Tattoo a portrait - a description, species, location of application (on the chest, shoulder, arm), sketches, spectacular photos

Man has always sought to beautify his body, and one of the most popular body decorations was a tattoo. A beautiful drawing on the body attracted and attracts the attention of others. For many centuries of existence of the tattoo, the applied images on the body is improving, becoming brighter and more interesting. Choosing a drawing for a tattoo, today many people prefer a beautiful image. There is a mass of tattoos that have a certain meaning and are quite common. Let's look at the most popular tattoo options for men and women.

Popular tattoos on the arm in the form of name inscriptions

Today, tattoos in the form of name inscriptions are at the peak of popularity. Many tattoo lovers prefer to put the names of their loved ones or children on their bodies. The most popular place for such a tattoo is the hand or wrist, less often - ankle or back. To perform such an image can be a single word or create a beautiful volumetric composition. Particular attention is paid to the choice of font, which will be applied to the name. If there is a desire to emphasize their individuality, you can choose hieroglyphs. When choosing such a tattoo you must be confident in your decision.

Tattoo Johnny

Tattoo Johnny has a huge database of tattoos, which has over 100,000 designs. All of them are grouped into categories: animals, astronomy, mythology, religion, and many others.

Once you find an image that you like you can either download it to your computer and print it out, or alternatively, download it to your smartphone to show to your tattoo artist.

Unfortunately, all sketches are for a fee, but they cost relatively little. Most options cost no more than $10 to $20. If the tattoo is for life, can a couple of dozen dollars be considered a high price?

Animal tattoos for guys

For centuries, animal tattoos have been very popular. Each culture in the world has a certain sacred animal, so from ancient times people have put images of animals on their bodies, believing that such a tattoo protects and endows its bearer with certain qualities. Any animal has its own physical characteristics, which determines the meaning of the tattoo. It is believed that the image of an animal on the body improves the character of its owner. Such tattoos can be with existing or fictional animals. The most popular tattoos of fictional creatures are dragons, phoenixes, centaurs and griffins.

Crocodile hunter portrait tattoo

Steve Irwin is well known for a series called Crocodile Hunter, which he hosted with his wife. It was a wildlife documentary that received international acclaim. In his documentary he shows him catching crocodiles, which attracted millions of viewers.

Because of his popularity, people started getting tattoos with his portrait with his mouth open and eyes wide open as a sign of amazement. The tattoo with his portrait looks great because of his short hair and unusual facial expression. Mostly do this tattoo on the arm, as well as other portrait tattoos.

Original bird tattoos

Tattoos depicting birds as well as animals have been popular since ancient times. Even in the old days people put images of birds on their bodies, believing that such a tattoo protects and gives spiritual strength. Birds are associated with the sky, the sun, freedom and higher divine beings. In some cultures, the bird is identified with the souls of the deceased, and is considered an invisible thread that connects the sky and the earth. The image of any bird on the body has a certain meaning. For example, the dove is a symbol of the divine spirit, the eagle - the strength, endurance and pride. Today, it is very common to see a tattoo depicting a fictional bird - the phoenix.

Rita Hayworth portrait tattoo

Rita was an actress and dancer in the late 1940s. Her acting skills made her popular and made her one of the top 25 actresses of all time. Her popularity grew during this time, which led to her becoming a celebrity.

She died in 1987, but despite her death, she is constantly remembered and even has her portrait tattooed on their bodies. It is one of the most beautiful tattoos among portrait tattoos.

Popular flower tattoos for girls

A great popularity, especially among the fair sex, enjoys the tattoo with the image of various flowers. In addition, the body can be depicted with just one flower or created entire compositions of several flowers. The symbolism of the tattoo with the image of flowers is very mysterious. The meanings came to us from the mythology and cultures of different peoples. Any floral tattoo looks very beautiful and has a certain deep meaning. Flowers inherently symbolize nature, beauty, tenderness, mystery and diversity. In different countries and cultures, each flower had a special meaning and individual purpose. Today the most popular flower tattoos are lotus, sakura, rose and lily.

Photo tattoos: the best selections

Creating our gallery of tattoos, we have carefully selected all the photos, in order to give you only high-quality pictures. On which you can clearly see all the advantages of tattoos.

This work took a lot of time, but it was worth it! Every album contains no less than 100 pictures. Looking at them, you will realize how beautiful and unusual, original and attractive bodies decorated with drawings can be.

