75+ wonderful Ankh Tattoo Ideas - analogies for an ancient symbol

The oldest symbol combined the female and male signs (vertical and horizontal lines) with the image of infinity (circle). The cross with a circular loop on top was considered the embodiment of the Tree of Life, immortality, imperishability. In Egypt the hieroglyph reads as the word "life", and for Christians the ankh became an image of "eternal life in Christ" - a reminder of the sacrifice made for the good of humanity. In today's world, the sacred cross is often used by esotericists as an emblem denoting access to hidden ancient wisdom.

The Ankh Cross in Ancient Egypt

Egyptian fresco
Egyptian priests believed that the Ankh symbol was capable of opening an entrance to the netherworld.
The Egyptians believed in life after death. Many Egyptian legends speak of the eternal life of the human soul and the afterlife, in transition to which, after death, souls retain certain needs. Egyptian priests also believed that the symbol in the form of a cross with a loop in the top is able to open the entrance to the netherworld, give the ability to know the mysteries of the universe and help establish communication with the gods. A classic symbol looks like a familiar cross, the top end of which has the shape of a loop or circle. In this case, the loop is an Egyptian symbol of eternity, and the cross means life. There are several versions of the meaning of the Egyptian Ankh:

  • The connection of earth and heaven;
  • the connection between man and god, or the divine essence in every human being;
  • the immortality of the soul;
  • the key to truth, i.e., the truth, or a guardian against lies;
  • wisdom, the ability to know all things secret;
  • The circle represents Isis (Isis), goddess of motherhood and patroness of children, slaves, all the weak and oppressed, and the cross represents Osiris, husband and brother of Isis, king of the afterlife.

According to Egyptian legends, the god Ra handed the cross with a noose to Pharaoh, showing his blessing to rule and appointing the ruler as divine instructor among men. Only the pharaoh could wear the Ankh cross as a sign of power and authority.

The Ankh sign is often found among ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and is sometimes interpreted as a breathing gymnastics to reshape the human body and mind.

Origin of Ankh

According to scientists, the symbol was used by the population of Atlantis and Lemuria long before the inhabitants of Egypt. But the Ankh talisman received its meaning in Egypt. Here lived the highest priests, called "Ankhami", so were called and the houses in which they lived.

People believed that the Ankh had the power of a god. It was received by a pharaoh, who was a symbol of unlimited sweetness. Rulers were depicted with a cross in their hand and buried with the talisman.

Ankh is the personification of the power of the pharaoh.

The shape of the symbol is a bit like a key, so the people of Egypt believed that this tool could be used to open the gates to another world. Some pharaohs had two keys of immortality at once. One meant the world of the living and the other meant the world of the dead.

Ankh - the key of immortality of the pharaohs.

The symbol was also widespread in other countries. After the advent of Christianity, it was associated with the key to paradise. He was with the apostle Peter. The cross was also used by the Mayans. They also had the Ankh as a symbol of life. The inhabitants of Scandinavian countries, on the other hand, considered the symbol as the key to youth.

Usually all claim that the sign receives power from the gods of Egypt Osiris (god of the afterlife) and Isis (goddess of life). It was their union that became the basis of life after death. But the Egyptians say that the sign is associated with life rather than death, because the human soul will never die and will live even after death, i.e. become immortal.

Symbols depicted inside the pyramids

What does the symbol look like and its varieties

The Ankh cross, along with the scarab beetle and the Eye of Horus, is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of ancient Egypt. However, not everyone knows that there are three types of this character, each with a special power:

  • Classic Ankh - a symbol of vital energy, wisdom. It has the property of protecting a person from negative influences from the outside.
  • Ankh with the symbols of the four elements on its bars - a sign of immortality.
  • Ankh without a vertical lintel - the sign of death. This symbol was used to call death to ill-wishers.

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The Egyptian cross as a symbol of life and immortality has great power. It can heal from diseases, replenish energy, achieve respect and power, solve complex issues and awaken magical powers in the wearer. Activating it with the power of the two luminaries and the right approach to wearing a sacred object, you can effectively take advantage of the action of the amulet of the pharaohs.

The meaning of the Ankh amulet in our time

Ankh in translation from the ancient Egyptian language means "man". Therefore, in our time, it is believed that this hieroglyph symbolizes a man with outstretched arms - schematically, the sign really resembles a man.

It is believed that the Egyptian symbol brings good luck and health.

Today, the Ankh amulet is worn in the form of jewelry by those people who lack good fortune, faith in their affairs, wishing to enhance their health and ability to conceive. Experts in esotericism believe that the Ankh Isis should be worn by pregnant women and spouses planning to increase the family - the goddess promotes the birth of healthy children.

