What does a spider tattoo on my arm, hand, finger, shoulder, neck, leg mean? What does a tattoo of a spider, spider man, spider in a web, with a cross, crawling upwards mean?

For many of us, the spider tattoo meaning is an extremely unpleasant, repulsive insect. Despite this reaction of people, spiders often symbolize positive characteristics. In particular, most often the image on the body of this insect speaks of:

  • modesty;
  • thoroughness;
  • neatness man.

Also such a tattoo can symbolize creativity, thinking outside the box. In some cases, the spider can be perceived as a constant striving forward, development and incredibly strong belief in a positive development of events, good luck.

Tattoo Spider Meaning

The meaning of prison tattoos in the zone: the spider

Tattoos - A hobby of modern people. They are stuffed themselves men and women, even teenagers and people of age. Often when getting a tattoo, a person does not even Do not think about the fact that it can have a strong meaningOften a person doesn't even think that it can have a strong meaning that doesn't fit him or that says something unpleasant about him.

Tattoo with the image of a spider - Very much in demand. But, unfortunately, the wrong image of him Can convey incorrect information. In particular, this This picture is very much connected with the prison theme.. Moreover, only a person of "important status" can get a tattoo while imprisoned. A person with an "important status".

A large massive spider (e.g., a tarantula) could tell those around it that the "the ringleader.". It was not uncommon for a spider to be in a circular web in a drawing. Each ring of the web in such a case would mean a year lived in prison.

If the tattoo depicts of a spider caught in a spider's web. - it's... the sign of a drug addict.. The drawing symbolizes a person who is "caught up" in an addiction. If the tattoo is an ordinary, not large spider, then it is most likely, sign of a thief or pickpocket. In this case, the insect is stamped on the hands (it is with the help of the hands that the theft occurs). Often the pattern is stabbed between the thumb and index finger.

INTERESTING: Tattoo with the image spider in thieves has its own variations. If the insect is crawling up, it indicates that the person continues to steal. If the insect crawls or descends - the thief is "done".

Be careful when applying tattoos depicting a spider. Such drawing can have a negative effect on on how you will be perceived in the community. Study each sketch carefully and find one that Does not have a negative connotation. Carefully consider the location of this tattoo on the body.

Prison tattoo "spider"

Places to apply

The drawing of a spider with a spider web can be placed anywhere. Most often, such a tattoo is done on the shoulder or elbow, because it looks especially spectacular on these places. Also the image will look good on the calves, shins and back. Tattoo with the image of a spider will fit harmoniously even on the neck or chest of a woman.

For a girl

Women quite often choose a drawing with a spider, which speaks of an overbearing nature, as well as the purposeful and creative personality.

The tattoo, among other things, can have the following meanings:

Photo 6

  • The black spider tattoo is a symbol of power and wisdom. The drawing speaks of its mistress as a confident personality;
  • the drawing of a purple or red color is a symbol of determination and aggressiveness of a woman;
  • a green or brown pattern of an insect suggests that its owner is a calm and balanced person;
  • image of a spider, which has many colors, indicates a bright personality. Such a person has many hobbies and appreciates art.

For men

Men often choose tattoos with tarantulas for intimidation and brutality. Large insects are associated with danger, strength and menace, as they are poisonous.

Photo 7
A spectacular tattoo for men also has such meanings:

  • cunning;
  • practicality;
  • the desire for leadership;
  • mindfulness;
  • creative talent;
  • neatness.

A man with this image strives to be the first in everything. He is practical, original and cunning. However, some choose such tattoos simply because of the effectiveness of the drawing.

Tattoo of a spider in a spider's web: the meaning of the drawing

Stuffing Tattoos with the image of a spider web is very popular in today's society. This is because the very the drawing itself is big and even "airy." It can be placed on any part of the body. The lines of the web are thin, the pattern itself is small, but it it takes up a lot of space.It takes up a lot of space, making it feel "cramped".

The most common place for tattooing is Elbows and shoulders. On these parts of the body Drawing looks the most effectiveHe has the desired volume and its natural geometry. However, it is not uncommon to see this tattoo on the legs (calves, knees, ankles), back and even on the chest!

It is interesting to know that the tattoo of a spider (with and without a spider) has ancient roots. For the first time it began to be applied to the body by American Indians. They are the ones who gave the meaning to this pattern as a "guiding thread.guiding thread". A spider's web was supposed to protect a person, make him unreachable and lead him to good deeds.

