Tattoos on fingers. Meaning, types and designs of tattoos on the fingers

Original tattoos in the form of a dot or combination of dots are very popular with both men and women. But few people know that the history of these tattoos originates behind the prison fence. Inmates marked their fellow inmates with these uncomplicated signs to indicate their rank, their niche in the prison hierarchy and to inform other inmates of key information about the sitter.

Within the prison walls, a large sign system was developed to easily and quickly convey the most important information. The semantic meaning of the dots varies depending on their number, geometric combination and location. Of course, modern tattoos cannot be fully compared to the prison tattoos of the beginning of the century. But before choosing a sketch it is better to get acquainted with the basic meanings of this symbol.

Tattoo point

A single dot pocked on the hand (most often the hand or wrist) has a fairly large size. In some cases it is a round spot up to 2 mm in diameter. Sometimes the dot may be replaced by a cross with bent, almost rounded edges.

Such a symbol indicates the tendency of the prisoner to escape. And the number of dots placed next to each other in this format is proportional to the number of attempts made. This symbol is of more interest to the convoy than to the prisoners themselves. The tattoo suggests that a reinforced convoy is required when transferring such a prisoner from one place of confinement to another.

Texas Syndicate.

"The Texas Syndicate is a very old prison gang with about 19,000 members. To become a member can only be in prison, all who joined agree to put the interests of the gang above their own, and at the right time to give their lives for the honor of the group.

The tattoo can be applied in different variations, but they all boil down to the letters "T" and "S": the "S" can be a snake or a naked girl, and the "T" can be a cross. Some tattoo the number "2019", which symbolizes the serial numbers of the letters "T" and "S" in the alphabet.

Three Dots Tattoo

In the prison setting, the three dots are usually arranged in the form of a triangle. This tattoo is tattooed on the wrist or hand and signifies the life cycle of a prisoner.

Most often this type of tattoo is tattooed to newcomers who have not yet had time to become full members of a criminal gang, but seek to be "their own". When applied to Russian zones, this tattoo should be deciphered as: "zone-lazaret-tombstone".

In Mexico, members of the criminal world also use this image. The local meaning of the image literally translates to "crazy life. The phrase becomes a credo, a kind of motto for anyone who joins a mafia group and plans to be a permanent member. Sometimes the three dots are replaced by the inscription itself: "mi vida loca".

The main feature of this tattoo is that it belongs to the criminal world as a whole and is not tied to certain gangs. Any Spanish-speaking member of a criminal gang can wear such a tattoo. Wherever the tattoo would be applied it always carries the same meaning. The most common place for the three dots among Hispanics is on the arm or around the eyes.

It is not uncommon to find another meaning of this tattoo, which has a more sacred meaning. Thus a number of arresters depicts the Holy Trinity.


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Foot Self-Massage

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Meaning of the tattoo point

If we consider the system of prison designations, most tattoos using a dot have a well-defined meaning:

  • A dot on the arm is a statement of incarceration. Accordingly, the number of dots on the hand of the prisoner, means the number of "walks";
  • If there is a cross with rounded edges instead of a dot, the image is characteristic of those prisoners who are trying to escape by any means. The number of crosses represents the number of escapes attempted;
  • A dot above the lip resembling a fly or a dot at the outer corner of the eye, as well as a dot in the corner of the mouth - belonging to a non-traditional orientation, willingness to engage in sexual intercourse;
  • Tattoo dot on the nose - a sure sign of a "snitch;
  • A dot on the chin indicates that the prisoner is capable of stealing personal belongings of fellow inmates;
  • A dot on the earlobe indicates that the prisoner does not keep his word;
  • A dot between the eyebrows, similar to Indian tattoos, indicates that the prisoner has become collaborative with the prison authorities and has broken the laws of thievery;
  • The dot around the circle and the three dots inscribed in the spheres indicate that the prisoner belongs to the untouchable caste. Such distinguishing marks are applied forcibly. They are placed in the most prominent place on the forehead or between the eyebrows;
  • Three dots diagonally inscribed in a black square are the hallmark of a prisoner who has been violated by fellow inmates. Such a tattoo warns that any contact with this prisoner can have serious consequences;
  • A dot located in the middle of the four others in prison slang means the loneliness of the inmate. Literally, the meaning of the tattoo can be translated as "alone within the four walls. Looks like a tattoo as five points located between the fingers or on the knuckles and nakolozhennymi in staggered order. Is another common prison tattoo sketch, common all over the world. The history of this tattoo goes back to Vietnamese prisons, where the central dot also denotes a prisoner, and the side dots symbolize cell mates;
  • A crown topped with five dots. This symbol is especially popular not only among Russian prisoners, but also among detainees all over the world. In Russian criminal circles it is the distinctive mark of a respected person or a thief in law. Latin Americans often add the abbreviation ALKN to such a tattoo. This image indicates the gangster's affiliation with the largest gangster clan in Latin America. The number of dots symbolizes the involvement of South American gangsters in the popular gang "People's Nation";
  • The dots tattooed precisely above the veins are a symbol of the drug abusing prisoners.

