Tattoo Flamingo - styles, meaning, fun sketches and photo ideas

Flamingo - a very beautiful bird, which causes admiration in most people. The unusual color of pink, swan neck and long legs - all this creates an amazing and unique image of flamingo.

The desire to get a tattoo with this bird is quite understandable. Flamingo is associated with tenderness and romance. Its charming beauty alone is enough to make a choice in favor of tattooing with this bird. However, the symbolism of this bird in different cultures and countries is quite contradictory. Before doing such a tattoo, it is better to familiarize yourself with what flamingo means as a tattoo.

Symbolism of the tattoo with the image of flamingo in the culture of the peoples of the world

Flamingo has been living on the planet since ancient times. Scientists consider it a very ancient bird and distinguish it from the present ones living on the Earth. It is characterized by a special morning behavior. In the early hours after the first rays of the sun flamingos tend to gather in a flock to swirl in the air welcoming the new day.

Therefore, the ancient Egyptians considered flamingos the sun bird. It was equated with the sacred animal, as it was part of the manifestation of the power of Ra, the sun god. They believed that the body image of a flamingo bestowed wisdom and revealed secret knowledge.

In America, the popularity of flamingos has increased dramatically in recent times. Flamingos are applied to any surface, because with this image you can buy clothes, furniture, wallpaper, dishes. On the territory of the city of Miami is always open a lot of parks, there grows a stunning flower Petraea volubils (Royal wreath). But Miami Flamingo Gardens is no less popular because it is home to many pink flamingos.

You can watch them tirelessly for hours, because the serenity of the birds and the fresh air of the beautiful place contribute to this. However, some residents consider the flamingo tattoo to be primitive and tasteless, as the wearer relies on a popular theme due to which originality suffers and his individual qualities are not expressed in any way thanks to this bird.

In other western cultures flamingos are associated with an expression of peaceful coexistence, good-naturedness and monetary attitude to animals. Fans of the British rock band Pink Floyd, often use a body tattoo with pink flamingo, as the name and meaning are consonant.

In Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, the flamingo is considered a good way to express love, selflessness, and boundless devotion.

Stylistic solutions

Watercolor flamingo will look very gentle and harmonious. This style is able to perfectly convey the lightness that a person is in love. Watercolor works, done in pink tones, in themselves suggest thoughts of romance. The style has not yet had time to acquire an army of thousands of fans, as, in fact, the image of flamingos, so your tattoo will look original and unusual.

Another good option is the newschool. This style took a lot from its predecessor - oldskool. Bright colors with almost no transitions, contrast, clean lines create an original and impressive work. If the oldschool, many rebuked in excessive simplicity and too strict adherence to the canons, the newschool can not say that. Each tattoo in this style has its own character, a unique plot.

Looking for an original idea for your tattoo? For a start it is worth looking through the photos of the flamingo tattoo. These birds are most often depicted standing on one leg, very rarely are flamingos in flight. Sometimes they are given human features, such as big eyes, fluffy eyelashes and coquettish gaze, put on their hats and jewelry. There are very unusual works, such as a skeleton of flamingo, origami figurines in the form of this bird, a pair of flamingos in the mirror, there are even entire realistic landscapes in which the bird is the center of composition.

The appropriate place for the tattoo is to choose based on the level of detail of the image: the more details and decorative elements, the greater the scale requires work. The flamingo will look harmoniously on the forearm, shoulder, hip or shin. A wrist or neck is great for small schematic works. If you are planning a whole landscape with a flamingo in the center, then the ideal canvas for it will be the back.

Who is suitable for a flamingo tattoo?

For those who live with feelings, especially sentimental people or dreamers. For them, suit a translatable tattoo that is distinguished by the temporary duration of the flamingo body image. However, the sensitive nature of these people is very changeable, because they are not recommended constant thematic images on the body.

Often such a tattoo is applied to the body of lovers, because the bird represents love and devotion. Flamingos choose one partner and do not part until the end of days. The male is involved in the incubation of eggs.

Therefore, the owners of such tattoos are hard going through a long parting with their beloved. Without a loved one they turn into a helpless person. Alone broken, as the other half made up a strong whole being, which is now gone.