It is also believed that the Egyptian symbol brings good luck in the study of ancient secrets - those wishing to study historical sites, to explore the secrets of their ancestry and other ancient secrets can count on the help of the Egyptian gods.

The Egyptian cross Ankh has a special meaning for those who are fond of magic and esoterics, they will be glad to receive a gift in the form of an amulet or a thing on which the symbol is depicted. It is believed that the cross with a loop strengthens the magical abilities of man, acting as a reservoir of energy universe and feeding it to its owner, when the energy reserve is weakened.

History of the symbol

Ankh in Egyptian tomb art and other paintings, often in the hands of a goddess or deity in the images that represent the actual gods of the afterlife referring the precious gift of life on the tomb of a dead person or mummy; he thought that to signify the act of different concepts.

Accepted as a supplement, the Ankh has always been worn by many Egyptians as an amulet of good luck, either alone, or can be connected to the two Egyptian characters, which means health and strength.

Bili metal mirrors were in addition often made in the form of ankh, perhaps for various decorative purposes or to signify as perception, to look at another world through a mirror.

Ankh also appeared usually in coins of Archaic Cyprus and Asia Minor (categorically in Cilicia in Mallus).

In some cases, on early coins from the era of the great king Euelthon of Salamis, Ku letter, from Ancient Egypt-Cyprus, syllabify, appeared in a circle of ankh, which specifically represent what the letters mean.

Until today, the symbol Ankh is also used to denote Venus (which represents mainly worshipped goddess Aphrodite island).

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How to use the Egyptian Cross

Experts say that the amulet Ankh can not be worn by every person. It should be used only with pure thoughts and intentions, to purify your energy and thoughts from everything negative. There are a few rules for the proper wearing of the symbol:

  • women should wear the Ankh of pure silver;
  • men are recommended to buy the amulet of gold;
  • The amulet may not be worn on a chain, but only on a leather strap;
  • The Ankh will only serve its purpose after activation.

Cross Ankh must be activated.
Non-activated amulet will not bring its owner any good. In ancient times, the most auspicious time of activation was considered a total eclipse of the sun. But such an event happens very rarely, a person for the whole life can not catch it. Therefore, it is possible to divide the ritual into two stages, to involve the energy of the day and night luminaries. In order for the Ankh to begin to work, one must:

  • to soak the amulet under running water - to purify it from alien energy;
  • In a full moon, go outside, raise the sign above your head and ask Isis to fill the cross with power;
  • On the same day, repeat the ritual, only to turn to Osiris.

The ritual will work if the weather outside is clear at the time of the ritual. Wearing amulet also has some conditions: the first couple of weeks it should be put on no more than 2-3 hours, with time increasing the time interval. At first, there may be some feeling of discomfort - the power of the amulet is in contact with the energy of the person, they need time to unite.

If the sign of Ankh is planned to be used for evil deeds and actions, it can lead to the opposite result. In the best case, the amulet will not work, in the worst case - it will take away the strength of its owner, thus taking revenge for negative thoughts.

Make a talisman by yourself

It is believed that the maximum effect has ankh, made of precious metal. Make a cross of this material with your own hands is difficult enough, so this option can only be bought. The symbol should be hung around the neck. To make a talisman, you will need a cord of natural material (preferably leather) of black color. You should not use a chain made of metal, because, according to esotericists, it absorbs energy of the amulet.

You can make a talisman of Ankh with your own hands from beads, wire, wood, cardboard and leather. The easiest way to create a cross:

  1. Circle the outline of the Ankh on a sheet of cardboard.
  2. Cut 3-4 pieces and glue together.
  3. Wrap a strip of leather, pre-applying glue to the cardboard, or double-sided tape.

Instead of cardboard symbol can be depicted on a wooden workpiece, in which case the cross will be stronger and there is no need to glue multiple parts. The surface is also wrapped with leather tape.

To create a version of the wire, you may need: the material itself (thickness of 0.3 mm), wire cutters, pliers, a wooden die, small nails. From a thick wire with pliers, twist a cross in the shape of Anha, the excess is cut off.

Thin wire can be used to make more interesting patterns. Usually, a workpiece of thick wire is wrapped in different ways with narrower cord, creating a relief or pattern.

In some cases, nails are hammered into the wooden plate on the contour of the cross, around which the thin metal thread is twisted.

