Tattoos with inscriptions - meaning and types of tattoos with inscriptions for girls and men

Are tattoos with inscriptions popular today?

Even in ancient times, people began to decorate their bodies, applying to the skin a variety of drawings and inscriptions. They believed that tattoos would emphasize the uniqueness of the nature and express the emotions, feelings of any person. Tattoo inscriptions used to be as popular as images, patterns, symbols.

On the territory of Islam, it is forbidden to apply tattoos that depict some living creatures. As a result, a unique method of of zoomorphic calligraphywhich can be used to express the text in the form of an animal.

The following tattoo inscriptions are noted in the cultures of the peoples of the past:

  • Tattoo Protest. You can see unique tattoos of imprisoned politicians who put special expressions on their bodies to show their protest.
  • Biblical tattoos. Also very popular are tattoos that depict verses from the Bible or Buddhist texts.
  • Latin tattoos. Some famous personalities have put phrases in Latin or words from a favorite song on their bodies. Such tattoos (St. Petersburg) are popular to this day.
  • Sectarian tattoo symbols. Some members of sects that exist in India, for protection against evil forces, applied special protective texts all over their bodies.

In today's world, things have not changed that much.

Tattoos of various inscriptions are popular for several reasons:

  • They convey a great deal of meaning. This is why the trend that aims to create tattoos with inscriptions is the most common.
  • Especially often young people prefer to do such tattoos.
  • Such tattoos can convey the fullness of a person's emotions and feelings.
  • It is the text, not the symbol, sign, image of something that can quite fully reflect the inner world.
  • Tattoo can have a religious meaning, which is not the case with other body art.
  • Inscription tattoos are easily blocked by other tattoos.

Inscription tattoos can change a person's life. That is why, if you decide to get a tattoo with an inscription, to the choice of the phrase should be taken seriously and carefully.

Of course, addressing the tattoo salons St. Petersburg, you can count on the fact that you will be offered a unique picture that has a certain meaning, but it is better to appeal to your own intuition and Choose an inscription that suits your character.

In the event that the tattoo inscription will bore you, redo the work the master is available at any time.

Some customers ask To add to such tattoos some symbols and signsTo tattoo looked more attractive and decorate the body. However - it all depends on your preferences.


Ho! So that's where this fashion for a tattoo of love / hate on the finger phalanges came from in the popculture. Robert Mitchum in "Night of the Hunter" / 1955 created such a vivid and memorable image of an evangelical serial killer preacher that his Harry Powell firmly took his place in the list of the 50 most disgusting movie villains. By the way, and the image of Max Cady, another recognized movie villain, created by Robert Mitchum seven years later in Cape Fear, also feels created under the influence of Harry Powell. We, of course, are more familiar and accustomed to Max Cady, played by Robert De Niro, brought to the maximum level of horror and disgust. I've just come across information on English-language sites quite often (understandably erroneous once and then replicated) that Max Cady De Niro has a love/hate tattoo as a reference to Robert Mitchum's images. Ha! No such thing! Despite the fact that De Niro painted his body like a goddamn cheprechaun for the role (in fact, by the way, but with vegetable dyes that took months to come off), his hands in the movie are pristinely clean.

Robbie's, on the other hand, is all real.) It is interesting that in much larger cases, the representatives of the so-called mass culture farther prefer the word hate.

You could go on and on, listing all the movies in which these tattoos were "cited" with a footnote to "Night of the Hunter". We could even tell you about the Spike Lee nigga-movie in which he not only wore brass knuckles in the form of casts of love/hate, but he also repeated Robert Mitchum's monologue about the struggle of these concepts verbatim. And this man (Spike Lee) still dares to forbid picking his nose to judge Tarantino!)