Mandarin ducks according to feng shui

The mandarin duck is considered a very bright bird with extraordinary plumage. The Chinese believe that such creatures should not be separated, because they cannot survive alone. In this regard, mandarin ducks according to feng shui are identified with fidelity of spouses and tenderness.

Once they find a pair, the birds stay together for the rest of the time. There are several options for figurines with ducks of this breed.

Two mandarin ducks on a lotus

Two sculptures, placed on one plane (on a usual surface or a lotus). Here different compositions are possible: ducks in joint swimming, bird kisses, touching wings and mutual glances.

In any case, such a figure is a symbol of the unity of loving souls and serves to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. Mandarin ducks in feng shui restore harmony and help cope with any disagreements. This talisman is suitable for singles to attract happiness and find a soul mate, as well as for couples who just started living together outside of marriage.

In addition, ducks are a great romantic gift.

The floating tangerine

There are also figurines of separately floating tangerines. It is a big mistake to buy them in single copies, because they attract loneliness to the room. Do not buy also three ducks, because otherwise there will be a stranger in the relationship. It is better to find in the store a figurine of a drake in multicolored plumage, and a mandarin duck, which looks more modest.

Note that the color must match the natural color of the bird, so choose from orange, bronze and gold colors


The best evidence of the variety of figures that resemble tangerine ducks is a photo. Feng Shui advises to look in advance at different talismans, but prefer products made of natural materials associated with the element of the Earth. Symbols made of jasper, porcelain, wood, jade or quartz will be quite appropriate.

The nobility of the material largely determines the power of the feng shui helper himself. Remember that a picture with mandarin ducks or a panel on a natural fabric base will also be suitable for the development of love relationships.

Where to put the mandarin duck figurine

The main question, when purchased tangerine ducks according to feng shui, where to put the symbol. To begin with, decide on the appropriate sector - the zone of love and marriage. It is located in the southwestern part of the apartment, and it is very good if you have a bedroom there. In principle, the ducks will fit perfectly in a room for sleeping with any side of the world, if you follow the rules.

So, it is very important to pick up the tangerines a good environment, reminiscent of the water element or enhancing the love effect. The ideal mascot neighborhood includes an aquarium, a room fountain, live plants, wedding photos, marriage certificate

Next to the tangerines, you can put wedding rings at night, so that they are charged with energy. And remember that figurines need care, because a dusty symbol loses its power.

What is suitable for women

Embodies femininity, kindness and sentimentality, which is perfectly visible in any sketch. It is suitable for sensitive and naive women, as they give in to emotional impulses, are very trusting and do not notice the bad habits of others. Such a drawing expresses being in an illusory world and not being able to really assess the world.

Usually the style of the female tattoo is characterized by a color palette and increased attractiveness. Thus it emphasizes the adventurousness, carelessness and frivolity of the owners of this natal image. But the meaning depends on what the owner of the tattoo wants to put in it.

The watercolor version of the tattoo is considered particularly beautiful, because unlike other trends, it allows you to convey the realistic beauty of a feathered bird.

Applying technique

Flamingo tattoo is suitable for men and women. Representatives of the fair sex are inclined to choose a drawing in the style of realism or watercolor. Rich colors and smooth lines emphasize the femininity and tenderness of the owner of such a tattoo. Often you can meet the sketch of two flamingos with heart-shaped curved necks. Such a tattoo is usually made as a sign of eternal love for his beloved.

The newskool technique is the original solution to the tattoo with this impressive symbol of romance. The advantage of this style is the presence of a storyline. Here, the flamingo can act both as an independent image, and as part of the composition. In the latter case, a large sketch, which will be able to convey the entire symbolic meaning of the drawing, will be appropriate.

Tattoo with an ethnic image of flamingos (see photo in the gallery after the article) is a very popular trend. Egyptian style is often chosen by men. Large tattoos look spectacular on the shoulder, arm, back, shin, and small - on the neck or wrist.

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A selection of photos

Meaning for men

Men like to use flamingo photos based on calendars, PC desktop or wall posters. But the tattoo is rarely applied to the body. On a man's body symbolizes passion, strength of libido, and a high level of sensuality. It means that the man is prone to desperate acts for the sake of the beloved.