The other meaning of a tattoo with a spider and a web is a symbol of brutalityBravery, strength and masculinity. After all, the insect in real life inspires fear and terror. This image a certain period of time was very popular in such a subculture, such as "skinheads". The spider web on their elbow was a symbol of their insubordination to the state.

Tattoo: a spider in a spider's web

Meanings for men

Sleeves with a red spider

Men decorate their bodies with drawings of various animals and insects. One of the latest trends were tattoos with a spider. Such an image attracts attention, allowing you to declare your "self".

The spider on the neck

Pay attention! Psychologists believe that men who perform such tattoos are inclined to selfishness. They have a complex character. Such people can overcome many difficulties on their own.

Three-dimensional spider

Tattoos men do on the back, shoulders, neck, chest, arms and legs. There are variants on the elbows and fingers. Tattoos in non-standard places show creativity and courage of the owner.

On what part of the body would you like to get a tattoo?

A spider crawling upwards: the meaning of the tattoo

A spider's appearance in real life intimidating. Exactly this effect is wished to achieve people, stuffing themselves with a similar tattoo. They literally "instill" in their drawing a special meaning, endowing themselves with original qualities after the creation of the tattoo on the body.

The first and main meaning of the spider tattoo - is pedantry and accuracy. Exactly these qualities are shown by the living insect. It is not uncommon to have such a tattoo Pedantic and punctual people. In addition, it is believed that if you put a spider crawling upwards on the body - it will bring a person good luckThis is a symbol of the power of the spider and the ability to move forward without hindrance, to strive for your goals with confidence.

Interesting: Eight legs in the drawing of the spider symbolize the sign of infinity. People believe that such a symbolic image can bring them mental harmony and a cycle of good events in life.

A spider crawling upwards on a tattoo with eight legs should Give a person confidence in themselves and his actions, "inspire" courage, fearlessness and stubbornness. This design is for those who want to to achieve a balance of mind..

Interesting: Another of the meanings of the spider tattoo A symbol of prosperity.. Such a design must have a spider's web, in which a spider must sit or go down on it (go up on it).

To judge the meaning of the tattoo should only, On the basis of the "nature" of the picture. Of great importance is the image of the "mood" of the insect: aggressiveness, playfulness, calmness.

Tattoo: a spider crawling upwards

Image of a spider in the criminal world

In the criminal world, spiders with spider webs are put on the skin of authority figures or people who have served time in prison. Earlier such tattoos helped to distinguish between friends and strangers.

By the number of rings on the spider's web they knew how many years the person spent in prison. Of particular importance was the position of the spider. If it crawled down, the owner decided to end his criminal past. Otherwise, on the contrary, in front of you a recidivist.

In crime
Tattoo of a spider in the criminal world.

Tattoo of a spider with a cross: meaning

To judge the meaning of this tattoo should, focusing on the image of the cross itself. The Orthodox cross says only that A man believes in God And from the moment of the tattoo sacred follows God's laws. If a spider sits on a tattoo of a cross - it can mean Confusion, doubt and sinsThat person has committed.

It is not uncommon for the image of the spider itself on the body has a pattern cross on the abdomen .. Such a tattoo symbolizes the cross as four sides of the world. It is a symbol of strength, power and victory. It indicates only that the bearer of the tattoo is an influential ...a person with money and opportunity.... Another variant of the tattoo design is a cross with a spider web and a spider. This pattern acts as a kind of amulet from evil forces for a man.

A spider with a cross: a tattoo

What does the prison tattoo mean?

There are two main types of tattoos that are done in the zone. The first is without a spider's web. A nimble spider with eight nimble paws symbolizes a thief-snatcher in the zone.

The second kind, with a web, is a sad symbol of a person who has been incarcerated due to drug addiction.

As we can see, negative meanings to the spider as a symbol of course mankind attributed, perhaps here played a large role banal fear. However, the original semantic content of this tattoo is very interesting and will suit many.

Tattoo man spider: meaning

This tattoo is only common among today's youthwho are passionate about comic books and movies. By imprinting themselves with images or symbols of the fictional Spider-Man character.people want to acquire the character, traits and special abilities of this character.

Of course, this can not be achieved in real life. However, such a tattoo attracts the attention of the opposite sex and others. The main goal of the person who tattoos "Spider-Man" is at least in this way To bring himself closer in real life to the non-existent hero.