But I would like to finish with a few words about Robert Mitchum. No, of course, his entire filmography I have not, and such was not the purpose. I only ran through the films of the decades. "Stalked", "From the Past", "Night of the Hunter", "Cape Fear", "River Not Flowing Backwards", "Enemy Below Me", "The Winds of War" - enough set to appreciate the actor's talent. It is believed that the promiscuity in the films in which Mitchum was starring, very damaged the actor's image in the eyes of viewers. It seems that he himself and not really bothered about it. From an interview in the late '70s about his acting career:

"They say to me, 'Hey, we need you in this movie.' And I said, 'I'd have to pay a lot of money to be in it.' That's never been a problem. The less I liked the script, the higher the price. And I got paid. It's not like I was a total whore, you know. There were films in which I didn't agree to play for any money. For example, I refused to do Patton and Dirty Harry. Films that desecrate the world. And as long as I have at least five bucks in my pocket I'm not going to make money this dirty way.

A perfect example of healthy pissing off. I like this guy.)

Types and meaning of tattoos with inscriptions - the most popular phrases with translations for tattoos

Specialists at Maruha Tattoo Studio can perform tattoos with various inscriptions in a really short time.

For tattoo inscriptions foreign languages are very often used, among which the leading ones are Japanese and Chinese characters. But some tattoo specialists do not attribute hieroglyphs to inscriptions, and classify them as symbols. In addition, very often used Latin, French and English..

Masters allocate some kinds of tattoos with phrases.

Tattoo with phrases in Latin

The most common for tattoos are phrases in Latin. Often they express philosophical conclusions that belonged to the great men of the ancient era.

Such inscriptions can serve as a motivator, guide you and those around you, inspire you to accomplish things. They can be a simple statement that you agree with.

Of course, there are a huge number of phrases in Latin. Let's list the best ideas for such tattoos:

  • "Amor Vincit Omnia". The romantic phrase means: "Love conquers all things."
  • "Vincit qui se vincit." This motivational inscription translates as "The hardest victory is to overcome oneself."
  • "Minima maxima sunt." This expression reads, "The smallest things are the most important things in life."
  • "Veritas lux mea." Such a saying translates as "Truth is the light in my life."
  • "Carpe diem." The inspirational quote reads, "Seize the moment."
  • "Esto quod es. The inscription goes like this: "Be who you really are.
  • "Vita est speciosa." This aphorism reflects the delight of the human world and sounds simply like "Life is beautiful.
  • "Quis Attero Mihi Tantum Planto Mihi Validus." A famous motivational phrase translates as, "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger."
  • "Esse quam videri." The phrase is translated as "To be, not to seem.
  • "Ad Astra Per Aspera." Translation: "Through thorns to the stars."

Tattoos in English

In second place in terms of relevance are tattoos (Petersburg), written in English. In fact, they do not differ from tattoos in Latin, because they also have to be translated.

The meaning of such a tattoo will know not only you, but also people who speak English. This is an important nuance.

The inscriptions can be different. Here are the most common:

  • "All you need is love." The phrase means: "All you need is love.
  • "Health is wealth.". This is a great expression for those who are thinking about their health. It means: "Health is wealth.
  • "Now or never." In Russian this phrase means: "Now or never.
  • "Faith, Hope, Love." A fairly common phrase that means three main words: "Faith, Hope, Love."
  • "Everyone is the creator of one's own fate." The affirming phrase is "Everyone is the creator of one's own destiny.
  • "Never look back." The motivational inscription in Russian means: "Never look back.
  • "Respect the past, create the future!" The patriotic saying translates to "Respect the past, create the future!"
  • "My guardian is always with me." The religious inscription means: "My guardian is always with me."
  • "Never say never." A phrase affirming adventurism and courage of character, it reads, "Never say never."
  • "To be or not to be." An aphorism that makes you think about the meaning of life is translated into Russian as "To be or not to be.
  • "Fly." One-word inscriptions are also popular. For example, this word encourages action and reads: "Fly" (Very often you can also see tattoos of words like Pain, Love or Hope).
  • "Never give up". The motivational saying urges: "Never give up."
  • "Never stop dreaming." The inspirational quote means: "Never stop dreaming."

