Places for tattoos: the best parts of the body for tattoos in girls and men

How to choose a place for a tattoo?

Before you do a tattoo, it is recommended to get acquainted with the "map of pain", determining the most painful places for a drawing.

Thus, for example, the most susceptible to pain places in women - the knees, elbows, neck and the area under the chest. It is worth noting that women perceive the point pain much easier than men, so the process of tattooing will cause only slight discomfort.

Tattoo bars for girls

Most of all, the man will experience pain if the place of the tattoo will be: the head, neck, elbows and knees, feet, hands, groin area, chest and inner side of the thigh.

In any case, the location of the tattoo will depend on the idea of the master and the wishes of the client. That is why the study of the "pain map" will be a cautionary tale for people who poorly tolerate prolonged painful sensations.


tattoo bars

Tattoo on the arm is the most common and spectacular option. The choice of this part of the body has a number of significant advantages:

  • The hands are a symmetrical part of the body, so you can score drawings that complement each other;
  • Tattoo on the shoulder is easy to hide under clothing;
  • With a slight change in weight figure will not "blur";
  • But we should not forget about the possible disadvantages:
  • applied images do not like sunlight. To protect them, you will have to regularly apply sunscreen;
  • Severe deformation subject to tattoos on the elbows, palms and fingers;
  • Brushes and elbows are some of the most painful places.

Tattoo places for girls

On the hands looks beautiful any tattoo, regardless of the subject, style and the exact area of the picture.


The advantages of images applied to the legs include:

  • aesthetic and not too provocative appearance;
  • The tattoo is easy to hide from other people.

Where to get a tattoo
Often the legs are preferred by the weaker sex, padding the thighs with a large and bright picture.
Before the session, the master can remind about the difficulties that the client may encounter:

  • Beating a tattoo on the feet, knees or inner part of the thigh means feeling a lot of pain.
  • If the skin is in frequent contact with the sun's rays it is necessary to remember about additional care in the form of sunscreen;
  • images on the feet and ankles quickly lose their original appearance and require frequent refreshing;
  • with weight gain or loss on the thighs may cause stretch marks, which deforms the image;
  • Also, men should keep in mind whether they are willing to shave legs where the pattern is visible. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing the picture under the cover of thick hair.

The abdomen

tattoo place

The abdomen is a good place for a tattoo in girls. Drawing on it looks beautiful and elegant. However, there are a few unpleasant things to keep in mind:

  • The tattoo will "blur" during pregnancy or in case of sudden weight gain;
  • During the recovery period is contraindicated sports and wearing tight-fitting clothes;
  • The abdomen is one of the most sensitive places on the body.

inconspicuous tattoo places
Drawing in this area is suitable for men and women who have already had children and do not plan a future pregnancy. In addition, this is a great way to cover any scars.


tattooed body parts

The chest is a great place on the body for those people who want to keep the tattoo from being seen by outsiders. It is not recommended to exercise or sleep on the breasts after the artwork is applied. Girls should forget about the bra for a couple of weeks - it is necessary for the full healing of the skin. One of the risks of tattooing in women is deformation of the tattoo due to age-related sagging of the breasts.


where to get a tattoo

Neck tattoos are painful to apply. In addition, the finished work will attract enough attention, due to which there may be problems with employment. Therefore, such an option is suitable for people who prefer closed clothes or those who "work for themselves".


The advantages of the chosen surface include:

  • The possibility of performing large tattoos;
  • The image does not fall under the gaze of other people. The exception may be a visit to the beach or the pool;
  • the drawing will not change even after a long time.

tattoo places
The back is the perfect canvas for applying masterpieces. Preference is given to large-scale works or small drawings on the shoulders and coccyx.
One of the main disadvantages is that it is painful, especially if the final place of application is the shoulder blades or spine. In addition, the client will need help in taking care of the tattoo, as it is practically impossible to treat the back by yourself.

Head and face

It is worth paying attention to the advantages of the chosen area:

  • attracts the attention of surrounding people;
  • The image can be harmoniously combined with other tattoos on the body.

how to choose a place for a tattoo
Unnoticeable these places will not be called, unless the tattoo will be quite small or hidden by hair.

However, the disadvantages of such an acquisition are much more:

  • Painful sensations during application. The face and head are the most painful areas.
  • Possible problems with employment. Most employers do not take people with a tattoo on the face seriously.