Most often such a tattoo put on hands (they were the ones that had the peculiarity of "letting the web" in the comic book character): the wrist, forearms and shoulders. On the other hand, young people try to imitate the presence of a characteristic superhero costume under the skin. That is why another popular type of chest tattoo is a black image of Spider-Man on a red background with a webbing net.

Spider-Man tattoo, option #1

Tattoo of Spider-Man, variant № 2

Tattoo Spider-Man, Option #3

Successful sketches and photos of ready tattoos

Before visiting the salon you need to choose a sketch. This can be done with the help of a gallery with photos.

For women

Girls prefer thin, airy webs with flowers. You can transform the body of an arthropod into a heart, then the drawing will become a love amulet. The brave women even leave scars on the skin in the form of a spider's web, supplementing the image of the spider.

Tattoo for the brave and determined girls.

Tattoo on the hand a spider web without a spider: meaning

The tattoo of a spider web on the hand can be a symbol of mystery Or wealth of its owner. On the one hand, it looks very impressiveoccupying a large area of the skin on the human body, on the other hand tells some information about its owner.

The meaning of the spider web tattoo without a spider on the hand:

  • A symbol of loyalty to their principles and ideas
  • A symbol of defiance and stubbornness.
  • Symbol of a certain way of life: creativity, passion for drugs, mysticism.
  • Symbol of protection against evil and spoilage.
  • Symbol of attracting good luck (a person literally "catches" all the good in the web).
  • A symbol of originality, belonging to a certain subculture.

Tattoo of a spider web on a hand

Tattoo of a spider's web

Sometimes there are drawings of a spider web without a spider, and they are very popular. As a rule, such a drawing is applied to the arm or hand.
A spider's web has such meanings:

  • symbolizes the prosperity of a person;
  • tells about the mystery of its owner;
  • desire to attract good luck. A spider web as it catches and holds all the good in the life of the owner of the tattoo;
  • protect against evil;
  • determination and defiance;
  • Demonstration of their originality and belonging to certain subcultures.

Most often, this pattern occupies a large area of the skin, which gives the image of a person a special charm.

Tattoo of a spider: meaning for girls

Women very often stuffed themselves with a tattoo depicting a spider. Such a drawing can have several meanings:

  • Black tattoo of a spider - a symbol of wisdom and power, characterizes a woman as a confident person. In some cases, such an image has the meaning of "black widow" - a woman who has men dying.
  • Tattoo of a spider on her chest or back - Acts for a woman amulet, which should attract prosperity and good luck, as well as protect from evil.
  • Spider tattoo - In some cases it is a symbol of hard work for women. Such a tattoo should inspire and give strength to a man to succeed in his profession.
  • Red or purple spider - A symbol of aggressiveness, self-confidence and determination.
  • The brown or green spider - symbol of calm, balanced person. Such a woman often lives in harmony with herself, calm.
  • The multicolored spider - A symbol of a bright personality. Such a woman is interested in art, has many diverse interests in life.

Women's tattoo with a spider

Tattoo Black Widow Meaning

It is believed that Black Widow tattoo - A symbol of femme fatale, strong and independent women. Tattoo of the Black Widow choose strong women accustomed to achieve all by himself. This tattoo does not mean hatred for men, it is a symbol of severity, strong character and complete inner freedom.

tattoo of a spider - tattoo of a spider - meaning of tattoo of a spider - tattoo of a spider sketches - tattoo with a spider photo

The spider on the hand tattoo: value

Stuffing the image of a spider on the hand, a person seeks to "instill in themselves" all the qualities of the insectAccuracy, grace, diligence. Thus, the tattoo on the hand "leads" all the important actions of the person.

Large intimidating tattoo on the arm with the image of a spider can have an aggressive meaning, scaring away people around. While the small one draws attention and makes you think about the person.

Tattoo of a spider on your arm

What do you combine the arthropod with?

The spider on tattoos is often combined with spider webs, crosses and skulls. Girls will suit the sketches with flowers. Such a combination emphasizes the danger and femininity of its owner.

Flowers with a spider
Flowers with a spider.

Often there are arthropods braiding a pair of birds or hearts. The image means sincere strong love, sometimes - the impossibility to be near the chosen one.

A spider and a heart in a spider's web.

Tattoo on the hand - a spider: meaning

The tattoo inscribed on the brush - a symbol of self-expression of personality. This place is very visible to others, and therefore the tattoo is sure to be in the "zone of visibility". It is made only in order to draw attention (if, of course, does not have a prison value).

