Tattoo cat sphinx - meaning for girls and men, popular styles, original sketches and photo ideas

Selecting sketches for tattoos with a cat, many are interested in the meaning of the figure. It is known that this animal is deeply symbolic: it represents femininity, symbolizes independence, cunning, agility, grace, it is good and evil in one hypostasis. Anyone who can read tattoos, a cat can accurately guess the nature of man.

Master Tattooist

A special mythical meaning.

Choosing a tattoo with a sphinx cat may seem aggressive. Because of its extravagant appearance: skin without lush hair and rough curves of the body - this breed is perceived as something bearing evil. In fact, this is not the case. Sphynx cats are loyal and friendly animals, radiating calm and non-conflict.

Since ancient times, people believed in the supernatural abilities of sphynx cats. Such breeds were given special attention. According to ancient legends, sphinxes gave their fur to the sun gods, who were worshipped by an incredible number of peoples around the world.

In Egypt, images of cats could be found on the walls of luxurious temples, on the outfits of the great pharaohs. The image of the animal symbolized fertility, joy, as well as female grace and elegance. Every great empress had a piece of jewelry in the form of an elegant silhouette of a cat.

The nations who worshipped cats were also the peoples of Thailand. The ancient races believed that courage and judgment were the main qualities of cats. The belief in the transmigration of souls played an important role in the worship of these creatures. Therefore, a cat was always present at the coronation of the future ruler. It was believed that when the king died, his soul would move into this sacred animal.

In Scandinavia, cats were the guardians of the harvest, and in Buddhism, cats were protectors from evil spirits.

In Japan, the cat is a symbol of wealth, success and prosperity in the family. To this day, the most common amulet in Japan is a statuette of a cat.

What does the image of Bastet symbolize to its owner?

Based on the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, the meaning of the tattoo Bastet boils down to the following:

  • Love Who doesn't dream of sincere mutual love? For the ancient Egyptians, the main reason for marriage was love, which is not the case with many other peoples. Of course, marriages of convenience were widespread in high society, but they are often found nowadays, so we should not think that the ancient Egyptians' idea of marriage was so different from ours. The tattoo of the goddess Bastet is a talisman that helps in the search for true love.
  • Fertility. In ancient times, when mortality from disease and war was much higher than now, high fertility was extremely important. Representatives of every nation believed that a large number of children in the family was the highest good, and the Egyptians were no exception.
  • Family happiness. Bastet is the helpmate of the keepers of the home. Tattoo with her image is often chosen by women who value family above all else. Perhaps the owner of the tattoo has already created a happy family and now spares no effort to constantly surround her relatives with love and care. Maybe, for now, she only dreams of meeting a man who will give her this happiness. A tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Bastet can become an amulet designed to help her find it.

Image of a sphinx on a woman's body

To do a tattoo with the figure of a cat are inclined mainly to girls. For women, choosing a tattoo depicting a sphinx is a good way to show their brightest qualities of character.

Many girls are used to comparing the feline character to human qualities such as:

  • freedom-loving;
  • courage;
  • feminine cunning and alertness;
  • flexibility and grace.

The owner of such a tattoo represents a bright individuality, yearning to get rid of routine in life. Girls choose sphinx images surrounded by bright colors or jewels.

Tattoo cat sketches: elegant and original sketches

Choosing a cat tattoo for girls can be symbolic. After all, since ancient times this animal has been associated with maiden grace and beauty. Gentle creature - as a symbol of the female curves of the body.

Pay attention! An interesting tradition in Thailand. For a long time, on the wedding night of the newlyweds, a big cat with an enormous moustache was always launched into the room. The Thais believe that such a ritual can provide the young family with a happy and rich life.

The Norwegians have these purring animals "harnessed" to the wagon of the goddess Freya, who is the patroness of faithful love. An interesting transformation of the symbolism of the cat took place in one of the Indian states - Sasht. Originally, the animal was associated with family welfare, motherhood. But now for some reason began to consider it bad, carrying negative karma. In the tattoo of a cat value depends on the characteristics of the country. For example, for a long time, a black cat in European countries, in one way or another, was associated with witches and dark forces. Such cats were even exterminated. However, later the association changed, and the black cat began to be perceived as a symbol:

Tattoo with a sphinx cat for a man

However, not only girls stop at the choice of a tattoo sketch with a sphinx cat. For men, the image of this animal means success and liberation from public opinion.

The sketch will be suitable for an energetic and vivacious young man who seeks to achieve a high financial status. Men prefer to choose images with an aggressive and bossy cat figure.

The best places on the body for a tattoo in the form of a cat

Undoubtedly, the choice of place for a tattoo depends on the personal preferences of the future owner of the figure. However, there are standard recommendations for the application of images. So, large cat tattoos are worn on the leg, on the back or on the lower back. Small tattoos look great on the neck, stomach or hand. Female cat tattoos are often located on the wrist.

Cat tattoo meaning

Popular styles for cat tattoo: geometry, minimalism, realism, watercolor.

Tattoo style

After the decision to apply a tattoo in the form of a sphinx will be unambiguous, the master in the salon will orient the client with the choice of the image sketch and its style. Professional tattoo artists have a huge number of ideas for the realization.