The main difference between the prison tattoo and the dots is that it is always in plain sight. These are the exposed parts of the hands: the hands, the wrists. And also the face and neck. Prison tattoos do not carry an aesthetic load. They are marks designed to inform others about the character of the sitter, and the side in which he proved himself while in prison. At the same time, the distinctive marks have the same meaning on the areas of both sexes.

What pattern to choose if you want a tattoo under the eye?

A tattoo is not masquerade body art after all, especially if it's on the face. And if men sometimes like a "battle paint" covering the area under the eye, and cheekbone, and temple, and sometimes the brow arches and forehead, the woman should stop at the miniature tattoo.

Most often the tattoo is placed either under the outer or (less often) under the inner corner of the eye.

Of course, the choice of the picture for eternal wear on his face - a very individual moment, but if you have not yet decided what you want - the site can give some tips.

It can be a small silhouette image flying bird (gull, swallow) or a pair of birds, some symbol, letter or sign (hieroglyph, runic sign, etc.). But before you choose a tattoo, make sure you find out the meanings of the symbols and signs from various sources - very often the symbols and signs have many meanings, and you have to make sure that all of these meanings fit your needs!

Leona Lewis and her star tattoo
Leona Lewis and her star tattoo

Another dilemma is. color or monochrome tattoo? Given that a large tattoo will not fit under the eye, the design should be clear, legible to others and not cause unnecessary associations. Clarity and brevity - this is just a property of one-color, black and body, tattoos. Well look graceful contour or silhouette (completely covered with one color) tattoos. However, if you still want to experiment with color, think carefully about how it will look, both up close and from a distance! Will not it look for an inattentive viewer like, for example, on some kind of rash or skin defect?

Again, consider your natural skin tone, hair color, and especially your eyes! For example, a small blue tattoo will enhance the radiance of blue or gray eyes, while the orange-red gamut risks "extinguishing" the cooler shade of the iris...

Tattoo of a heart under a girl's eye
A heart under a girl's eye

Tattoo dot in girls

For example, girls quite often apply a small-sized dot on the middle phalanx of the fingers of the hands. Such dots mean the goals that the owner of the drawing wishes to achieve. The number of dots, as a rule, determines the number of goals.

The dots on the hands may also indicate the number of children born. The image of the pattern on her shoulders indicates that the woman is indifferent to material possessions. Also, some sources say that to put a dot on the fingers was customary in the Caucasus, where thus marked the brides of wealthy families. This symbol was used to pictograph dots on the fingers of a bride in the Caucasus.

The cobweb

A spider's web is usually placed on an elbow, a knee, or a neck. It is interpreted roughly the same way in all countries and criminal groups: "I am caught and it will be very difficult to get out. For example, a spider's web is poked by people who have been in prison and one ring is added each year they serve time. Also spiderwebs can be spiked as a sign of joining a gang and also add one ring every year.

Often ordinary citizens want to prick himself a spider web "by stranger", but most tattoo artists refuses them, because for such a tattoo "will ask" not only with her bearer, but also with the one who pricked.

Tattoo point in men

Unlike women, men apply dots in the form of a tattoo only after the case has been completed. The number of dots on the hands indicates the successful completion of some kind of landmark project or the completion of an important milestone in the life of the wearer. One large dot on the chest indicates that the man has found "his one and only" and is ready to be faithful to her until the end of days.

Another popular trend is to create three-dimensional images from single points. These can be fractals, constellations, or simply abstract. The dots can be connected by thin lines or offer room for imagination. Very effective looks tattoo in the form of a game "Connect the dots with numbers". Such a tattoo excites the imagination, stimulates brain activity and brings people together.

La Eme

La Eme is a Mexican Mafia that controls most of the prison gangs in Southern California. La Eme originated in the 1950s. Today, La Eme controls the drug trade in prisons as well as on the outside, working closely with the Aryan Brotherhood.

The gang members wear tattoos in the shape of the letter "M" (the thirteenth letter of the alphabet) or the number "13". The black hand of death is also common. The gang that controls all transactions in prisons has a rule that every member who goes free must leave the walls of the "house of execution" in a white T-shirt and with $300 in his pocket, and this is exactly what happens.

Popular sketches of the tattoo dot

One of the most popular images for girls is a semicolon. Mostly it is placed on the wrist or on the neck. Also look interesting points on the ears. Perhaps the image of labyrinths or solar symbols. Exactly can perform the role of an independent tattoo or be part of a larger figure.

Men prefer a more meaningful large-scale tattoo. Dots are performed only as a symbolic mark. In this case, the dot on the male body will be much more massive than on the female body.

As for the color scheme, in general, this type of tattoo is performed with black paint or graphite-colored tint. However, colorful options are not excluded, especially when it comes to complex patterns.

Types of tattoos on fingers

Paul compositions of tattoos on the fingers can be composite and independent. In the first case, each of the fingers depicts only a fragment of the overall picture. She is seen if you connect the fingers, or folded in a so-called lock.

Popular variants of fragmentary tattoos on the fingers:

  • sword
  • snake
  • arrow
  • magic wand
  • feather

It is also possible to have a circular pattern. This is possible between the thumb and index finger. Put them together in a mudra and you can see a circular pattern, drawing or inscription. When the fingers are disconnected, the tattoo doesn't look complete.