To judge about the meaning of such tattoo one should proceed from the sketch of the insect:

  • Large tarantula - sign "alpha", i.e. "leader". A person with such a tattoo has a significant position in society, popularity with the opposite sex, he is strong physically or spiritually, rude in communication, likes to "raise his hand", has a determined character.
  • A small spider in a spider's web - amulet, a symbol of connection of the person with the "other world", a passion for magic.
  • A bright spider (with red, purple and yellow colors) - a symbol of human versatility. Such a tattoo can have a creative person and a bright personality.

Tattoo of a spider on the hand

What meanings does the tattoo have?

Each of its four most important features, mentioned above, gives the tattoo its own meanings. The first group of meanings associated with the spider, the creator, are also the most ancient meanings.

In the most ancient mythologies and religions, the spider was not perceived negatively. He is a creature who spins our reality. It is the spider that represents divine creation, as it creates its web not from something outside of itself, but from itself. Just as many of the world's religions represent the creation of the world by a god or gods. The meanings of tattoos in the most ancient sense would be:

  • Creativity;
  • creativity;
  • knowledge of occult practices;
  • craftsmanship;
  • prosperity.

But a spider is also a deadly, poisonous and ruthless creature that can kill quietly and unnoticed. In this regard, a tattoo would mean:

  • insidiousness;
  • hidden power;
  • ruthlessness;
  • problems with drugs or alcohol.

A spider as a creature of two worlds will mean:

  • cunning, trickery;
  • the connection between the spiritual and the earthly;
  • the connection of the temporal with the eternal;
  • the mediation between heaven and earth;
  • the temporary abode of the soul after the death of the physical body.

As a creature that feeds by sucking all the vital juices from the victim's body, it will symbolize:

  • lust for profit;
  • The ability to "go overboard" if necessary to achieve your goals;
  • The ability to use other people's resources.

Spider on the finger tattoo: meaning

Fingers are always are in the range of visibility of others. That is why the tattoo of a spider, made on the fingers, should attract the attention of others. If the tattoo has no prison connotations, it acts A symbol of amulet for the personIf the tattoo has no imprisonment connotations, it serves as a talisman for a person, protecting him from negativity and spoilage, inspiring confidence and strength.

Tattoo of a spider on his fingers

What does the tattoo on my chest and fingers mean?

A tattoo takes a special meaning if a girl puts it on her fingers (power, dominance and so on), and a man on his chest (then the tattoo is interpreted in the most ancient, sacred meanings like creative power, mastery, prosperity).

Tattoo of a spider on the leg: meaning

Nabbing a tattoo of a spider on the leg, a person wants to "acquire" some of the qualities of a real insect. Such a drawing should make the wearer ...a strong, purposeful person.... In particular, the tattoo is suitable for those who wants to be a leaderBut for a long time was "in the shadows".

The image of the spider will help to become a person "grasping", he will strive for diligence and wisdom. Such a person should be able to independently overcome any difficulties.

Tattoo of a spider on the leg

Modern meaning

As now tattoos have become widespread, there is no fixed value in the drawing in the form of a spider. Everyone independently determines the meaning of the image.

Most often, people, applying the spider tattoo on the skin, associate themselves with the qualities inherent in the arthropod. This caution, diligence, diligence and attentiveness. Sometimes this design people emphasize their cunning, aggressiveness and cruelty.

Tattoo of a spider has many meanings.

Tattoo of a spider on the neck: meaning

This location of the tattoo is very symbolic, as it is as close to the head as possible. By tattooing on this area of the body, a person wishes to to gain the wisdom and judgement of the insect. Depending on the aggressiveness or calm state of the spider in the picture, the tattoo will "give" the person strength or self-confidence.

Tattoo of a spider on the neck

The everyday meaning of a spider tattoo

The everyday meaning of the image depends on the gender of the bearer of the tattoo.

On the body in men

If a man nabbed on the body tattoo of a spider, it means he is a stubborn man, stubbornly going to his goal, sometimes over the heads of other people. It is highly likely that this is an egoist, but he does not give up when difficulties arise. Spider on the body of a man stresses aggressive nature and a tendency to dominance.

In men
Spider on the body in a selfish man.

For girls.

Regardless of the additional details, the tattoo of a spider on a girl's body almost always means a desire for the dark side of life. Such images are used by women who are withdrawn and aggressive.

It can be a hidden anger or insidiousness. In some cases the spider even indicates a tendency to depression or suicide.

Female representatives of the fair sex who get a tattoo with arthropods prefer to solve their problems on their own. They will not give up a position of leadership and may fight for this place.

