Tattoo inscriptions with translation for men: ideas for tattoos on the arm with photos

The back - a huge canvas on which you can depict a large-scale drawing, drawing the smallest details.

Not surprisingly, this is the most popular place for male tattoos.

They are applied in different parts of the back: on the shoulder blades, on the spine, at the base of the neck, and in general, on the entire surface of the back.

Nabivat tattoo on the back rather unpleasant, especially will feel the pain in the shoulder blades and ribs, but for the sake of art can be tolerated.

Everyone makes his own meaning of his tattoo on the body. Now we will look at the most common images on the back.


Tattoos with inscriptions are often seen on the backs of men. Most often it is an inscription in Latin or Russian, or hieroglyphs.

Sometimes there is more meaning than beauty in such a tattoo.

Pros and cons of text tattoos on the arm

Inscriptions for men have a number of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before you visit a salon, it is worth getting to know them in more detail.

hand inscriptions


  • Text tattoos cost an order of magnitude cheaper than illustrated ones;
  • The phrase, applied "wisely", will never lose its relevance;
  • The letters are the easiest to cover with a drawing in the case when a person does not want to remove the tattoo;
  • Tattoos with inscriptions make any image more stylish: that is what they attract many guys. The brutal Chicano style, created in Mexican prisons, has become particularly popular for this very reason.

tattoo on hand


  • Mis-translation. Hand lettering in a foreign language has its pitfalls. Many people make the mistake of choosing a word they like without bothering to find out what it really means. Therefore, before you put a tattoo on your hand, find out its exact meaning, preferably from a native speaker, not through a well-known translation service.
  • Deformation. All tattoos gradually lose their saturation over time as the ink seeps under the skin. While most designs lend themselves well to correction and restoration of their original appearance, tattoos on the arm can become unreadable. Especially in cases where the design consists of small letters or thin lines. Therefore, when applying the phrase on the body, make sure that the master observes the necessary space between the letters.

hand inscriptions

The letters may not recover well because the font becomes unrecognizable.

  • Cost. The price of a tattoo on the arm in the form of an inscription can vary significantly. If you have chosen a large font and plan to place the text on the entire forearm area, the value of the phrase will be much higher than that of a small wrist inscription.


The image of the Christian cross signifies the victory of life over death and is associated with Jesus Christ, who was resurrected by being crucified.

It is not uncommon to have a tattoo of a Celtic cross. It represents an ordinary cross, enclosed in a circle. Such a tattoo symbolizes the sun and looks quite original.

The choice of location

The key to the tattoo inscription is the choice of location on the body. Agree that for religious tattoos is not suitable place on the legs. Yes, and the name of a loved one, printed on the girl's waist will look rather vulgar. For this better suit the place on the chest, under the heart.

For example, for the wrist are perfectly suitable small tattoos. It can be an inscription in the form of a single word with meaning. Such tattoos are more of an option for girls. It is also a good place for paired tattoos.

Small quotes and aphorisms look cool on the shoulder and forearm. They can be complemented with small drawings or symbols. Or make a beautiful background for the inscription. Men's compositions on the arm look more aggressive and carry a different message than women's.

On the chest and abdomen, many people inscribe the year of birth. Girls also do tattoos under their breasts, wrapping the text around curves and shapes. On the sides and ribs you can often find tattoos on the theme of religion: prayers, postulates, precepts. One of the most frequent: save and preserve. Women's mini tattoos with one or two words gracefully adorn the collarbone.

The back is considered a good area for large tattoos. There you can place such an inscription, which does not fit on other parts of the body.

The neck, ribs and arms are good for name tattoos. Funny phrases look funny on the foot: light jokes, sarcasm, irony. It can even be a meme that includes words. It's rare to see writing on the thigh at all.

On the hands and fingers draw or rapper tattoos on the knuckles (usually his pseudonyms), or a simple minimalist phrases: life, love, family.

It has become fashionable for young people to get tattoos on their faces and heads. The idea is the same as at a tattoo on a wrist - a minimum of symbols, a maximum of sense.