A small tattoo behind the ear will not be as defiant. Beautiful and invisible to others - ideal for office workers and people who are not ready to draw unnecessary attention to their bodies.

Temporary medical contraindications

You should also refuse a session with the tattoo-master if you have a temporarily weakened immune system for any reason. A noticeable symptom is frequent colds and viral diseases.

There are also a number of contraindications, in which it is better to postpone the session:

  • problems with blood pressure, hypertension;
  • colds;
  • inflammatory processes in the skin;
  • fever;
  • lactation;
  • pregnancy.

It is not recommended to get a tattoo during menstruation. Also, people under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused a session.

A lot of questions are caused by allergies. Why it is impossible to get a tattoo if you often have allergic rashes? In this case, it is unknown how the skin will behave. There is a risk that due to allergies and inflammation the pattern will never stick.

Remember, if you have health problems, it is better to consult a doctor additionally. It may also be necessary to take a blood clotting test.

Contraindications to tattooing

What are the places where you can't get a tattoo?

tattoo spots
For beginners, areas such as the hips, shoulders and arms are well suited. These are beautiful places where the pain will not be felt as acutely.

It is best to avoid tattoos on the body in places such as:

  • Elbows, feet and hands: drawings in these areas will not last long;
  • Face, head, hands: for those who have introduced a strict dress code at work;
  • Back, neck: these places should be refused to people with a low threshold of pain.

Permanent medical contraindications to tattooing

The most serious contraindications are medical. They indicate that a tattoo can pose a serious threat to a person's health and even life.

All medical contraindications are divided into permanent and temporary. The former require complete cancellation of the session, the latter require postponement.

Permanent (strict) include:

  • Poor blood clotting. Can occur due to a variety of medical conditions. These include not only hemophilia, but also thrombocytopenia and fibrinopenia. The reason of refusal of a tattoo is clear - at work of the machine on a skin always acts blood, there are wounds.
  • Weakened state of the body. It can be caused by different sources: serious virus diseases, including HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, oncology, strong inflammatory processes. In order to recover from a session, the body needs to engage resources. And if they are not, there is a risk of complications.
  • Mental disorders and CNS diseases. For some types of mental disorders and epilepsy, the session should be completely abandoned.

Also tattoos are contraindicated for people with type 1 diabetes. If you have the second type of the disease, the session is canceled in the severe course.

Temporary medical contraindications to tattooing

The most inconspicuous places for tattoos

Where to get a tattoo for girls

Many people wonder what area to choose, so that the tattoo was not visible. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to:

  • The back - the most inconspicuous place, which is easy to hide under clothing;
  • shoulders;
  • chest, abdomen;
  • The lower part of the neck;
  • hips;
  • intimate area.

The intimate tattoo is the most painful, in addition, during the recovery period it is necessary to refuse tight underwear.

Where will the tattoo be beautiful until old age?

Only in those places, the skin of which is less sagging with time. Tattoos on the sacrum, shoulder blades and spine are well preserved. Another win-win option is the ankles. It is better not to tattoo the abdomen of women in general: pregnancy or a simple change in weight can turn a masterpiece into ugliness. Another dangerous area is the chest. Now it is fashionable to put on girls' breasts with perky smiles. But by the age of menopause on the deformed by then breasts will be an indelible grimace of gloom! The shoulders, hips and buttocks are subject to severe age-related deformities.

Places to apply small tattoos

Best places for tattoos on girls

Small images can be applied literally anywhere. However, it is recommended to remember that they look most spectacular on:

  • knuckles;
  • forearms;
  • On the face and behind the ears;
  • on the clavicles;
  • Under the breasts.

tattoo site
It is important to remember that the tattoo location should not come into contact with clothing during the healing period.

Is it worth doing paired tattoos in love?

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What tattoos girls can't get and why

Many young people today believe that putting the name of their lover on their own skin is a very beautiful and romantic thing to do. Some lovers even go to a tattoo parlor together and choose sketches consisting of halves. Probably, as long as the couple continues the relationship, their tattoos do draw approval and envy from those around them. But once that romance is over, in addition to a broken heart, everyone will also be left with a ruined piece of skin as a memento. What tattoos should not be imposed in love? Each other's names and picture halves. If the partners are sure that their love is eternal, and tattoo in its sign to do very much want, you can choose a more neutral pattern. The optimal option is to apply the same tattoos on the same place of the guy and the girl. In this case, the sketch should look self-sufficient. Some lovers get pairs of animals: a male to a guy and a female to a girl.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo for a girl?

