All about Libra: the most interesting facts that you should know about them

When a person decides to beautify his body with a tattoo, he tries to choose the image that will not only look harmonious, but will be able to display to the maximum his inner world, life principles and character traits. Some people prefer to compare themselves to the representatives of fauna and demonstrate with the help of tattoos coinciding with one or another animal qualities or habits. Others believe in astrology and put symbols or signs of the constellations, under which they were born, on their bodies. The period from September 23 to October 22 is under the patronage of Libra, the seventh zodiac sign, and below in this material we will tell you all about tattoos on this subject.

Types of tattoos

The sign of the zodiac Libra is nothing but the subject of the same name, which defines the weighty characteristic of things, and at first glance is not distinguished by something special. However having addressed to the tattoo salon you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of variations and examples of design of such a picture. The tattoo can be in the form of the scales themselves, the name of the sign in Latin, a constellation, a satellite planet or a written symbol - a glyph. Each of the examples looks beautiful on the body as an independent decoration, can be complemented by different details or combine in the same sketch at once several symbols.

Zodiacal meaning of the Libra tattoo

According to the astrological description of Libra is inherent in a sense of humor, critical self-esteem. They have a subtle sense of the world, seeking to create beauty around them. Libras often include designers, makeup artists, hairstylists, graphic designers. By tattooing on the body of Libra want to show their individuality, to emphasize the uniqueness of the character.

Libras will not tolerate injustice and meanness. They value honesty and despise cynicism, lies and hypocrisy. Depending on the sketch of the Libra tattoo can symbolize discipline, order and justice.

The general meaning of the tattoo

Tattoo with the zodiac sign of Libra is a symbol of balance and harmony, judgment and justice. Throughout life, the bearer of such a tattoo is constantly evaluating what is happening, and learning the world, creates his own opinion, indicating his changeability and indecision.

Libra is the sign of sensitivity, balance and equilibrium.

To create their own comfort zone, representatives of this constellation can enter into an argument with you and prove their point of view for a long time. They are quite adamant about hypocrisy and cynicism, they like to put everything in order and thanks to one of the sketches on the body, tell others about themselves as a wise man.

The zodiac sign of Libra in terms of mythology

Scales are traditionally considered the main attribute of Themis, the goddess of justice. Themis and Zeus had a daughter, Dike, the goddess of truth. She was called to see to order and harmony in the world, to weigh the deeds and vices of mankind. Dicke's scales were always balanced, showing the same amount of good and bad in one person.

The modern interpretation of the scales has a profound psychological significance. They show that a person strives to achieve harmony in life, does not tolerate extremes. Tattoos with scales strike not only those born from September, 24th till October, 22nd, but also other people who wish to find balance and compromise in all their undertakings.

For girls and guys: new ideas

Perhaps this is the only sign of the zodiac whose images have the same meaning in both male and female tattoos. Young ladies prefer to complement their chosen designs with various details in the form of chains, ribbons, hearts or florals. Tattoo sign of the zodiac Libra on the female body can tell about the love of his owner, her peace and harmony with the outside world. For men the Libra sign can symbolize the flexibility of mind and objectivity of views, as well as emphasize the ability of the owner to adhere to a clear position in life. In this case various details in the form of daggers or lightning are used as supplement.


The sign of the zodiac sign Taurus is a circle with an arc above it. This is a schematic representation of the bull's head.
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The circle in this icon reflects the Sun (Human Spirit) and the arc reflects the Moon (Soul). Since the soul sign is at the top here, it is clear that in the life of Taurus the leading role is played by closeness to the Earth and nature, rather than to the Cosmos and God.

The character of this sign in many ways resembles the features of the bull - it is stubbornness, some slowness, power and great natural strength.

Sketch of Libra

The image of the scales implies the presence in the sketch of the same name object, the bowls of which may be located horizontally or overweight in one of the sides. At the same time, the bowls often depict details that are weighty to each tattoo owner individually, such as the human brain, money, heart and many other examples. There are also sketches in which the scales hold Themis in their hands, scales against a tree with roots, scales with angel wings, against a starry sky, with the inscription and many other ideas.


The sign of the zodiac sign Sagittarius is an arrow, which the centaur released from the bow. The arrow is not accidentally directed forward and upward. Sagittarius marks the future, he is aiming for high goals.
Representatives of this sign will not dwell on the past. Their eyes are directed into the distance, somewhere where the guiding star is shining. This star is the ideal that inspires the Centaur.

Sagittarius is also a sign of travel and expanding horizons. He shoots his arrows into different parts of the world, making amazing discoveries away from home.

