The new life of the old style: Neo Traditional

Interview with Tatiana Chudesata: let's talk about the features of Neo Traditional style

If you want to decorate your body with a bright, interesting, and most importantly, unusual tattoo, then the Neo Traditional style is exactly what you need. Although this trend is quite young in comparison with the Traditional style, but it is very popular among both girls and guys. Today we will talk about the features of the Neo Traditional style with a wonderful master Tatyana Chudesata. Hi Tanya, before we come to the main topic, tell us how life brought you together with tattoo industry? Is it a difficult way to become a master?
My husband is a tattoo artist with many years of experience. We have been together for a long time, and he, looking at the way I draw, suggested that I also become a tattoo artist, but I refused for various reasons. But at some point, I thought, why not? So, with his help, I began to make the first steps in tattooing. On the one hand it's easier for beginner now - you can find a lot of useful information for work, there are no problems with quality equipment. On the other hand the difficulty is a lot of competition, which is growing every day. It's getting harder and harder to get noticed, you need to stand out somehow, have your own style and handwriting.

You have a few tattoos yourself. What style are they?

The sleeve is Japanese with a touch of neotrad. On the leg, an old-school owl. On the back - old contours, mistakes from my youth which I plan to redo over time.

Do you prefer to work to music? If so, what kind of music?

I can work with different music - from hard metal to calm ambient. The main thing is not to be outright pop!

What is the uniqueness of the neo-traditional style? Why is it gaining popularity?

The uniqueness of this style is that it carries not only emotions and deep inner meaning, but also quality and aesthetics with the right work technique and approach. I wouldn't say that neo-tradition is on the peak of popularity now, but I am sure that with time this style will become a classic, like the old traditional old-school, carrying both old traditions and new ones in it.

Is it true that the neo-traditional style is characterized by such features as some "toyiness" and even surrealism?

Yes, it is acceptable. It can be cartoonish as well as some elements of soft shadows and some volumetric chips.

Can you tell me how the Neo Traditional style originated?

Neo-traditional began to gain in popularity in the early 2000s, spilling over from the traditional old-school style, and bringing in new elements of both technical and semantic progression and advancement of tattoo art. Over time, traditions evolve, people want to depict on themselves new, inspiring elements that gradually become new traditions.

How does the neo-tradition style differ from its progenitor, the traditional style?

It already has more soft shadows, smooth transitions, a more diverse color palette. The drawing has become more complex and detailed, more volumetric, in some places there appears planarity.

By the way, are the neo-traditional tattoos mostly in color or black and white?

Mostly color. Black and white variants also occur, but less frequently.

Among neo-traditional tattoos, there are often tattoos with animals. What do you think this has to do with? Does your work include neo-traditional animal tattoos?

If you go deeper into history, in different cultures many mythological and folkloric tales are associated with animals. Perhaps somehow mentally or spiritually people have always been attached to the animal world. And just love and reverent attitude towards our lesser brothers inspires to embody them in pictures. Among my works there are birds, and wolves, and a snake, and a lot more is planned.

Do you agree with the opinion that the neo-tradition style is a kind of new-school style?

No, I don't. New-school is more of an offshoot of urban graffiti and neo-traditional is more of an old-school style. But you can still draw some parallels somewhere.

On what part of the body most often get tattoos in this style? Will neo-tradition look good on the leg, for example?

I can't really pick out any one part of the body, because I've done this style on a lot of different places. I can say for sure that it is rarely done on hands, neck, head and face... And tattoos in this style will look cool anywhere, as long as the work is well done and the design is well drawn.

I noticed that a lot of people decide to get an entire sleeve in the Neo Traditional style. Have you had an experience like that?

Yes, why not, it looks very beautiful and stylish. I'm just doing one of those projects right now.

What has been your most interesting neo-traditional work?

Each piece is interesting to me in its own way. I treat each with the same level of responsibility and diligence. In general, at the moment I prefer all kinds of cute birds and animals.

You have a lot of cool sketches. Do you also do your own neo-tattoo designs?

Yes, of course I do. It takes a lot of time, but it's always nice to work on your own individual sketches that you understand and feel.

Have you thought about what your life would be like if you hadn't become a tattoo artist?

I can say with certainty that my work would have been about creativity.

Will you share your plans for the future?

To grow professionally and creatively. I would like to reach a high level of tattoo artistry. I understand that there is a lot of work and effort to do this. But, I'm sure patience and work will take care of everything.

Thanks for the conversation. Good luck and creative development!

Thank you very much!

Interviewed: Alexandra Pitomtseva

Distinctive features

Having decided to get neo-traditional tattoos, learn in advance the characteristic features of this trend:

  1. Accurate edges and clear contours.
  2. Colorful rich drawings.
  3. A wide color palette.
  4. The expressed idea and semantic load.
  5. Three-dimensional images.
  6. Clear images.

Many masters of neo-tattooing use color mixing: such images in Moscow and Moscow region are quite inexpensive and deliver an incredible aesthetic pleasure. It is worth considering that many male tattoos look advantageously in combination with realism and watercolor.

Neo Traditional style tattoos from Tatiana Chudesata:

Our masters

Niyaz Fakhriev
Niyaz Fakhriev Niyaz has been in tattooing since 2012. He works in absolutely any style: from "old-school" to light and graphic works, both in b&w and in color. He easily covers scars, scars, old tattoos and also easily corrects them. A special feature of his work is the creation of original sketches "here and now". He is a participant and winner of the festival "Ink Style", Germany.

Other works by Tatyana Chudesata:

NEO style tattoo sketches

Choice of design

Realism style neo-tradition tattoo in color
This trend allows you to apply any drawing, but neo-traditional tattoo sketches can be divided into several:

  1. Animals: foxes, cats, dogs, wolves, horses, deer.
  2. Insects, invisible at first glance (hiding on a flower, or peeking out from under a leaf).
  3. Cartoon and movie characters.
  4. Angels and demons, both familiar and fantastical.
  5. Text is applied in graphic style and played with illustrations.

Marine themes: sharks, skulls, anchor, fish, daggers, roses, girls.

The characters are not always realistic, but easily recognizable. Often it is a whole composition consisting of the smallest details, ornate elements, barely visible symbols. A rich artistic palette, a mixture of different techniques, fine-tuned outlines: neo-traditional tattoo created for the multi-faceted personalities, not afraid to shock the others and open to experimentation.


For women

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