The tattoo with wings is very symbolic and has several meanings:
  • love
  • fidelity
  • Integrity
  • protection
  • peace
  • spirituality
  • beauty

Small or large tattoo to get

Tattoo masters believe that small size tattoos are almost never of high quality, except for monochromatic geometric figures. If the client wants a really beautiful work, with a variety of details and color transitions, then she, a priori, will not be small. Here The principle applies - the more elements, colors, outlines, the bigger the size.

Small tattoo with a thin outline, after some time fade, the outline "will float", and the work will look smeared and untidy. Also, the size depends on the style chosen. It happens that even with a strong desire to make a small drawing simply will not work.


The image of a wolf is applied by self-confident and extraordinary individuals.

The meaning of the tattoo can be different, but mostly it is: strength, dedication, loyalty, thirst for adventure, sometimes aggression and anger.


The image of the dragon came to us from Eastern mythology and means nobility, loyalty, mystery, wisdom, magic and strength.

Such a tattoo suits versatile and creative people.

Types of tattoo inscriptions

Tattoo inscriptions can be classified according to several parameters - according to the language in which the inscription is made and the semantic load.

Tattoo inscriptions

Tattoo inscriptions

Tattoo of inscriptions

Tattoo inscription

As for the language of the inscription, it can be absolutely any. Many people choose their native language, or a foreign language they know. However, the most popular version of tattoo inscriptions with meaning - statements in Latin. This ancient language gives any phrase significance and wisdom, and a person with such a tattoo in the eyes of others looks more intelligent and erudite. In addition, the meaning of such a tattoo will not be clear to everyone.

Tattoo Inscriptions - photo

Tattoo inscriptions - photo

Tattoo Inscriptions

Tattoo inscriptions

The second most popular language for tattoos - English. The language of world communication, he understands almost everyone. Such tattoo inscriptions as opposed to Latin is made with the purpose that all understood, what phrase the person has chosen for the nail image.

Tattoo inscriptions

Tattoo inscriptions

Not so long ago huge popularity enjoyed a tattoo of Chinese hieroglyphs. This is not surprising, because this country gave the world such philosophers as Confucius and Lao Tzu. And they, in turn, left the descendants a huge number of wise sayings. And how better to convey wisdom as not in the original language.

Tattoo inscriptions for girls on back

Tattoo inscriptions for girls on the back

Tattoo Inscriptions for girls - photo

Tattoo inscriptions for girls - photo

Tattoo inscriptions for men

Tattoo inscriptions for men

In addition to this, the hieroglyphs are popular because they can be read by very few people. For most people these are just beautiful, but incomprehensible symbols. Therefore, Chinese hieroglyphs encrypted absolutely any tattoo inscription - the names of loved ones, certain words, etc. Now this fashion is gradually becoming a thing of the past and people are increasingly preferring other languages.

Tattoo inscriptions - photo

Tattoo inscriptions - photo

However, many tattoo parlors still offer a catalog with a large selection of tattoo inscriptions with translation in Chinese. Here you need to be careful. If you do not know the language - do not blindly trust the master. Take a picture of the inscription you like and consult a native speaker or Chinese teacher. Oriental calligraphy is dangerous because one little dash can completely change the meaning of the inscription.

Tattoo inscriptions for men

Tattooing for Men

Besides this, inscriptions in Arabic script, Hebrew expressions and other exotic languages are popular among those who like to hide the meaning of their tattoo.

Tattoo inscriptions for girls

Tattoo inscriptions for girls

Tattoo inscriptions for girls - photo

Tattoo inscriptions for girls - photo

Tattoo inscriptions for girls

Tattoo inscriptions for girls

In terms of its semantic content, tattoo inscriptions can be divided into those that have personal meaning and those that express a person's views, his position and principles.

To the personal tattoos can include the names of relatives and friends, memorable dates, names of cities and others that are directly related to the person and his surroundings.