Tattoo Constellation

The constellation tattoo is a small cluster of stars connected in sketches by thin lines or dots. The stars may or may not be painted over, as you prefer. Drawing Constellations can be applied to the body as an independent sketch that looks very discreet and does not take up much space. Equally popular are images of a cluster of stars against the background of the night sky and the outlines of Venus, as well as neat additions in the form of the date of birth, the name of the symbol or glyph.


The symbol of the zodiac sign Capricorn is ambiguous. There are two variants of its deciphering:

  1. In the first case, they talk about the image of the intricate horns and tail of the mountain goat, personifying this zodiac sign;
  2. In the second case, it is assumed that the Greek letters "tau" and "ro" - the first two letters in the word tragos, which means "goat" - are encoded in the symbol.

The mountain goat is endowed with qualities such as endurance, stamina, determination, and courage. From birth he has to climb mountain slopes in search of pastures, bypassing ravines and gorges. As a result, Capricorn reaches the mountain peaks.

Libra tattoo inscriptions

Each zodiac sign has an eponymous name in Latin, which is used to decorate clothing, is the inspiration for accessories, jewelry and inspires fans of body art to create original sketches with inscriptions. Libra. Beautiful, short and clear. Due to the small number of letters, the inscription can be placed on any part of the body, be an independent sketch in a variety of fonts, or originally complement another drawing as a detail.


The image of the zodiac sign Scorpio is the Latin letter "m". There are two versions of the meaning of the arrow at the end of the symbol:

  1. It denotes the poisonous sting of the Scorpion;
  2. indicates the animal's tail.

In any case, the arrow indicates that Scorpio is eager for action - he doesn't stop on the way to the desired goal. Scorpio's sting hints at his vindictiveness. By the way, you may be interested in the material about the most evil zodiac signs.

Symbol of the sign

The written symbol of the zodiac sign Libra is the glyph, which is two parallel lines. The upper line in this case has a curved semicircle, reminiscent of the sun setting over the horizon. Such a tattoo, like the previous examples, can be made out with or without the use of additional details. If you like the latter option, then pay attention to the glyph, originally combined with the wings of an angel, the inscription, flowers and weaves, the glyph decorating Libra and other ideas.


The sign of the zodiac Leo is a scroll with a circle at the end. It somewhat resembles the mane of a lion, creating a striking and noticeable image of this majestic animal in nature. The circle indicates the Sun, which is the patron saint of the sign of the lion.
The circle in the symbol indicates the Sun, which is the patron saint of the zodiac sign Leo. It reflects the Spirit and inner core, strength of character and vivid creativity.

The symbol of Leo could be reminiscent of a sperm cell. Before us is a "male" sign, which, like Cancer, participates in the act of creating new life.

Therefore, both of these representatives of the zodiac are recognized as excellent educators and very caring parents.

Places for a Libra tattoo

On what part of the body will be a tattoo with the sign of the zodiac Libra - it is up to you to decide. The sketches on such subjects have a unique energy, which allows the figure to look harmoniously at any part of the body. The only thing you should pay attention to is the size of the tattoo. If you chose a neat, small image such as a sign symbol, you can place it on your neck, shoulder blade, chest, collarbone, hand, finger or the instep of your foot. Constellations look beautiful on the forearm, inside of the arm, side, shoulder blade or ankle. For slightly larger sketches, such as Libra with Themis or lettering, it is better to give preference to areas where the master can fully convey the detail of the design. The back, shoulder blades or shoulders in this case, will be the ideal solution.


The first time you see the symbol of the zodiac sign Cancer, you will immediately understand who we are talking about. The two "commas" in this sign are very similar to the claws of a cancer, which seems to be covered by them from an outsider.
This sign really does not like to be in full view; it prefers to remain in a closed and comfortable world where no one will disturb it. Cancerians love their home, which can be compared to a shell.

The symbol of Cancer also reminds us of the sign of infinity. And indeed, the emotions of representatives of the sign Cancer are so deep that this depth seems endless. And another interpretation is the fusion of Yin and Yang, male and female, resulting in pregnancy. Cancer is associated with motherhood.

Choice of technique

Sketches of Libra tattoos can be divided into two groups. The first group includes images of the subject itself, the second group includes all other variations. Based on this and will choose the stylistics of the drawing. The most relevant options include realism, watercolor, minimalism, thrash polka and new skool. Realism perfectly conveys even the smallest details of the image, and an experienced master thanks to his skill and ability, can issue a tattoo in the style of 3D. Such works for a long time do not lose their attractiveness and look like real works of art. New Skool will allow you to design a sketch using bright colors. Airy watercolor will create the effect of incompleteness, which is originally expressed in the blurred background and looks very original. Tattoo in the style of minimalism is characterized by neat strokes, which will successfully demonstrate the constellations, the outlines of the planets and other sketches. Thrash polka in this performance is something original and looks unusual.