Tattoo of the Ankh Symbol

Tattoo Ankh has a powerful energy.
In ancient times, the sign played the role of amulet and energy portal. People expected it to protect them from trouble and attract energy flows. They hoped in this way to prolong their earthly existence or even become immortal. Ankh tattoo has the meaning of power and longevity, protection from trouble. By applying the Ankh tattoo to the body, one seeks to protect and purify one's energy background. It is worth remembering about the power of the symbol and the fact that it manifests itself differently in each person.

The main conditions: the tattoo must be in black and only on the right side of the body. Activate the tattoo is not necessary.

The owners of the Ankh tattoo note an extraordinary energy surge in the first day after the mark is applied to the body. Subsequently, the fate of the person changes dramatically - the sign has a rather strong influence on the path of life. Some people may have an intuitive ability to anticipate the coming events. There is also noted the effect of lucid dreams: the new owners of the sign from time to time may see dreams from a past life.

Nevertheless, today it is rare to find a person with a tattoo in the form of a classic Ankh cross. More often the symbol is supplemented with images of Egyptian gods, additional ancient Egyptian symbols, Celtic ornaments.

Who is suitable for the tattoo

The tattoo of the ankh (see "The Ankh"). photo in the gallery) constitute three significant elements, each of which has its own interpretation.

  • The long vertical line symbolizes a person's life path, the direction to follow.
  • The horizontal line means the boundary beyond which one should not cross.
  • The loop is a sign of Heaven.

The intersection of perpendicular lines is the main place of energy concentration, so the tattoo should be applied to the right side of the body. It can be the shoulder, the forearm, the ribs.

Egyptian symbol

It is believed that the ankh gives its owner a powerful energy, activates the vitality, strengthens the tone. Many who have ventured to do such a tattoo, confirm the extraordinary burst of vivacity and strength after the session. However, such an effect is available only to those who know the true meaning of tattoo.

At the same time, there are also limitations in applying the ancient symbol. It is recommended to choose such a tattoo only for people with a steady psyche, because the ankh opens psychic abilities: the gift of foresight, prophetic dreams, communication with the dead. Not everyone is able to cope with such an emotional burden, besides the need to have enough strength and energy to resist otherworldly forces that will seek to break free.

The meaning of the tattoo can also be as follows:

  • wisdom and knowledge gained by a person;
  • health care, keeping fit for longevity;
  • a prestigious position in society;
  • the desire for harmony in relationships with the opposite sex;
  • a symbol of spiritual development and belief in the afterlife.

tattoo in the shape of a triangle on his back

Ankh is a part of Gothic symbolism, so the owner of the tattoo can be a representative of this subculture. Since the Egyptian cross is actively used by modern magicians, it is possible that the person is fond of mysticism and esoterics. Sometimes the "key of life" is seen as an amulet to attract good luck and happiness, as well as a talisman against ill-wishers.

Relation to Christianity and modernity

Ancient Egypt and its culture are rich and multifaceted. The beliefs were the progenitors of many of today's religions, but the connection to the Christian cross is far-fetched. The Orthodox cross symbolizes the instrument of execution common in the Roman Empire. The crossbars were joined in the shape of a cross so that the instrument of torture would be more stable. In the Coptic Church the pattern is found. The homeland of this branch of Christianity was Egypt. The Christian church, depending on its territorial location, adopted some pagan symbols. In their understanding the Ankh is a symbol of sacrifice, death with subsequent resurrection.

Images of the Ankh are found on Coptic Christian tombs dating back to the 6th-9th centuries B.C. In hippie culture the sign means peace, attainment of truth, truth, the key to the door to unexplored worlds. The Mayan Indians also revered this symbol. They wore it as a sign of belief in the liberation of the soul from suffering. They considered it the tree of life.

Ankh Cross

The Ankh Cross

Various Interpretations

The use of the cross by different cultures has led to the fact that its interpretation is also multivalent. Egyptologists believe that originally it was an accessory of the ancient priests, who perceived it as a way to achieve power, discover the many mysteries, knowledge of previously unknown worlds. This opinion was formed for the reason that many drawings of that era depict ancient Egyptian pharaohs taking the cross from the hands of Egypt's main deity, Ra. It was believed that this amulet bestowed immortality, that is, its possessor continues to live even in the afterlife.

There is an opinion that the Ankh is the embodiment of dualism. It is formed from the legend of the goddess Isis, whose chosen one was killed by his brother, wishing to come to power. He immediately issued a decree stating that the ashes of the deceased should not be consigned to the ground, his body should be chopped up into many pieces and scattered over the world so that there would be no places to worship the former lord. It took Isis a long time to find the remains of her beloved Osiris' body, but she managed to collect all the pieces and even bring him back to life for a time so that she could conceive a child. The child adopted all the magical skills of his parents.