Tattoo inscriptions for men

Tattoo inscriptions for men

Tattoo with writing

Tattoo with writing

Tattoo on tattoo for girls

Tattoo with words for girls

Tattoo inscriptions - photo

Tattoo Inscriptions - photo

Tattoo inscriptions for girls

Tattoo inscriptions for girls

Tattoo inscriptions for men

Tattoo inscriptions for men

The second category includes quotes, famous phrases, slogans, excerpts from books, texts of prayers, lines from songs or poems. All these options give an idea of the inner world of a person, his views on life, beliefs. According to these tattoos it is possible to understand the overall mood of the person. Such inscriptions prefer people inclined to philosophical reasoning, introspection, demagogy. Although to make a tattoo inscription can any person, the main thing to understand his motivation. For some it's just a tribute to fashion, for others it's self-expression.

Tattoo inscriptions

Tattoo inscriptions

Tattoo with inscriptions

Tattoo with inscriptions

Tattoo with words on men - photo

Tattoo with the inscription at a man - photo

Tattoo with words on girl - photo

Tattoo with a caption at the girl - photo

Inscriptions in tattoos can convey the essence of a person and how he wants to appear in the eyes of others. Men choose inscriptions that represent them as strong, courageous, purposeful, able to win. Women, on the contrary, want to seem more romantic, soft and gentle, they choose the appropriate inscriptions.


The owners of such a tattoo - strong and powerful men, who are inherent qualities of the leader. Such a tattoo symbolizes divine energy, victory, nobility, justice and protection.

Stylistics of the tattoo

Often guys ask the master to nail a saying of an ancient sage or warlord, subtle aphorisms, quotes of great men. Under such a tattoo fit literally any part of the body. An independent array of tattoo-inscriptions consist of sayings scrawled in Indian script, Chinese or Japanese characters, and Latin.

We emphasize the need for the utmost caution when dealing with foreign languages. There are many cases where non-native speakers make ridiculous mistakes by not putting in the right strokes or missing letters, which ruins the work completely.

It is better to type in English, German and French, languages well known to our people.

In this case, the presence of ambiguities and vulgar innuendoes, grave mistakes and vague interpretations are excluded, as the translation of the phrase does not require knowledge of oriental nuances.


At the present time, tattoos with this animal are very popular.

There can be several meanings: courage, struggle, fury, military valor and strength of spirit.

Choice of font for the inscription tattoo

Selecting the font for the tattoo inscription is sometimes a longer and more agonizing process than choosing the phrase itself. Fonts are becoming more and more every year, and it is often difficult to understand which one will look better on your body.

The font is an important detail in the tattoo inscription. He not only emphasizes the meaning of what is written, but can also tell a lot about the bearer of the tattoo. For example straight and rational people choose the most laconic options, the main thing that the phrase is easy to read. And here are multi-faceted and complex people often choose ornate, intertwined with each other letters. This is true only if you choose the font on their own, based on personal taste, and not ask to get a tattoo like someone from the celebrities or friends.

Usually the font of the tattoo inscription is selected, focusing on several parameters:

- personal preferences;

- The location of the tattoo, that is, on what part of the body will be an inscription;

- The size of the inscription - not every font looks beautiful and readable in miniature;

- compatibility of the font with other tattoos on the human body.

Focusing on these points you can choose a suitable option.


The meaning of such tattoos is associated with power, passion, sensuality, grandeur and speed.

The tiger is a very beautiful animal, which many choose as a drawing on the body.

What drawings to choose

Tattoo on the spine in girls differs from the male tattoo, both in the nature of the images and the color scheme. The beautiful half of humanity often prefers black and white and pink shades. Tattoo is a way of self-expression, so drawings are chosen with meaning, not just in pursuit of fashion.

The inscriptions .

Drawn on the waist (an inscription or drawing with skillfully intertwined letters), it will look elegant and unusual. The inscription on the shoulder blades or between them is a variant typical for the male sex, however, on a girl will look bold and bright. Looks original pattern, smoothly flowing from the back to the stomach.

The advantage of lettering:

  1. A vivid way to express feelings and emotions in one phrase.
  2. Inscriptions on the waist are recognized as more sexual.
  3. The inscription on the back of the girl emphasizes the fragility of the figure.


Before deciding to use hieroglyphs, it is necessary to know their meaning. In fact, sometimes it happens that a character is applied incorrectly, and this changes the meaning. Most often, for the application on the back of a woman choose signs that denote beauty, longevity, spring, beauty, love.