To the surrounding girls with such tattoos may seem open, although in reality it is just a manifestation of friendliness. Such a woman will never share anything personal. She may not talk about the problems even to family and friends.

At the same time, they are to the brutally straightforward personalities. They should listen to them, and their criticism should not be offended, even if it is expressed in harsh form.

For girls
Tattoo spider nabivayut girls prone to aggression.

How to draw a tattoo of a spider: a sketch

Choose a beautiful sketch for the tattoo "spider" will help beautiful templates:

Tattoo spider: sketch #1

Tattoo Spider: Sketch #2 Tattoo Spider: Sketch #3

Tattoo Spider: sketch #4

The meaning in myths, legends, religion, culture

In all eras is depicted on the walls of homes, clothing, weapons, utensils. In modern culture this image is widely used in the cinema. In the "Lord of the Ring" trilogy, it is represented by the insidious spider Shelob. The Spider-Man franchise shows a mingling of man and spider powers. Cartoons use the character Black Widow, a woman with special powers. In the movie "Home Alone" the real spider Axel appears.

The ancient Greeks have a myth about the girl Arachne, a fast weaver, who decided to prove that she was the best at what she did. To prove it, the skilled weaver challenged the goddess Athena Pallada. Arachne was victorious. But the goddess refused to admit defeat.

In a fit of rage, she destroyed Arachne's work and struck her with her weaving shuttle. The girl was insulted and humiliated by Athena's cruelty, so she committed suicide in despair. But this act did not cool down the omnipotent and vengeful mythical creature. Athena continued to mock Arachne. She revived her and turned her into a spider. And as an additional punishment, she made her spin a web. That's why spiders are called arachnids.

Spiders are mentioned many times in the Bible. The spider helped save Jesus from Herod's treachery. He helped David.

In Muslims, it saved the prophet Muhammad from destruction.

Due to the comparison with the way of hunting, a tattoo with a spider is suitable for patient and cunning people. Spider venom represents a curse.

However, Christians in Europe believe the spider is a manifestation of the devil's cunning, lust for profit, cunning and bloodthirstiness.

Tips for sketches

The sketch with a spider can be found in the portfolio of any salon. The drawing entered the classics of tattoo artistry. It is performed in a variety of poses.

The gesture theme is allocated entire sites. Attacking or climbing up the thread, the favorite theme of young people. Girls prefer drawings in the style of realism.

The bright abdomen and realistic shadows make the skin a canvas for the picture. The insect becomes an extension of the image. It emphasizes the gracefulness and seductiveness of the owner.

In nature, there are more than 500 species of spiders with the brightest colors. That's why the tattoo will not necessarily be performed in a monochrome palette.

The basic places of application, photo tattoo of a spider

The tattoo is most often applied:

  • on the neck - strength, confidence in their actions;
  • on a hand - a calculating, sharp mind;
  • cobweb on the knee - shadowy player;
  • on the arm - manager;
  • web on the shoulder - power over the space;
  • forearm - skilled player with destiny;
  • tattoo on chest a spider's web - practical, far-sighted, emotions under control.

On the neck the meaning changes depending on the position. Lowered calf down means wayfinding. Turned upward - power of the mind over the rest of the senses.

The hands show a willingness to act. The wrist is the most expressive. It is both a giver, a philanthropist. And at the same time, a skilled manipulator.

General characteristics of the spider

Infinity and cyclicality. This symbolic meaning appeared due to the fact that the spider has eight paws and eight eyes, and the number 8, as we know, is a symbol of infinity and eternity.

Feminism, Seduction, Struggle, Independence:The Legendary Black Widow Spider, infamous for its ability to devour its male. This tattoo is a tattoo of ardent feminists who want to show their strength, sexuality and independence from male domination.

Wisdom, Harmony, Serenity: In Indian mythology, sages were illustrated in the image of huge spiders, in addition, the Indians adopted this insect as a symbol of harmony, well-being and peace.

What does a tattoo with a spider on a woman's body mean

The spider is characterized by hard work and patience, because it can take hours to create a web. The labors of this animal are heavy, but they are rewarded with prey. He is called a wise animal.

Most often, the spider on the girl's body indicates the presence of certain character traits. Such drawings are peculiar to career women who are ready to solve all their problems independently. Such women are open to others and ready to help, but afraid to take it in their side.

It is believed that women who make a tattoo of a spider in a spider's web, aspire to be leaders.


For women

For Men