to use earrings in the form of rings, placing them in descending order of size: the largest at the bottom, and the smallest - at the top point of the ear.

Where to buy unusual earrings?

Where to buy unusual earrings?

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