According to astrologers, the Libra tattoo can be not only an ideal solution, for people born under this sign. Such an image can be a great motivation for the development of certain qualities of character of any person. However, before deciding to make such a choice, think carefully. Should a person born under the sign of Scorpio or Sagittarius, with their energy and emotional background, think long and hard about making a decision?


The designation of the zodiac sign Virgo is ambiguous. Some say that this symbol depicts three ears of wheat, carefully connected to each other. Representatives of this sign are indeed close to the earth and hardworking.
There is another - historically grounded explanation of the Virgo symbol. It is a monogram of the letters "MV", made up of the initials Maria Virgo, that is, the Virgin Mary.

The Virgin represents purity and purity. And if we speak of purity in the physical sense of the word, purity is meant rather spiritually.

20 more interesting facts about Libra:

Fact 1.
: People born under the sign of Libra, although very communicative and love to be in society, but rather selective in the choice of their environment, they will never communicate with just anyone.

Fact 2

Fact 2: Very important for Libra in life is to establish partnerships, in most cases, these people are not alone in life and seek to create a couple in both personal and business life.

Fact 3

: Libras prefer to build partnerships as equals, do not like to bend others to their will and do not allow others to bend themselves. They prefer alliances in which equality reigns.

Fact 4

The planet Venus allows Libra to have a fine sense of beauty; they appreciate art and usually have good taste, like to dress nicely, and often wear jewelry.

Fact 5

: Long delays in making decisions often bring Libras missed chances, but it helps not to make gross mistakes.

Fact 6

Fact 6: Libras love to argue and debate on a variety of topics, and very often the dispute itself is started for the sake of the dispute, not to prove something to the opponent.

Fact 7

Fact 7: Libra does not particularly like to think about the distant future, often live exclusively for today, and that suffer.

Fact 8

Physical labor is not something that Libras choose easily and easily. They are more successful in intellectual pursuits.

Fact 9.

Although Libras can quite easily accept changes and do not particularly like stagnation and monotony, they are still very conservative at heart and prefer to stick to the rules, know how to accept limitations and respect traditions. To different doubtful experiments they always treat with great caution.

Fact 10

Libras are great at romance and know how to surprise their sweethearts.

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Fact 11

: Although Libras always strive for balance, getting them out of that equilibrium is not that difficult.

Fact 12

: Libras can be very stubborn, especially when other people don't want to take them seriously.

Fact 13

Fact 13 : A Libra will always have arguments for and against almost anything.

Fact 14

Fact 14 : Be careful with Libras because they can negotiate with anyone about anything, including their conscience!

Fact 15

: Libras are very much in favor of justice, so they are more likely not to offend the weak.

Fact 16

Fact 16: Libra can not imagine their life without love and beauty, they will always be in love with someone or something, and the beauty will create around him with his own hands. The most important thing in the life of any Libra sign representative is to love and be loved.

Fact 17

: The best thing you can tell a Libra is the truth.

Fact 18

Fact 18 : Representatives of the Libra sign do not particularly long to experience failure or hardship, they are just not used to sink too hard and deep into any problem and prefer to go through life with a smile and hope than with the misery and anguish of something not working out.

Fact 19.

: The way Libras know how to present themselves,
Fact 19 : All the other signs of the zodiac could be envied in the way that a Libra can present themselves, gain confidence and convince the other party.

Fact 20

: Libras are able to look at themselves from the outside, and the opinion of others for them usually matters a lot, hence the desire for good manners and the ability to observe decorum.

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Styles and colors for a Libra tattoo

If it is a male Libra tattoo, most often it is depicted in a strict style. The most popular today are the following trends:

graphics - The predominance of straight and clear lines;

realism - The believable execution of the scales and the accompanying characters;

tribal - depiction of symbols and pictures in a pattern format;

Handpoke - An unconventional fresh take on tattoos;

thrash polka dot - bright contrasting tones and unconventional way of conveying the sketch.

If it is a drawing of the subject of scales with a person or other additions, it is more suitable style realism, trash polka, graphics. Minimalism and handpoke styles are recommended for the constellation. Symbolism will look beautiful in the style of tribal and graphics. Favorable shades for such drawings - blue, blue, green, less often yellow and red are used.


The sign of the zodiac sign Aquarius are two broken lines. They symbolize the ocean waves that rise, thanks to the wind. The wind, like Aquarius himself, belongs to the Air element.
Representatives of this zodiac sign always strive to be in the flow. They are sociable, communicative and friendly. Their minds, like waves, are constantly busy with ideas or concepts.

Aquarius is the concentration of intelligence in the zodiac. He strives to learn about the world, and his gaze is fixed on the future.

This is why many Aquarians are interested in new electronics, as well as with an interest in studying life in the Cosmos.


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