Of course, you can make up your own phrase in Russian - but just make sure you translate it correctly and without mistakes.. Many people rely on online translators, but note that they don't always translate sentences correctly.

It is better to go to an experienced translator who will write you the right phrase in any language.

Tattoos with inscriptions in French

The theme of France has been a hot topic lately. Girls who adore this country prefer to get tattoos exactly in French.

If you know this language, it will not be difficult for you to translate your favorite phrase and then present it to the tattoo artist for the sketch. In case you do not know French, you can use the aphorisms of the great people of France, or the phrases that are most often found on the bodies of people.

These include:

  • "Croire à son etoile." In Russian the inscription means: "Believe in your star.
  • "In vino veritas." The phrase is translated as "The truth is in the wine."
  • "A toutprix." The saying perfectly motivates: "At any cost."
  • "Je vais au rêve." The aphorism reads, "Going to my dream."
  • "Cache ta vie." The quote urges: "Hide your life."
  • "Forte et tendre." The phrase emphasizes feminine character traits and translates as "Strong and gentle."
  • "Écoute ton coeur." An inscription for romantics. It sounds in Russian like this: "Listen to your heart.
  • "Un amour, une vie." Loyal, devoted people can get themselves such a tattoo, because it translates as "One love, one life".
  • "Arrive her guilpourra." The expression means, "Be what you will."
  • "Jamais perdre l`espoir." The phrase calls for "Never lose hope."
  • "Toute la vie est la lutte.". And this quote states, "All life is a struggle."
  • "Mieux vaut tard que jamais." The phrase motivates, "Better late than never."
  • "Aujourd'hui-nous changeons 'demain', 'hier'-nous ne changerons jamais". This inscription is perfect for those who want to change not only their world, but also the world around them. The phrase is translated as: "Today we will change "tomorrow", "yesterday" - we will never change".
  • "Tout passe, tout casse, tout lasse." Means the given expression: "Nothing lasts forever under the moon."

Memorable Tattoo Inscriptions

Turning to tattoo salons (St. Petersburg), many customers want to imprint a certain inscription on their bodies. The purpose of her - Remind the wearer of an occasion in life.

There are times when the right words express much more emotion than pictures. Everyone has had similar situations in life, when a loved one said long-awaited and unforgettable words.

In order to recall often the happiness experienced, most people ask to make a commemorative tattoo.

Such tattoos may include dates, numbers, or words or phrases. Everything will depend on your preferences and imagination.

Name tattoos with inscriptions

Do such tattoos quite often. People put each other's names on their bodies to emphasize their love, affection for a certain person.

For example, David Beckham has a tattoo consisting of five names. The wife of the famous soccer player and their four children were among the lucky ones. In this way, he decided to show those around him his respect for his family, his care and love for his loved ones.

If you love someone, too, you think that this love for lifeThen feel free to put such a tattoo on your body. The person you love will surely be pleasant!

Tattoo with phrases about love

To express your love, you can capture your emotions and feelings in an inscription that will decorate your body.

Such a tattoo can look different. Very often certain inscriptions are placed inside the design.As a result, the image receives not only three-dimensional, but also a special meaning.

For example, it is possible to use the signs of love - hearts, rings, the sign of infinity. Accompany them with words that scream about your love. Only this way you will amaze those around you! Such tattoos use the word love or "Love" in English.

When applying an ordinary image, you can express a lot, but, If there is also an inscription inside the pictureYour tattoo will become individual and special.

You can engrave the date on your body, surrounding it with a heart - such a tattoo is especially popular in recent times. If this option does not suit you, then you can apply to tattoo salons St. Petersburg, where you will definitely help with the selection of inscriptions for tattoos.

Family tattoo inscriptions

This type of tattoo is as popular as the others. Family people often want to show their The main purpose of tattoos is to express their serious intentions towards their spouse, children, or grandparents..