But he considers himself to be the main person in the relationship. Do not try to challenge his leading position, otherwise a serious conflict is inevitable. However, such a man becomes a reliable and faithful companion in life for the woman of his choice.

Thanks to an experienced tattooist and the artistic art of applying flamingos to the male body, young men demonstrate the harmony of the relationship with their beloved. For this purpose, the tattoos on the lovers' bodies are linked by common lines or backgrounds. Although the price of such complex work can be high, but the symbolism strengthens the relationship and adds some sophistication and predetermination, because now the couple is doomed to always be together.

Options, styles, compositions

The color of the bird is often used as a starting point for building allegory in a picture. So the body of the bird can be formed from pink cherry petals. Which will denote freshness and young spring. The tattoo is ideal for young girls.

The outline of the bird's body is often used as a frame, filling the inner space with pictures of tropical landscapes. It is a reference to rest, the sea. The body of the bird can disintegrate into many pearl beads. Such a drawing also emphasizes the financial success of the owner.

Works in the style of geometry occupy a special place among tattoos. Most often triangles are used as the basis of the composition. They can be filled with color or leave only the contours.

Tips for sketches

The sketch to the flamingo can become the most original in your tattoo collection. This unusual symbol pairs well with the velvet lush peony heads. It can easily be depicted in the traditions of old skool and new skool. The directions of drawing and watercolor provide unlimited possibilities for the master's expression.


"Even in his most beautiful daydreams man can imagine nothing more beautiful than nature."

(Alphonse de Lamartine)

"Beauty has the power and the gift of bringing peace to hearts."

(Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)

"There was something dramatic about the night: the moon was up from behind the tattered clouds, then back behind them, the shadows of the clouds were laying on the white slopes, and the slopes were coming alive - it seemed like giant flamingos with powerful wings were flying over the ground."

(Erich Maria Remarque)

Flamingos, which were the sacred birds of the ancient Egyptians, are some of the most amazing and peculiar birds in the world.

Flamingos are distinguished by their very long strong legs and flexible neck, which are necessary for them to move and feed in shallow waters. On the small head there is a huge, bottom-curved beak that filters food from the water. Although their body seems disproportionate at first glance, flamingos have become a symbol of grace and exquisite beauty, largely due to their amazing color, which ranges from white and pink to bright red and crimson hues.

Although they look most like cranes, herons and storks, they are not related to any of these birds, and their closest relatives are geese.

Flamingos come from a very ancient genus of birds and their ancestors, according to the Smithsonian National Zoo, inhabited our planet as early as 30 million years ago. They are native to North and South America, Africa, and Asia, but fossils prove that they used to occur in much larger areas, including North America, Europe, and Australia.

There are six modern species of birds in the flamingo genus.

The largest are The pink, or common, flamingoThey are found in Africa (lakes in Kenya, Tunisia, Morocco, northern Mauritania and the Cape Verde Islands), Europe (southern France, Spain and Sardinia) and Southwestern Asia. They can be as tall as 1.3 to 1.5 meters and weigh 3.5 to 4.0 kilograms.

The smallest, the smallest flamingos.They reach only 0.8 to 0.9 meters and weigh no more than 1.5 to 2.0 kilograms. They are found in Africa and the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent.

Caribbean flamingoswhich mesmerize with their bright pink, almost red feathers, can be found in the Caribbean, northern South America, the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula and the Galapagos Islands.

Andean flamingos and James flamingos settle in South America (Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina), and the red and Chilean flamingos - in Central America and Florida.

Flamingos settle in large colonies along the shores of shallow bodies of water or lagoons. Colonies of these beautiful birds sometimes number in the hundreds of thousands. Flamingos are mostly sedentary, and only northern populations of pink flamingos are migratory. There are cases when pink flamingos have flown into the territory of Estonia during their migrations.

In autumn, during the migration period, flamingos fly very heavily and reluctantly, gathering in huge flocks and heading for the warm regions of Africa and South Asia. To take off, flamingos disperse for a long time, and even after getting off the ground they continue as if running through the air for some time. Then in flight they stretch their long necks and legs in a straight line.


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