If you have not decided yet to make a tattoo, our gallery will convince you of the necessity of it! We are sure that you will not only admire all the work, but also share the best images on social networks. So your friends can appreciate the refinement of your taste!

Actual bow tattoos for girls

Tattoo with the image of a bow is very popular among women. Bows are depicted in different shapes and sizes. Today you can meet such a tattoo in everyday life very often. Owners of the tattoo in the form of a bow want to emphasize their femininity, sexuality and kindness. Tattoo bow gives piquancy and sexuality to the female image.

Charles Darwin Tattoo

Charles Darwin is well known for his evolutionary theory. He claimed that all species on the planet evolved. Historians appreciate his contributions to science and honor his memory.

Charles' image as a tattoo usually looks great because of his long beard. Since most tattoos look good on the upper arm, this tattoo is no exception.

Tattoo depicting inscriptions

One of the most popular tattoos is considered an inscription. It is perfect for self-expression and revealing the essence of the tattoo itself. Depicting any drawing on the body, we can only symbolically hint at the main idea or meaning of the tattoo. However, inscription tattoos allow us to speak directly about its meaning, to express our thoughts and attitudes in life. A big role in such a tattoo is played by the font and style. With their help, the background and mood of interpretation of the chosen inscription on the body is created. It is popular to apply lyrical phrases in handwritten calligraphic script. But the loud and strong expressions - the traditional or gothic style.


The tattoo does not have to be done forever. If you do not like the idea that it will flaunt on your skin for the rest of your life, the solution can be found in the online store temporary tattoos Tatty. And you don't have to order anything at all, you can just find a good drawing as an idea.

They have a large database of designs at a low price. One tattoo costs $2.50 in the U.S. and $6 outside the U.S. Free shipping is available for orders over $45. Temporary tattoos are very easy to apply and remove. You can do it even a couple of days after the application.

Sketches are done by professional artists who get a percentage of each sale. Plant-based paints are used for the prints, which means that the temporary tattoo is non-toxic and completely safe. And if you already have a finished design, you can order a temporary tattoo based on it.

Popular male tattoos with images of magical signs

Tattoos with the image of various magical signs have always been popular and carried a certain meaning. People sincerely believed that by depicting one or another magical sign on their body they would gain a certain strength and protection. Today such tattoos are no less popular. For example, the image of the sign of infinity, which is also a magical sign. Such a tattoo denotes life without borders and eternal striving forward. Another very popular tattoo is the pentagram - the five-pointed star. Very often today you can meet people with a tattoo depicting runes. Interest in these magical signs does not pass for many centuries. Each rune has its own meaning, because to say which one is the most popular, it is not possible. Each lover of magical tattoos selects by meaning and significance the rune that suits him.

Today we have told about the most popular tattoos, but we want to note that it is far from being a complete list. Choosing a tattoo, each person, most likely, is based on his inner feelings and feelings. After all, the body image will be with him throughout his life. And it is not necessary to choose a drawing that is popular today, because tomorrow everything can change. But still when choosing a tattoo it is possible to be guided by the fashion trends in the world of tattoo design and consider variants of the most popular tattoos to date.


You have already decided what tattoo you want, but you can't choose where it will look best. Where should you put it, on your biceps or on your forearm? Why not see how it would look on both? The InkHunter mobile app can help you do just that.

InkHunter is one of the best examples of augmented reality on smartphones. All you have to do is draw a small rectangle on the spot where you plan to get a tattoo, load the design you like into the app, and point the phone camera at the drawn rectangle. Then the rectangle will disappear and InkHunter will show how the tattoo will look on the selected spot. Swipe your smartphone from side to side to see how it will look from different angles.

The app itself already has several design options. You can choose one of them or add your own by placing it in your phone's gallery. You can also take a screenshot and send it to your friends.

Available for Android and iPhone.

How to choose the right artist for a portrait tattoo

Portrait tattoos require a high degree of skill and talent in drawing that not every tattoo artist has. If you know someone who has a portrait tattoo, ask them which artist they went to.

If you choose a tattoo artist out of nowhere, ask to see examples of their work beforehand.

Most experienced tattoo artists have assembled portfolios showing samples of the work they have done. The best portfolios will have an image of the finished tattoo along with a copy of the original photo.


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