Usually such tattoos are associated with the word "Family" (family):

  • "Family together always". Means the phrase: "Family always together.
  • "Forever family. Sounds like "family forever.

Such tattoos do not have to be written in this language, you can use any language you like.

Tattoos with philosophical inscriptions

Another type of inscription for tattoos is based on a deep philosophical meaning. These can be. Sayings of the great men of antiquity, aphorisms, winged expressions. They will carry a hidden meaning.

Do such tattoos, as a rule, creative people.

Philosophical tattoos usually consist of a few wordsWhich transmit a powerful energy.

Choice of language Execution of the tattoo depends on your desire.

The tattoo inscription "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" on the spine. Master Tolya.

Quotes for tattoos in English

Determined to get a tattoo? Want to have your body decorated with an interesting phrase? If you are against inscriptions in Russian, pay attention to our selection of quotes for tattoos in English, a collection of aphorisms with high-quality translation.

Chances are high that you will find the perfect one for you here. Take your time, read all the sayings of the most famous and cleverest personalities, think which one suits you best. Tattoos in the form of phrases in English look stylish, regardless of the current trends that change each year.

Just do it. - Just do it.

It's only life after all. - It's just life after all.

One Life One Love. - One Life, One Love.

Remember who you are. - Remember who you are.

Illusion is the first of all pleasures. - Illusion is the first of all pleasures.

Only my dream keeps me alive. - Only my dream keeps me alive.

Don't forget to love yourself. - Don't forget to love yourself.

Real love stories never have endings. - Real love stories never have endings.

Everything is possible if you just believe. - Everything is possible if you just believe.

Money often costs too much. - Money often costs too much.

When love is not madness it is not love. - If love is not madness, it is not love. Pedro Calderon de la Barca.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. - Love all, trust a few, and do wrong to none. William Shakespeare.

Do not squander time - this is stuff life is made of. - Do not squander time - this is the stuff life is made of. Benjamin Franklin.

I am a slow walker, but I never walk back. - I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.

Nothing is impossible for a willing heart. - Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.

Are tattoos with inscriptions suitable for you, and which ones?

Tattoo inscriptions can do both women and men. The main thing is to choose phrases suitable for the image and character of the person.

Such tattoos are suitable:

  • Romantic girls.
  • Couples in love.
  • Men who want to directly emphasize their dignity. Pictures can't do it as well as a clear phrase.
  • Family people who want to show the world that they are faithful and devoted.
  • Those who want to capture a certain happy moment on their body.
  • Those who want to surprise others with their tattoos.
  • Both genders, who want to add mystery to their image.
  • Those who wish to express their religious, philosophical and other beliefs.

Tip: If you decide to get a tattoo with a certain sacred text, you must carefully study its meaning.

When choosing a tattoo, rely on On your feelings, intuitionThen you are sure you will not be mistaken.

Features of the execution of tattoos with inscriptions

Depending on your preferences, the specialist of the tattoo studio "Maruha" can create a unique, inspiring style and design of the tattoo.

Special attention is paid to:

  • Language of writing.
  • Fonts of writing. Out of a huge number of allocate an elegant writing font, or uppercase. By using different fonts and vintage languages your tattoo will be unique and distinctive.
  • The size of the tattoo. Usually tattoo inscriptions are made either small or medium. Large scale is tried not to use.
  • The location of the tattoo. There is no clear distinction. You can place the inscription on your arm, shoulder, neck, shoulder blade, back, chest, lower back, leg.
  • Colorfulness. The inscription is usually done in black, and all the other elements are either the same, or can be painted in a variety of shades.

According to time of performance - Such tattoos are performed rather quickly. You will not notice how on your body there will be an ornament that no other person living on the globe will have. By using different fonts and vintage languages your tattoo will be unique and inimitable.

Tattoos with inscriptions look very stylish, attractive and beautiful!


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