Sphinx cat can be depicted in several styles:

  • Old school. American style images with a dense outline and a limited bright palette of colors;
  • New school. This style uses images in the form of comics and graffiti;
  • Oriental. Traditional tattoo graphics in Japanese style;
  • Realism. Application of real images, without additional stylistic interventions;
  • Trash Polka. Dynamic and aggressive style. Suitable for conveying the deep meaning of the tattoo. Red, black, gray and white colors predominate in the drawings of this style;
  • Dotwork. The image consists of many dots of different diameters. This style is gaining popularity among female clients.

Often, owners bring a photo of their beloved pet. The master will easily transfer the image of the pet to the body.

Black cat

Such tattoos are more often chosen by girls than guys. In this case, it embodies not so much guile and magic, but rather dodginess, mystery and playfulness. It's all about what image will be chosen and where the tattoo will be located.

  • A little cat on the wrist for a romantic, infantile nature.
  • Tattoo in the intimate area with the image of a black kitty with a curved back - the desire for relationships. More suitable for girls.

Tattoo Cat sketch

  • Black hooligan cat, which looks favorably on the open areas of the body. Black cat with a curly back emphasizes spiritedness and assertiveness. In this way, we often see a negative image of the animal and its connection with the otherworld.

Tattoo cat sketch

  • The images of a black cat against the moon are endowed with magical meaning. In them is hidden both gracefulness and independence of character, and desire to stand out. In this case, the connection with the moon can be considered not only mystical. In this image you can read the hope for family happiness and comfort in the home.

Cat tattoo sketch

  • Behind the ear is better to do only silhouettes of cats or tattoos with the image of little black cats. Colored details are inappropriate here.

Tattoo cat sketch

  • At the ankles and hands look spectacularly graceful black kittens with an elongated back. In these areas it is better not to do tattoos with sleeping animals, as such pictures visually distort the proportions of the body. A graceful cat will emphasize the elegance of a romantic nature. And with the image only the head of the animal girls have to be careful, as such a tattoo goes back to its roots in the criminal world.

Tattoo cat sketch

  • Horizontally placed tattoos look beautiful on the shoulder blade and lower back. And for the base of the neck fit vertical tattoos, visually elongating the silhouette.

Tattoo cat sketch

Place for a tattoo

Before you make a tattoo, it is necessary to decide whether the tattoo will be shown to everyone around you or it will be something private. This animal looks impressive on the back, chest or shoulder. In order to convey all the features of the appearance of this breed, you need to give under it quite a large area of skin. A small image will not so colorfully convey the special character of the animal.

The color solution here can be limitless:

  • A bright multicolored image will interest a bold person with an adventurous character;
  • Sketches made in black and white scale will be suitable for more sophisticated people.

People believe that a tattoo with a sphinx cat becomes an amulet that can protect its owner from all problems. The powerful energy of this mystical animal will protect from the evil eye, hatred and envy.

The perception of the tattoo by others may differ from their own opinion. For some people a cat is a ruthless beast, for others it is a creature that provides comfort and tranquility. The main thing is to feel the inner harmony with the image on the body.

Egyptian cat

In ancient Egypt, it was the most revered animal. In the form of a cat represented the moon, the second name of the sun god Ra was "Great Cat",

The Egyptian cat is depicted as a black animal with a disproportionately elongated torso and curled tail. This tattoo is also called Bastet, after the goddess of joy and merriment. She was represented as a person with a cat's head. This tattoo is suitable for unapproachable, willful, independent girls. For people who want to advance in their careers, the tattoo is even a talisman. For women, however, Bastet has the meaning of the keeper of the family home.

Tattoo cat sketch

The elongated silhouette looks favorably on the shins and arms. If the image is small, it is possible to make a tattoo on the neck. The task of the master is to get the pussycat to move in natural grace. A big mistake - a sketch in the Egyptian style on wide areas of the body.

Images, as a rule, in the style of Blackwork, complemented by small colored inclusions in the form of gold ornaments of Egyptian goddesses.

Historical Facts

In different peoples, the attitude to cats was ambiguous - some were afraid of them and cursed, while others equated them with a deity. For example, in ancient Egypt, this animal was a symbol of motherhood and fertility. People also believed that cats protect against evil forces, so they were considered sacred. After the death of a pet he was mummified and buried as well as people.

The peoples of Scandinavian countries believed that cats guarded stores of grain from rodents, which, in turn, was very valuable in those days. And in Buddhism, these animals were the protectors of temples. The inhabitants of Japan and Arab countries to this day honor cute pets and believe that they attract wealth, good luck and prosperity.

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In the ancient world, cats represented femininity and grace, but at the same time they were considered mystical and mysterious animals, reflecting the moon and night. Women believed that these pets could endow them with femininity and beauty.

European peoples in the Middle Ages dramatically changed their attitude to cats and began to consider them harbingers of trouble, misfortune and mishap. People believed that these animals were messengers of the devil himself and endowed with dark forces, so they were exterminated everywhere. As a result, a huge number of rats were bred in the cities of Europe, and they became the cause of the spread of the plague. Despite the fact that Europeans have stopped exterminating cats, superstitions associated with them, still remained and reached our days.

Today, cats are pets that live in literally every fifth family. Their independent mysterious character, attractiveness and cunning delight people. And also they are attributed medicinal and soothing properties.


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