Women's tattoos should emphasize the tenderness and sexuality of their owners. Therefore, it is not uncommon to choose the most piquant places.

Tattoo Body Parts - Correct Names

The best places for tattoos for girls:

  • Thigh. Attractive drawing on the hips looks very sexy;
  • buttocks;
  • lower back. Girls prefer to do tattoos in the form of butterflies or simple patterns;
  • Chest and abdomen. Delicate patterns can emphasize the feminine charm;
  • Arms and neck. It is important to note that only the back of the neck is popular.

Best tattooing sites

Before you decide where to score a tattoo, it is necessary to choose a suitable pattern. This is what will help to make the final choice.

Portraits of dead people

Do not tattoo portraits of the deceased

To score on the hand a universal aphorism of an ancient philosopher or a portrait of a famous musician who died in the prime of his career is a great idea, right? No. Even non-believers should not put on their bodies any information associated with the dead or people who have lived a difficult life. This kind of symbolism is very dangerous, it can dramatically change the destiny of a person. What kind of tattoos can't be put on, so as not to attract bad luck to your life? Portraits and any other images of the deceased. Even if they are famous and recognized people. It is also desirable to refrain from using the names of the deceased and any symbols that are too specifically associated with a particular deceased celebrity in tattoos. It is also recommended with caution to use symbols of death and evil forces. The number "13", "666", the image of death with a scythe, the devil, perhaps, and create a brutal image, but good luck to its owner is unlikely to bring.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo inscription?

The place for the tattoo inscription must be appropriate. Worst of all inscriptions look on the legs, neck, back and stomach. With proper attention to detail, a tattoo can become a real work of art. That is why before going to the master you need to sensibly assess your physiological capabilities, as well as choose a style of tattoo and its location.

where to tattoo a girl

Worth noting places like the forearm and collarbone. On rare occasions, the inscription is printed under the chest. The inscription can go into a small drawing, then the area of application becomes more extensive.

Best place for a girl to get a tattoo

Tattoo with the image of the Buddha, his name. Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, religion is taken very seriously, even overly so. In fact, several hundred tourists, citizens of other countries, were deported from the country when they had tattoos with the image of the great Buddha on their bodies. The sacred face should not be immortalized, nor should his name. For the locals it is equated with a mortal sin, so many citizens immediately exclude drawings depicting the faces of people and mystical creatures, or what if in another country somewhere it is forbidden. Tattoo salons do not provide services if the client asks to depict the face of a spouse or child on the body. They believe that the negative emotions that the human body can experience are transmitted to the people depicted on the body.

Useful information

tattoos on different parts of the body

So, when choosing a place for a tattoo, it is necessary to remember the most important points:

  1. Each place requires individual care. The master can give a booklet with recommendations, which will indicate all the necessary information;
  2. If you often change weight, it is recommended to choose the areas in which the picture will be subjected to the least deformation: the neck, the lower part of the legs and forearms;
  3. if you want to hide your pattern, you should give preference to the most inconspicuous places;
  4. The most short-lived tattoos are those performed on the elbows, knees, feet and palms;
  5. In the case of a long session or low pain threshold, you can ask the master for an anesthetic.

tattoo places

Prison tattoos

What kind of tattoos men can't tattoo

In our country, for a long time, tattoos were considered prison jewelry. In the criminal world, the symbolism of nail images is very complex. They are used as identification marks. Some drawings are necessary to "earn" - to achieve a certain status in the prison hierarchy. Others, on the contrary, are a punishment, and they are applied forcibly. What tattoos should not be given to men according to the terms of the criminal environment? With caution should be used images of churches, crosses, playing cards, skulls. There is a popular wisdom that says, "From prison and from hell..." And indeed, if one day a person with quite artistic tattoos should find himself in criminal circles, there is a high probability that he will have to answer for inappropriate tattoos according to the concepts. We recommend when choosing a sketch to make sure that it does not contain elements found in popular prison tattoos. For the same reason, it is not worth bravado for the sake of bravado to apply to your body drawings stylized as criminal tattoos.


For women

For men