Tattoo on your Fingers Meaning and Sketches Tattoo on your Fingers 7

Self-contained finger tattoos are complete within a single finger. It is important that the image was not overloaded with details, schematic. Otherwise, in a small area of the finger, the lines of the picture will merge into a solid spot. In addition, the picture may simply not fit on the finger.

There are differences in the style of tattoos on the fingers. There are an old and a new school of tattoos. For the first typical monochrome scale, clarity of lines and realistic images such as roses, skulls, sea symbols, crosses. The new school is full of colors, experimental techniques such as "Watercolor", modern cartoon and movie characters, surrealistic stories in the style of Salvador Dali. All of this is demonstrated by sketches of tattoos on fingers.


As a rule, masters are fluent in one or several tattoo techniques. The portfolio of works demonstrates the skills of the artist. It is important that they coincide with the aspirations of the client. As a rule, requests vary not only depending on personal taste, but also on the gender of the person who came to the tattoo salon.

SUR 13

Sureños (which means "southerners" in Spanish) are a Southern California street gang that is subordinate to the Mexican Mafia. Southerners are nothing more than the hands of Mexican mobsters. About 150 Mafia leaders control the activities of the Sureños. Often the number 13 (the 13th letter of the alphabet, "M") is drawn under the "SUR" symbols, which is disguised as a kiss to avoid ending up in the first positions with the cops.

Figures and pictures on the body

Birthmarks are sometimes bizarrely shaped, then they are treated with special attention. This is because for centuries, as well as now, strong celebrities have been looked at and studied by scientists of men.

If they had signs on the body, and a special form, it was recorded and compared to their destinies.

Therefore, there is a lot of material, confirmed by historical facts, about the correlation of spots, their shape with the fate of individual personalities. Not all occurrences are described, because nature is inexhaustible in variety, but some are explained in detail.

Interpretations vary because there have always been many esoteric currents, and interpretations vary, as do the platforms of the major teachings.

  • Zigzag

This form signifies a twist in fate or serious problems, but not fatal. The problem is in direct proportion to the spot.

  • Fork

Permanent success in the field of income. Also possible fulfillment of the craziest dreams. In addition, in varying degrees, indicates anxiety, being in the unknown, the constant need to be protected.

  • Cross

The right cross is marked rarely, in any area of the human body means failures, problems. Overcoming them will make a person strong, but only if he will gather all his will into a fist for action and development.

Occultists consider a person with such a sign chosen - but not for a happy life, but to fulfill a certain mission. As long as a person does not realize it, it will be difficult to live, but awareness will not make life easier and more comfortable - he will just understand what direction to move and improve it.

In the East, this sign is associated with failure in love, family life. Interestingly, the person will be able to overcome the influence of the spot, again with the help of spiritual development.

There is a variant of the cross that occurs more often - the oblique cross. Interpreted with the right one in the same way: on the path of life will face a problem, the outcome of which will predetermine further events. The bearer of the cross is advised to learn to control himself and think before acting.

Birthmark on hand

  • Elephant

An elephant with a lowered trunk - a hard life, with a raised one - the constant alternation of happy and unhappy periods in life.

  • Star

The rarest sign, an incredible auspiciousness of fate. A star with five rays of regular shape indicates a magical gift, an innate desire for perfection. A distorted star promises success in financial matters. Either variant is a happy sign.

If the star is combined with moles that form a triangle (regardless of location), the fate of the person will be even happier.

  • Bird .

This is an auspicious symbol, but its meaning depends on the location.

A bird on the abdomen, back, ribs promises great abilities. But you will have to work hard and move forward.

On the right shoulder the bird indicates diligence and inner purity, on the left - the need to actively combat laziness.

If the bird is "flying", its wings open - it is the best option.

If in profile with a large beak - the character of the owner is heavy, difficult. Deep down, such people can be kind, but for those close to them, it is not obvious.

Eastern teachings unambiguously regard the bird as a sign of good karma due to previous reincarnations.

  • Lips

A sign that looks like a trail of lips is a test.

  • Fan

Such a mark means that the person is protected by higher forces from any bad influence. Plus, the bearer of such a mark is able to resist the vicissitudes of fate - even on difficult days, he will be able to find the strength to do so.

  • Saw

A positive influence, the person is given to find warmth and comfort at home, success in life.

A girl saw promises difficulty with marriage - if it is on the shoulder.

Signs of fate are changeable, if the mark with an unfavorable meaning decreases - the person is working off karma. If new signs began to appear - they are taken into account and interpreted. One should pay attention to nevus.

Hells Angels.

A movement of bikers in the United States who are very disliked by the police, and for good reason: pimping, drug dealing, and robbery. The gang appeared in 1940, and gained fame because they were invited to be bodyguards during TheRollingStones tour (one man died).

The bikers' badge is a "death head" (a replica from the 552nd Bomber Squadron of World War II). Also stabbed in place of the head are the capital letters "hell's angels", "HA", "81" or sometimes "AFFA" - Angel Forever Forever Angel.


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