Ankh Iron Cross.

Iron Cross Ankh.

Not surprisingly, because of this legend, the Egyptians consider Isis the main personification of the guardian of the home, the great healer. The son of Osiris and Isis, Horus, became the ruler of the heavens and the sun, a powerful creature. In drawings, Horus is often depicted with the Ankh in his hands, and the upper hinge in such cases is called the eye of Horus. So, on the basis of the various interpretations we can identify a whole set of possible meanings of the symbol:

  • The embodiment of immortality;
  • Help in learning the secrets of the universe, the secrets of the universe;
  • protection against machinations of dark forces and evil spirits, preservation of health, filling with energy;
  • protection of family happiness, family hearth and warm relationships in the family;
  • Acquisition of happiness in the personal life, a successful acquaintance with the person who may well become a life partner.

Graphically, the cross is formed by three elements, each element has its own meaning:

  • The line, located horizontally, represents a kind of boundary, which cannot be crossed by a mere mortal;
  • the vertical is the human way of life, which must be strictly adhered to;
  • the loop is an earthly embodiment of heaven, a symbol of eternity;
  • the point where all the lines forming the cross intersect is the place of maximum energy concentration.

Experts in the field of historical science believe that the Ankh is a very powerful symbol, and therefore its use must be conscious and rational.

Material on a theme: all about the amulet of the flower of Perun.

Correct application of a sacred sign

In order for the anchor to manifest all its powerful abilities, you will need its competent choice and application. The most important thing here is the most suitable material of the symbol:

  • For the fair sex, silver should be chosen;
  • And for the stronger sex, gold.

No other metals will do, because only silver and gold will strengthen the energy of the cross. Plus they help to eliminate some diseases and clean the space surrounding the owner of the amulet.

You can wear the talisman only on a lanyard, ideally a natural leather one. Do not hang the cross on a chain, otherwise it will somewhat dampen its mystical abilities.

At first, the amulet ankh is put on only for a couple of hours a day. You will be able to use this talisman as a talisman for the first time in your life and for the second time for the first time in your life. You will gradually adapt to the talisman and in about 14 days, your energy field will merge with the energy of the amulet. Then all discomfort should pass.

When this will happen, it is allowed to wear the sign permanently. Now do not take it off even before going to bed. This is explained by the fact that in night dreams can come answers to many questions, a person will begin to receive clues to enlightenment. But the picture of the ankh has no mystical properties. Therefore, you can use it in the decoration of your home only for aesthetic purposes.

Three types of Egyptian symbol

Ankh Amulet
Ankh Amulet

It is important to know that at the present stage, 3 crosses are known. To the choice of such a talisman, you should approach very seriously, because it carries a different cursive meaning:

  • A simple cross with a loop - can serve as a talisman, gives the owner strength and energy;
  • With the image of four crossbars, on the sides of the drawings of the four elements, is the embodiment of immortality;
  • Ankh, where the ring is attached at once on the horizontal, carries the sign of death. In a similar version used by the priests. In modern life is a symbol of the Goths.

Ankh carries a double sacred meaning, because in magical practice should be treated with extreme care. He can bestow the great secrets of the universe, and at the same time open the door to the otherworldly realm of existence, releasing the energy of the forces of evil. He is capable of both prolonging life and taking it away.

Its origin, history and meanings

The symbolism of the Egyptian cross was formed in the fourth millennium BC. Ankh (ankh), also called the key, the knot or bow of life, the key of the Nile, the Coptic cross, was originally an almost universal amulet. This sign the solar god and head of the ancient Egyptian pantheon Ra in many depictions gave to the younger gods. Ankh was placed in the tomb, so that with its help the soul of the deceased could pass through the realm of Duat. In general, the symbol meant everything good that the inhabitant of ancient Egypt could imagine:

  • life itself, victory over death, immortality, eternal life, rebirth;
  • secret knowledge, secrets of the universe, revelations of the gods, vision of the future, etc.;
  • protection from evil, success and good luck in all affairs and undertakings, health and victory in life;
  • quite worldly goods: glory, power, wealth, strong family, happiness, love, etc.

The decline of ancient Egyptian civilization for several centuries interrupted the history of the ankh. Egypt was completely unknown to Europeans until the 19th century, and only after the campaigns of Bonaparte was this ancient world rediscovered. It was so unusual that it quickly and firmly entered the world's mass culture, and the history of ankha began anew. The sign was adopted by the followers of numerous mystical, occult and esoteric teachings, and from the middle of the 20th century the ancient amulet went into the masses and became a popular image there to be applied to the body.


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