Patterns .

Patterns include works in a monochrome style, with a clearly drawn outline. Sometimes individual elements are tinted in a different color. A pattern made in black, for example, looks spectacular on any part of the back. The value depends on the chosen pattern and location. The waistband - the desire to look more sexy, to please your man.

Between the shoulder blades - the desire to show their independence, freedom and defiance. On the shoulder blades - fragility, defenselessness. These are not unconditional values, as each girl, when choosing a sketch, puts into it some personal meaning.


In addition to the fact that the tattoo in the form of a flower on a girl's spine looks aesthetic and beautiful, this tattoo is also universal, as it looks great not only on the back, but in general on any part of the body.

Meaning of the colors:

  • gladiolus - protection in battle;
  • Violet - modesty, beauty, innocence;
  • Clover - to attract good luck;
  • Poppy - tendency to loneliness and solitude;
  • Lily - humility and purity;
  • Narcissus - tendency to vanity, frivolity, narcissism;
  • The rose symbolizes purity and love;
  • A sakura symbolizes the transience of life, eternal youth;
  • Tulip - faith in good things;

When choosing, it is important to give preference not only to the flower that corresponds to the inner world of its owner, but also to the right color scheme.

The most popular colors are red and white. White is the embodiment of purity and innocence. Red is the color of passion, sexuality and infatuation.


In antiquity the snake was considered the center of the universe, it was valued and respected, admired its grace and speed. Artwork with the image of the snake is beautiful and symbolic. Each nation had its own idea of this animal, so its meaning is widely interpreted.

Do some people snake - a symbol of cycles and eternity. If the picture shows the snake shedding its skin, it is longevity, renewal. In these pictures, the snake is symbolic of those who want to start a new life. In this way, the snake symbolizes security and protection, home, friendship and femininity, wisdom, freedom and harmony.

According to masters, if a girl chooses a snake pattern, she often asks for it to be bright. The best place for drawing is the scapula or lower back. The snake is the choice of smart, determined women who want to emphasize their independence and mystique.


Tattoos depicting water on the spine of girls (rivers, lakes, waterfalls, oceans) carry only positive, good connotations. Denote silence and tranquility, purity of soul and thoughts, intelligence and enlightenment, wisdom and prudence. Waterfall represents movement, change, impermanence.

Suitable for those who are ambiguous and contradictory in their thoughts and actions.

As well as those who love and appreciate life, enjoy it and get real pleasure from everything they do. To make the tattoo look spectacular, it is applied on the back or on the side. In the color scheme, preference is given to blue and green colors.

Patterns .

Patterns can often be seen on the backs of the male population. Usually such a tattoo has no meaning and acts as a decoration.

Celtic patterns are widespread. Tattoos look quite interesting, giving its owner militancy, steadfastness and strength.

Tattoo on the arm

It is the hands the most popular place for tattooing. Often you can see the situation when under the sleeves of men's office shirt, lurks a tattoo on his arm. Also such tattoos are called - a sleeve. According to the stories of the bearers of the tattoos on the whole arm, everything begins with a small tattoo, then there is a desire to complement the old image with a new one. And so a sleeve is drawn in a chain.

Men's tattoos on the arm: translation, meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches

Of course, some people decide to do a sleeve right away, but there are no sketches of a full sleeve anywhere. The sleeve is quite a large-scale job and no one wants anyone to be the bearer of identical images on the arms.

Masters can help to create a sketch of the sleeve, but it will be expensive work, it is easier to independently pick up sketches of individual tattoos, gradually drawing a single picture, and in the end just finish the sleeve, filling the gaps between the images.

The work is time-consuming and takes by no means a couple of tens of hours, and several tens of days, or even weeks, depending on the feelings of the tattooed and the recommendations of the tattoo master. Some complicated works are carried out some years.

Tattoo on the whole arm is a whole art gallery, a real work of art. Most often men choose a monochrome tattoo, black and white, although sometimes there are tattoos in the whole palette. In deciding for such a large-scale tattoo, you must be prepared for the excessive attention of others and ambiguous reaction.


For women

For men